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  1. Hard to hide the equivalent of nuking multiple cities, yeah. Especially because Operation Cinder was also carried out by the Imperial Fleet because of all the space battles and such.
  2. Like I said earlier, the mass disagreement on what price it could be indicates to me that we really can't predict anything, because this is sorta an unknown aspect of FFG's pricing philosophy. We know Ion damage is considered an upside on a hypothetical 4 dice range 2-1 canon with upside. We also know its considered an upgrade on the HLC. Its a VERY large upgrade on turrets as we know. On torps is a downgrade, which indicates to me that FFG values the ability to get to 4 red dice very highly, and considers 4 ion dice to be not much better than 3, which sorta scans. Overal it seems like being able to 'push past' 3 base damage dice on a range 2 attack is at a premium in FFG's eyes. All of this is evidence that the fact it is 'only' 3 dice will keep the price lower. Conversely, maybe this is considered 'better' than the HLC because of the wider angle, despite the HLC allowing you to hit 4 dice. It might be intended as a HLC 'sidegrade' because they want long range canons that are pure damage but don't want to lower the HLC's cost more, at which point it might sit at 6. I doubt it would go higher, because there is no way access to the 3rd range bracket is worth more than 3 times as much as autoblasters, but maybe they DON'T want to push long range canons and this is going to avoid 'stepping on the HLCs toes.' There are strong arguments to be made for a LOT of price points, because its the kinda effect that really doesn't have a great 1:1 corollary in the slot it is in, and stuff in other slots can either range from 'its generally not expensive to get a 3 dice range 2-3 attack' to 'it is VERY expensive to upgrade your long range damage.' I am personally thinking 'there is no way in **** they are more worried about this being spammed than ion cannons' camp. But 'this is a better HLC' camp is a pretty realistic reality to live in too. We just gotta see what timeline we end up on. What we really might be seeing here is how comfortable FFG is going to be making canons 'about' control effects, vs wanting to make attractive damage canons so that they can make canon synergy tools.
  3. It definitely has some theme to it: The rebels often would be slightly deceptive and suddenly enact a galaxy brain plan with stuff like the A-wing Slash. So having charged based systems phase stuff fits this concept of them often pulling off unusual strategies. Its too bad 'Its the Resistance' is... well... resistance. Would be a good way to represent the Rebel's tendency to engage in fights straight out of a Hyperspace jump. There are worse 'themes' for rebels than an "Oh yeah, its all coming together..." systems phase buff/support tools plan. Could even be a list limited thing: Take 4 'high command' upgrades: Leia, Mon Mothma, Commander Sato, and Akbar, and make it so you can't have more than one of them, and give them all a 3 recharge systems phase ability (And, if necessary, a passive effect on top if that helps differentiate them). Maybe Mon Mothma gets you dial information, Akbar a Reinforce, and perhaps Sato could try to synergize with generics (He was primarily a recruiter after all) by giving out calculates or something on a turn.
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    RZ-1 A-wing

    Even if it is better on the RZ-2, it doesn't matter as long as it also improves the RZ-1 in a meaningful way that helps it overcome its flaws when a ship a list 'focuses' on.' Main issue I see with the way the talent works is that you almost always have to spend focus on defense, which is why the RZ-1's offensive output is so unusually bad for a 2 dicer, compared to say... a Y-wing who always spends that bad-boy offensively due to a focused defense not being a huge game changer in TTK. But that isn't terrible, especially if the RZ-1 goes down a bit more and it has other options, because it means that its sorta a 'skill tester' that rewards the RZ-1 extra hard for arc dodging by getting a pseudo-double modded shot. Its also important to note that underpricing RZ-1 exclusive stuff like a config is a potential way to 'reduce' its cost, while avoiding going below a points floor, if, hypothetically they don't want 7-A to be a thing for whatever reason, which is literally the only reason I could see them not reducing the price now.
  5. Replacing charge based regen with charged based reinforce may be an idea. It still is thematic to reducing damage but it stops rewarding you from running away and becomes a way to force value out of a trade during a limited window. The one change I would make? Have it be a systems phase choice, so that there is a lot of outplay potential. That serves the purpose of making the rebel matchup unique, and feels similar to say... Leia: Now you need to predict the turn where they are going to "Do the Thing" (TM) and have an amazing, heroic turn where the music swells. You fail? Suddenly your jousting a bunch of reinforced tough ships. You succeed? Do it once more and the rebels probably lost. The systems phase is a great place to put really powerful timing based effects as it allows lists that can't out-initiate aces to have decision points they can make to try to surprise Aces, and it lets it be more powerful because it isn't just a 'free reinforce action when you most need it.' That said, regen is less potent in 2.0 than I think people think it was. You go back to before Jedi and it was really clear it wasn't getting much done: There was a reason they buffed it! The cost of losing an entire engagement turn with a ship almost always was higher than the benefit of the regen, because a rebel ship usually takes more than 1 damage a turn, so it actually was a pretty skill intensive card. But Jedi are ships that can easily run away and disengage and force turns where they take 1 or less damage due to double repo, a better dial, 3 defense, and constant force access.
  6. A visual diagram of why Palob is annoying. Note annoying doesn't mean 'unfair' 'bad for the game' or 'unfun.' A few grief mechanics are good! But maybe don't run grief mechanics 24/7 with your buds, they tend to be a little more good natured when they aren't all your flying against that night!
  7. I misunderstood what you meant by this and thought you were talking about range for some reason? So that is sincerely my bad. It should have been obvious by context. Still, that is literally semantics. When people say 'they don't NEED the bullseye' they are saying 'just because you are out of bullseye doesn't mean your safe.' Obviously the bullseye matters in the sense it matters it exists, but I don't think that is an observation that contributes much, especially when those gifs aren't uh... 'indicative of potential Nantex tournament performance' for other reasons. Not to diminish Owl's efforts to defeat the bug menace of course, a well earned victory!
  8. Cool. So what is the threshold on how many they can miss? 50% seems like it may be too few, as that still is a pretty extreme amount of firepower at 18 red a turn, which is more than 8 droids despite having I-kills and arc dodges. Maybe they can afford to miss 66%, that is still 16 dice before range 1 bonuses? That seems like a relevant consideration considering trying to get those/deny those has a positional cost and understanding how important it is. Judging by some (anecdotal) play evidence, seems like its extremely useful, but not critical to go for every turn. Which makes sense, the arc dodge is almost certainly more valuable than the bullseye, after all, because an arc dodge gives that ship an infinite ratio of outgoing damage compared to incoming damage.
  9. So your saying a Nantex list will lose if it misses the bullseye even once?
  10. There are a few ways to evaluate it. If they want this to be a 'replacement' to the HLC that lacks the danger of a ship increasing its damage cap, for example, it could cost the same or a bit lower because while the increased arc makes it better, your no longer getting a free critless proton torp shot onto a 2 dice ship if you can bullseye at 2. Or it could be evaluated as better because of the wider arc. Or much worse because its like an ion without the really strong effect of ionization which we know is kinda better than damage as long as you can repeat it. It more comes down to the 'philosophy' they decide to go with, rather than objective balance: Where are cannon ships going to be 'pushed' too? I would be VERY surprised if they evaluated ion as a downside, rather than upside, which is part of why I doubt this will be over 5, which also means that it is probably an attempt to create a damage cannon for the Brute (And likely also the B-wing, because they failed to replace Beef Stress shenanigans with double tapping) that was more attractive than the HLC.
  11. I think the question is how many bullseyes do they need to land, and how much that varies matchup by matchup. Part of why they are scary is they don't NEED to bullseye to hurt just because the list has access to I-killing on many ships and they got 12 red dice without the bullseye which is respectable, and then they can do acey stuff on top. So they can play it by ear turn by turn if they want to joust or be ace-ish. So I think its a mistake to say they 'need' the bullseye. Hitting the bullseye 50% of the time for example pushes them to being 15 red dice, which is on par with 5X. Assuming you get free damage via arc dodges that you wouldn't otherwise get pushes this higher because you can kiiiinda evaluate an arc dodge turn as that ship getting to get an extra attack in a sense down the road. They definitely make a great case for why 'labbing' a matchup can be deceptive though. I suspect we won't really know exactly what we are dealing with for a bit. But I do agree that we can probably call it early that it is going to be, paraphrasing, 'Rotten Food.' We are just dissecting if we can try to brush off the moldy bits or if it is gonna give us botulism and kill us.
  12. Darn machines taking our jobs. It depends on cost. It probably won't be more than 5, because the concussion missile exists and is kiiiinda better (You lose the target lock requirement, but lose the benefit as well), but it may be arguable that the target lock requirement is why missiles are allowed to be so 'efficient' at giving you a 3 dice and no range penalty effect. So the question is how much will it cost more than Autoblasters (which have a stronger 'side benefit' if you can get it to a 3 dice or even 4 dice attack), but have more caveats, and of course how much you value having a range 3 attack.
  13. I can confirm Y-wings are very underrated in my completely objective and not at all questionably small sample size research of 'games I played with them.' They mostly are held back by not really having good things to go with them and 'keep people honest.' The Brute would NOT have this problem within Empire, especially because its much more maneuverable. I suspect it might be really fun to fly and fly against, almost like a slasher villain of a ship: It is coming, you think you outrun it but then it is suddenly there beside you and it hits you in the leg with an Ion so you can't run. Shooting it only seems to slow it down but it ain't stopping, until it is dead and you get to watch the sunrise with the 1-2 other survivors of its killing spree.
  14. Cool! I am going to assume this isn't sarcasm because I know many people who enjoy such things in similar games, so I am happy that you find enjoyment from this aspect! Firstly: Why? Sincerely. I would imagine someone who liked being the mooks would go for the Empire, which feels way more 'imperial guard' than Rebels. Furthermore, I assume this fantasy obviously doesn't involve them dying, correct? I am actually facinated by this because I can get it in some other scifi wargames like 40k (The IG have the appeal of being 'normal dudes' in a horrible galaxy) but in Star Wars that doesn't seem to... click as well. I suppose rebels are as close to 'normal dudes' as you can get, but what they are up against is also pretty close to normal dudes, so you don't get the "EDF effect' of having a bunch of people try to charge a giant bug monster with spears. Sell me on this please, because I need all the help I can get deriving joy from Blue Squadron nobodies. Secondly: ok. Why does this have to be their 'main' hat? Couldn't this theme coexist with other changes to rebels to make it not their primary option? Why does any request to buff other aspects of this have to be met with 'they just need their generics to come down again.' And "just" is an important word here, I am fine with points nerfs to generics I just don't understand the pushback against a desire for OTHER things to happen too. Three: Can you understand why this might not be the primary way a lot of people want to interact with the faction? I am not going to shame how anyone enjoys the game, that is the opposite of what I am about and I would rather just more 'modes' of the faction to be unlocked, but it seems weird to me that anyone associates rebels with 'Blue Squad no-name dying in a shower of sparks during a 3 second cutaway' rather than 'Luke Skywalker,''Kyle Katarn,' or 'Jyn Erso.' Don't get me wrong I will rewatch the The Battle of Skarif supercut any day, it was awesome and really showed why star wars space fights are fun. But is that really the first thing you think of when you think of rebels?
  15. Neat, your subjective experience isn't overriden by people disagreeing with you. Hopefully fixes to Rebels could be done without hurting Luke, Han, and Braylen! In fact, I hope that two of them get buffs and more diverse toolsets (Braylen, sadly, is probably the source of a lot of the rebel's woes and a lot of prices in rebels are pegged towards not letting the named B-wings exploit them, so perhaps a 'fix' for the faction involves them getting bonked a bit, but hopefully not!). No, as I said earlier, they aren't fun because they often are pidgenholed into very specific compositions and styles and suffer extremely hard in preformance for deviating, and the Brute hits hard because its going into a faction that has a lot of freedom. Furthermore, there is already some animosity that Rebels are so encouraged to use Blue Squad nobodies, while Empire, a faction with so few named starfighter pilots FFG had to make people up has a ton of extremely powerful lists defined by named characters. No one is asking for calculate links. I think the point is it doesn't feel great to see something that so resembles a Rebel ship but with modern design elements when rebels very clearly suffer from all their design coming early in the game's history and, for the most part, missing the mark either by being too weak or ending up nerfed (Again, lets not forget the main rebel lists that ever had a decent winrate resulted in a ship losing a slot, and a nerf so big that the list now costs 224 points, respectively). So its really a dual problem of A: Rebels being told they need to be about one thing and when they complain the counterpoint skips past that they don't want to be that thing and just promises to make that thing better, and B: It being really clear that no one actually wants Beef to be good so it never will be and they are just in an eternal holding pattern. And this relates to the Brute because it is a thing rebels are doing but it does it in a way that brings unique upsides that are fresh and don't just make it this one thing. In a different context where the rebels were a vibrant faction with lots of options, no one would care that this thing is basically a Y-wing plus. But the game currently has so many "Rebel plus" ships that it just adds to the sting, even though, again, this is a pretty illogical reaction. 'We' did that. Didn't work. Also imagines the problem purely as mechanical power, which, again, isn't the entire issue. The generics going down 2 points doesn't fix things if you don't care about the tournament performance of generic rebel spam in the first place. Furthermore, generics really... can't go down much more without bringing back lists we know that people don't enjoy flying against. Dropping every generic by 2 points, for example, allows UUUUX. Do you wanna fly against UUUUX? Cuz I don't wanna fly against UUUUX. Exclude the U wing? That is fine, I can still go for a XXX+Han with upgrades. Now, the 'fix' to rebels probably does involve points buffs at some point, but rebels are really oddly positioned because so many of their tools were declared NPE risks and just nerfed to the point they can't fit with the things they were designed to work with, so even if they got to an efficient spot they still would be a lot of generic ships, which isn't ideal in the faction that, again, is the faction that has all the named characters from all the stories doing cool things. I honestly can't stand the pushing of blue squad as 'rebel's solution' because it misses entirely why I want to play them (I am a dork who wants to do dumb cool rogue squadron stuff) and fails to adress why I don't feel like it works (Hey know what Rogue squadron didn't do? Brawl with ships they outnumbered losing half their members). This is why people talk about redesigns to astromechs that grant better repo so Wedge and Luke can be 'real aces' (even though that is problematic) or want the A-wing to be more proactive, or want the named characters to come down. It both solves the 'its not mechanically interesting to brawl with 5 X wings' problem, and the 'I don't feel like this faction with all the characters I love rewards me for loving these characters' problem. If you don't care about that aspect. Great. I am happy for you. Sincerely. But lets not act surprised when Star Wars nerds don't like that Han Solo doesn't even hit the top 100 of pilots and that the Rebel Falcon is in the bottom 50% of ships and that there is talk that something fundamentally is broken in the faction. Like... there super obviously is a problem here, even if it isn't an important problem to you. And buffing the generics won't change that, because as long as rebels aren't allowed to have fun toys that make the ships like... good at stuff, rather than just brawlers, people are going to keep being unhappy. It doesn't really matter how justified the Leia, Wedge, or Cassian nerfs were, if nothing moved into their place to fill that void and make the Rebels feel like they were something other than a bunch of 'thug ships' that just beat on people. Sure but I don't imagine dying generics when I think of why I like the rebels. They had plenty of no-names who died, but assuming that people want to play those no-named characters dying in the background is missing the point of why someone wants to play them on a thematic level flimsily supported by over-focusing on the fact that background characters tend to die in general and that most of the stories told about rebels had named characters. I could live with filler ships biffing it while named characters do their thing (I think Selfless was intended to support this, but it was rightfully banished to the Shadow Realm), but I didn't sign onto the rebellion to play Blue Squadron, a Squad so minor and unimportant that its wookiepedia page is about the length of this post and to which google questioningly shows you both Blue Squadron and Blue Squad because it can't imagine you caring about these dudes.
  16. I have a lot of strong controversial opinions about control elements I could bust out if we need to light a moltov and get this party started. That said, this thread really should be 'about' the TIE Brute, and while I understand the grumble grumble grumble and wouldn't silence it because one of the best ways to be heard about problems is to refuse to go along with a 'good news' vibe, I think we shouldn't rain on the Imps parade, who despite being a far more 'supported' faction also deserve new toys. Looking at this thing I am noticing how Empire doesn't have access to Reinforce plus a Gunner on anything besides the Deci, which opens options. Part of why #5 is so good on the Deci is because he frees you up to reinforce it constantly, which pushes the minimum turns to kill it with total focus fire from a list up to generally more than one turn, which is a big deal in X-wing. Vs many lists, this is also the case doing it with the Brute, and the Brute likely is a cheaper package to do this with and its more nimble. So I would be shocked to not see this be at least experimented with on lists that don't run a Deci. Rampage and Lyttan may be a great duo to support a TIE swarm and get a lot of extra HP in, skipping Sloane or Howl. You have Rampage fire on a secondary target, and Lyttan mark stuff for your swarm's main body. If your opponent focuses the Brutes you can have them be reinforced to make it a losing value on trades, but if you ignore them you sorta have a slightly downgraded Howlrunner who isn't getting deleted off the board mid game, with the option for control turrets on top like Ion or Tractor. Price will be an issue here, but considering Howlrunner is you paying 26 points to get the re-roll effect and how they are a bit easier to pick off, it might be a really good alternative.
  17. Maybe, maybe not. But it is sorta immaterial because even Rebel, the 'beef faction' doesn't run beef right now. Beef isn't itself a strategy, its a means to an end to Joust efficiently. In a sense, 6 Nantex is a 'beef' list because the gimmick is they can I-kill super efficiently and take a lot of firepower to clear out compared to how much damage they deal. If this thing is a cheaper source of 2 red 8 health (With a better bar, dial, passive effect, and arguably slots), than the 'beef faction's' version, that fits in non-beef lists an brings in the strength of beef, then that is going to be seen as a problem. It isn't 1:1, and obviously Empire might not use it at all, but its still kinda... weird to see. To be clear, while I am very down on the Rebel faction as a whole and how FFG handled them, I don't think the TIE Brute is 'bad because of power creep.' I don't think it is much power creep at all in terms of its basic chasis (Unless it skids in at 30 or lower). I am more trying to say why people feel compelled to talk about rebels in a TIE Brute thread, because while I don't think the Brute actually is causing 'more' problems right now, I do think there is a problem and people often miss the underlying cause because what is important to them is different than what is important to another person, and most people's game design lexicon biases towards 'balance' or 'power' rather than 'emotive experience' which is a bit more esoteric than what most people think or know how to express! So in the context of me, those two things happening wouldn't cause all to be forgiven unless they were strong enough it 'unlocked' the rebel faction by giving it a draw that would make you consider other Rebel tools: The main problem with the rebel 'toolkit' is there isn't much reason to pick it up as opposed to say... the Scum or Resistance toolkit: No individual element in it is so good to make you sacrifice what you would get doing other things. If an individual element was that strong in a new release it would help, but honestly I think the problem is a bit more fundamental than that. That is, in a way, literally my point! It isn't really that this is 'power creep' but it is feature creep that is intrusive into a faction that lacks very many real features, which makes it hard to justify the faction even if the feature its intruding on isn't good. 'Rebels aren't fun, they lack a real identity or gimmick and FFG doesn't seem to know what to do with them, they only do one thing well, that thing isn't very good, oh look here comes another ship that does a similar thing in a faction that has more viable lists than any other faction in the game, that might take that one thing rebels do well and put it into a working list, oh no! Now I am going to go complain about the TIE Brute in the thread even though, practically speaking, the TIE Brute doesn't affect me at all and is merely symptomatic of my problems.' But most people are bad at expressing this because, again, how we talk about faction balance often biases really hard towards power or mechanics rather than those little intangible elements like cohesion, fantasy, and appeal, or recognizing that is what people are talking about, which is fairly understandable because its way easier to try to parse someone's subjective experience by trying to link it to something more (but not completely) objective like mechanical balance, especially as these things are linked even if they aren't identical (Part of rebel's problem is that the evocative things about them are under-powered, for example, to the point its hard to use them even at a casual level).
  18. This sorta misses the point (again) of why Rebel players are grumps. The Brute isn't going to squash rebel ships because rebels have basically no meta-presence at all anymore due to a critical lack of archetype diversity or supporting tools. People aren't afraid that the Brute will beat Rebel lists. They are grumpy because the Brute is another ship in a long line of ships that make it harder and harder to justify busting out your rebel ships, which is a problem if you only own rebel ships or only own mostly rebels!
  19. This is definitely a problem for the ship, but at the same time Empire just has a lot of stuff that makes this a bit spooky, especially because it has options that allow it to constantly reinforce, which in some matchups makes it a total tarpit. Sith Infiltrator crops up from time to time, as does the Deci. The VCX and M-falc sorta... circle jumping into the off-meta pool with some break out lists, but never end up having staying power, but if Rebels got a little help overall both of them could suddenly break out and become real ships again. The ARC likewise had a lot of experimentation, though right now it is indeed dead in the water. I do think the fact it burns down is a problem for the ship, but this being more efficient points wise for 8 health 2 attack than a Y-wing, even ignoring an ion option and passive modding, feels very very wrong, especially because its going into Empire. And of course, there is the slot question: It is likely it gets a gunner. Both of these things are a Big Deal and dramatically change the value of what we are looking at: Fifth Brother means we can now assume this ship could be piloted with Reinforce up 100% of the time while still being deadly, and with an Autoblasters option to boot, which would make it Norra tier tough at only 14 points over its original cost, and Norra often WAS a thing before Rebels lost all their toys.
  20. The issue is if this is at 30 for the I3 it completely blows up the Y-wing's spot, so to speak. It would also be weird priced internally to the faction. It will have to be more, and gain its value outside of raw stats, such as being in a faction better suited to 2 red spam anyway (A Y-wing in Empire would be MUCH stronger than in Rebels, even ignoring its torp slot), or having access to control turrets, or serving as a late game piece for a swarm or something. While I am skeptical of 'it doesn't have to be equal to another faction's stuff, the factions are different' arguments, the Empire is a really big example of how faction can matter a lot due to the tools it has for supporting basically any chasis it gets. It probably will be priced similarly to a Starwing, so probably something like 30 for the I1, 32 for the I3? Your dial is a bit worse and you lose the SLAM, but get the ability to fire out the rear and run double cannons, plus one of the two configs it has and reinforce, which is considered a fairly high value action.
  21. The way I see it is this: Trying to make the Imps overall the good guys, or the rebels 'terrorists' is deeply missing the point of both how narratives work and requires you to deliberately ignore a lot of systematic enactment of atrocities. If you want a Star Wars war that is more morally gray, your looking at the Clone Wars (which was a lot less of a black and white conflict despite having a narrative 'protagonist' side, and had a lot of great stuff in the EU like how many of the seperatist citizens felt shocked and betrayed by the Jedi taking a side, or the entire episode 'Heroes on Both Sides' of Clone Wars that details how the seperatist government was no more or less evil than the Republic one because both sides ultimately served the same master), but for The Galactic Civil War, this ain't it. "Justification" is not the same as "Justified." Tarkin blowing up Alderan wasn't 'a pragmatic prevention of more death' even ignoring the fact that his stated motivation for doing so had nothing to do with, you know, casual mass murder of non-combatants. It isn't a super interesting thought experiment and I tend to associate it with people who are overly edgy, just looking to get a rise out of you, or are kinda low key secretly fascists themselves and can't read the room that no one sincerely agrees. You know how many times I have played a Star Wars pen and paper and the GM tried to really sell us on space fascism actually being the good guys and then accidently show their entire butt some time down the line about their real world beliefs? Its been happening to me ever since D6 was printed. It is an old as time take that is actually way less interesting to examine than you might think it is, which is why people tend to react pretty coldly too it. Those space contractors and arms dealers knew what they were getting into with the Empire and who they were helping, Palpatine only rose to power through endind an era of peace so long that war was a forgotten old whisper in the galaxy and plunging literally everyone into endless war, and did it explicitly just to have power for its own sake because he belongs to a cult of evil fascist space wizards. Lets not go down this road. However, that doesn't mean dimensionality isn't allowed or good, and a lot of great stories can be told about how individuals within the Empire might see The Rebellion, or how a rebellion character may not be a paragon of purity: You can be a **** who is on the 'right side' of an issue, and you can be someone who was swept up into something awful and can't make their way out. It doesn't change the quality of the sides until it actually changes the side's goals and methods as a whole, but it allows you to humanize everyone involved. Grey is still a die hard member of a regime of space fascists who overthrew the government, installed a president for life, committed mass murder and mass enslavement, and is refusing to surrender. But we get to see signs that he has qualities we might consider noble that put him at odds with his own space millitary: A concern for the life of those he fights alongside, which the empire in both the old EU and new one canonically didn't care about at all. He is super clearly on the wrong side, but he has elements about him that mark him as different from said space facists that allow us to care about where he ends up and hope things work out for him, despite the fact he is defending the Empire: We might want to see him redeemed, to realize how wrong he was, wonder if something will push him further over the edge. There is tension there which is why stories about these 'moral imperials' like Steele or Iden are popular (even if Iden swapped sides way too early). Trying to evaluate logistics and literal reasons for stuff misses the point of what this short is actually about, which is to get you into the mindset of the Imperial Remnant. Its a similar mistake in analysis to asking 'why didn't the separatists just use their capability to make droids that make more droids to create a Von-Neuman war machine?'You can out out-logic most stories by rejecting its premise entirely and refusing to engage with it in good faith. By doing so in Star Wars you miss a decently compelling story about right and wrong, and about how we relate to our enemies and try to overcome evil without losing ourselves. It can be fun as a thought experiment (Though maybe the thought experiment should be better with a more interesting question than 'what if the genocidal space fascists were not just morally complicated, but the good guys?'), but it shouldn't be used to try to 'override' what the story is actually about, and what a story is 'about' can be intentional or unintentional. It just depends on what the narrative frames as important and what it supports. So think about what this story is about, rather than what it is about. The Hunter is a good way to show how the Imperials see the Rebels, and while he acts 'out of character' for how we see them, he still is believable. Most rebels probably aren't bloodthirsty monsters who would hound you just for the sake of it and not contact you over the radio except to tell you that your about to die and everything you believe in is worthless, but it probably is what the empire believes about them, and you could see many justifications for why a rebel might act like they did in this short: Maybe the guy was trying to rescue survivors, or scout for probes or whatever, and got mad that the Imperial tried to murder someone preforming humanitarian aid. Maybe the radio was busted till that moment. Maybe the guy lost family to the empire and wanted revenge. But it doesn't really... matter? What matters is we see why someone like Gray, who clearly has way more empathy than his Imperial commanders, way more concern for the people in the empire, is willing to fight to the bitter end to resist the Rebels despite it feeling hopless: He feels like he is being hunted, that his comrades are being gunned down and the people doing it are acting smug and morally superior, and it doesn't really matter that they ARE morally superior. He can't see a reality, at least in this point in time, where he gives up fighting for the Empire and his wingmates, he expresses anger and agitation that they keep retreating, he talks about how it 'isn't over.' We get a really good look into the psychology of a 'true believer' who has qualities we admire that would make us question why he is there, and which make him a great 'badguy protagonist.' Which we kinda need because we know pretty decisively what is going to happen to the Rebels, so the story has to find a tension other 'are the rebels going to live/win?' And that generally means a character based tension. So now the tension is 'What is going to happen to Onyx squad, who we like but know are on the wrong side and the side that is going to lose?' And the stakes are very real here because it could go in any direction.
  22. dezzmont

    RZ-1 A-wing

    Can't run two talents on a phoenix, so it would have to be a green, and that means your paying a 3 point tax for initiative and the talent slots. The A-wing CAN make use of the I3 much better than many ships reposition wise, but not as much I-kill wise, so its weird. That is 35 points for something that has only 4 health behind 3 defense dice (Which is good but not great if you need to offensively mod on red dice), and which struggles to actually get the crits onto people. You also can only run 5 of them, with a 25 point remainder, which is not ideal for Rebels. What might work is running them as a 'sidepiece,' especially if you just ditch Marksmanship (which if you don't care about the initiative can be evaluated as 'would you spend 4 points on marksmanship?') and go for deadeye shot alone on a Phoenix, and use it to help other ships while applying some damage itself, rather than trying to make that your entire squad's thing. Your saving a pretty significant amount of points on Thane by ditching 1 red dice (which is a lot) and his initiative, and it would be a decent way to fill out around a 30 point range of spare points, which rebels can struggle to do at times as a whole. Another option is to put this combo on Jake, who you want to run anyway and who thus eliminates the '3 point tax' element on your second talent slot. This puts him at 39 points, which means you might be able to do something like XXXUA by using some CAZs instead of Blue squad. The downside here is that I-killing is kinda important to beef's plan, but its also a good example of where the combo of a points decrease and new capabilities might help the A-wing be more proactive, because if the A-wing fell by two points overall, including Jake, it would be possible to just run it straight up at I2, which at least means you I-kill droids, and the increased offensive impact of the A-wing due to Dead-Eye and Marksman, combined with the increased health in the list from the U-wing, offsets the downsides of swapping an X-wing for an A-wing.
  23. Well there is the whole 'Lets go meet the post-rebellion Jedi' thing which promises to be exciting. It is no old EU Jedi Hogwarts but it should be interesting!
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