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    Tlfj200 reacted to HolySorcerer in Tie Striker wings move?   
    That's because it is very expensive to market to children under 13, as your product must undergo a battery of additional testing.  Most companies don't care to go through this process, so they just slap that label on it and call it good.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to MajorJuggler in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    It also has a high decision density despite a relatively few number of upgrades. Flying it well is not trivial, but greatly rewarded. Most matchups are yours to win if you fly correctly.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Procastination in What would make your 2017 Nerf/Buff list?   
    I think some of you need to leave the x-7 Defender alone. You can't propose to fix other ships all the while trying to unfix what is a really good fix in the first place.

    Yeah? Yeah.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to markcsoul in What would make your 2017 Nerf/Buff list?   
    Good god would that be horrible to face.  4 dice at all 3 ranges?!?!  AND 2 more health points?  Dash would easily be the best ship in the game.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to MajorJuggler in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    Ideally, at a large event you want the tournament structure to do 2 things:
    Every game played by a player still in contention should matter All the X-2's make the Cut (need more rounds to let things settle out) Grant a first-round elimination round bye to the top-seeded swiss players (at a minimum all undefeated)  
    Unfortunately, this requires more overall rounds, and also more planning. It would be appropriate to do this for Nationals and Worlds, but FFG's goal with tournaments is to basically run them as short as possible, so only the x-1's or higher get in.
    As an example with this year's Worlds:
    Swiss increased by one round, so all the 7-2's got in. Elimination rounds increased by 1 The 8-1's and 9-0s get a first round elimination bye, essentially jumping directly into Top 16. An 8-0 should not have to play Swiss round 9. Give them a round 9 win and the above bye directly into Top 16. The remaining cut fills out the first round bye. Example: the top 6 players go directly to the Top 16 round. 20 more players (generally all 7-2) qualify for the cut and play in the first elimination round "Top 32".
    For Regionals this is harder because the events are already really long relative to the prestige level. But 5 rounds of Swiss and 5 rounds of elimination seems weird. 6 rounds of swiss and a top 16 cut is much more normal, certianly for X-wing. In OldPara's case he should have made the cut at 4-2 anyway.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to streamdragon in The death of PalpAce?   
    A modification that only works in-arc at R1, and only fits on a 2AGI ship with 5H and no shields with a max speed of 3?
    Yeah, totally the death of Palp Aces right there.  Tooooootally.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Jeff Wilder in Videos of MD Regional are up on SteleTV YouTube channel!   
    My favorite game of the four I watched was the one with triple-K-wings versus Imperials.
    I liked both semis and the finals, but the games I watched with ... I wanna say Alex Y?  Those made my brain itch, because he was placing templates and moving so sloppily.  (I don't think the sloppy play was to his benefit -- I think he was moving too fast to make those judgments -- but it was teeth-gritting to watch.)
    But none of that takes away from how well the stream was done.  Trinity Squad Gaming is local to me, so I'm used to quality videos and commentary, but those are edited games.  It's quite impressive to make live-streamed games fun to watch.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Jeff Wilder in Videos of MD Regional are up on SteleTV YouTube channel!   
    These are great games.  SteleTV did a really impressive job, technical problems notwithstanding.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Hydralisk101 in Running to preserve a win late game. How would you approch fixing this?   
    Running away at the end of a game is a perfectly acceptable strategy. I agree it can be frustrating when playing against it, but choosing chips which are fast and can keep up with fleeing ships (Manaroo) should go into all list building. Avoiding ships and outmatched engagements is a part of real dog-fighting and certainly fits the theme of the game.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Hawkstrike in X-Wing simulator on PC.   
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Stay On The Leader in X-Wing simulator on PC.   
    Tabletop Simulator also exists and is a lot better than Vassal (IMHO)

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    Tlfj200 reacted to Hujoe Bigs in maryland regional top 16 starting now   
    At one of the brightest moments in life, I to hope that you are made a fool. Wishing embarrassment or pain on anyone, regardless of what they are doing make you a very small person.
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    Tlfj200 got a reaction from IG88E in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    MD regionals at Games and Stuff is this weekend.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to CDR Stele in Stele Open 2017 Website is up and running. Registration coming soon!   
    Take the website for a test drive!
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Timathius in Worlds is May 3-7th   
    Not unexpected, because of May the fourth and all, but still good to know that the date is set. I personally withdrew from November to go to the May worlds so I am really looking forward to it. 
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    Tlfj200 reacted to ObiWonka in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    Just to be perfectly clear, Poe is still "allowed" to use his ability, but whether he does or not, the Focus must be spent at some point, not merely used. Net result is still all eyeballs are hits/evades and Poe is Focus-less, but he's still "allowed" to use his ability up until he's spent the Focus.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to MajorJuggler in Milwaukee Regional today, updates as mood permits.   
    I do not believe that the discussion is about whether the Marshal has the authority to enforce incorrect calls, but rather whether the call itself was correct.
    For the day in question, the Marshal has absolute and complete authority. If the Voice of God comes down from heaven itself and disagrees with the Marshal, the Marshal wins. I have played in an event where the TO violated the Core Rulebook by not allowing several of my ships to execute their maneuvers. As a player you have to abide by that decision, but it doesn't make the decision correct.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to ObiWonka in Free ParaGoomba Slayer!   
    Nothing good can come from this thread. Reported so it can get locked.
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    Tlfj200 got a reaction from haslo in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    It's so weird (and funny) that this thread is made so soon after worlds just happened.

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    Tlfj200 reacted to IG88E in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    Hwk + Zuckuss: Instant win
    (remaining 83 points for initiative bid)
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Holmelund in What beats 4 TLT Y-Wings...   
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Hedgehogmech in What beats 4 TLT Y-Wings...   
    Things that TLTs really hate include:
    - Autothrusters
    - Sensor jammer
    Therefore if you're building specifically to shut them down, double IGs with SJ aren't a bad call. For extra fun you can include tractor beams, and chuck one onto a rock whenever the opportunity arises.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to PiebeatsCake in 2016 Worlds Results   
    2 shield upgrades in top 16 is my favorite fact.
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Timathius in Behaviour as audience   
    I think that is the key point. 
    Spectators, a lot of times, don't know the rules better than your average player. Because, and this is the important part, they are mostly average players.
    I have had spectators try and correct me on rules in tournaments. For example one douchenozzle tried to tell my opponent they could put out three stress with a stress hog. WHILE I WAS RUNNING A STRESS HOG MYSELF. What it caused was a 10-12 minute break, 5 minutes of me telling him "dude, you're wrong. I play this list 4-5 times a week here are the rules". Then him going to get a judge, and then arguing with the judge that he was right. That cost me 10-12 minutes in a tournament with a list that needs time to win. Ended up getting a mod with a couple hull left on my opponents ship. If he had gone to a judge and said what was happening there would have been 0 interruption to our game. Instead his interruption possibly cost me 2 points. 
    Now, I know that people here are great with the rules. But you have to remember that the vast majority of players and spectators are not forum goers or even that proficient in X-Wing. Fantasy Flight Games does not make rules with us in mind.
    If you feel that strongly that you should be able to be correcting other's mistakes and catch cheaters, then be a judge. 
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    Tlfj200 reacted to Leowulf in FFG Should do one of those 'How to Play' videos, like X-wing   
    I really liked the 'how to play' video's they released with x-wing, made it super easy to consume the rules. RuneWars rules are a little heavier but not much heavier, could really help.
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