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  1. I mean, the answer should be there is communication, especially at worlds. This is not a bright timeline
  2. Q: Can Snap Shot or Foresight be chosen as a special weapon to be used for a ship's attack during the Engagement Phase? A: Yes. The phrase "after an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack" allows the attack to be used as a bonus attack under the specified circumstances, but does not disqualify it from being used during the Engagement Phase.
  3. It's worth noting that basically half of all sep lists in the cut had a nantex. Even sear swarms brought chertek in many cases... Just noting, since CIS had an outlier conversion rate.
  4. Sort of. Like, part of the problem using the 200-x as a proxy for "going to time" is that plenty of games that "go to time" feel resolved as well. Like, one player is basically in an unwinnable position, and time was simply called. Rephrased - not all games that go to time are "unresolved".
  5. so, if I'm reading this correctly (and correct me if I'm not). Looking at republic: They have the least percentage of finished games (45%), and have a worse winning % when games are finished before time versus going to time (47% vs 50.9%)?
  6. You keep trying to say this ironically... but I'm pretty sure you actually were always a first order player...
  7. Firing arc is defined in the RR. I can pull it up, but the short answer is no: only printed arcs and mobile turret arcs (the rotating cardboard arcs).
  8. Could you imagine if the devs and the marshal didn't discuss rulings beforehand? That'd be really insane and stupid, right?
  9. you're assuming the devs didn't actually write it as intended...? What if they did intend for it to be a secondary weapon as well?
  10. I guess. However, where is the line between noting you disagree with it, and bullying? Like, Dee and Paul, both Marshals of national-level events (whatever they're called now), are noting they would use the warning system under the stalling rules, and mitch simply has videos as illustration. Like, it's sort of a jump to think they're twisting their rules to specifically bully him personally out of events. Mitch wasn't even going to attend NOVA?
  11. It might - which is why just playing a generally good list is probably just correct.
  12. Man, that person will probably actually exist, and have a miserable time, too I forgot the Seever/Torkil swarm, and should add them I straight do not believe in double deci. I half-believe in han, then remember jedi are a faction.
  13. Look - the nantex is busted. If you're going to worlds, and want to win, *and enjoy it* - play it. But be real with yourself - you probably enjoy more things than just that. So do other people. We are not hyper rational actors. People will play other lists. Also adding resistance 5A, and Finn+ lists to the above "good stuff" lists that do well.
  14. Um, real lists that people both 1) enjoy, and 2) that win: Jedi + anything Sinker swarm CIS swarms ([almost] any variant) Apparently random kylo lists? because force and 3 agility? Imperial Aces, because high initiative is a good strategy that Pretty cool Koshka, 4LOM list from Europe that no one seems to want to talk about, becaus they they think ketsu is really cool. These are actually real lists, and to think that sun fac will be more than 5% of the entire swiss is probably a folly (and group think). Edit for later readers: Resistance 5A Finn+ good stuff Torkil/Seevor swarms
  15. Hey Kids, Don't forget other lists exists! This has been a Krayt PSA™!
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