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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/12/27/by-the-emperors-command/
  2. Anyone else nervous about this hyperspace/OP article that's apparently coming tomorrow?
  3. You know what I find interesting? How much hate there seems to be for two attack die ships in this thread. Again, not actually claiming any of them are necessarily fine points-wise, but man... the arguments feel more driven by feelings than any real math. "I don't feel like these things should hit me or be good"
  4. u cAnT jUsT cOnCeDe! fItE 4 mY aMuSeMeNt! aNy gIvEn sUnDaY!
  5. When you say "room" on some of these lists.. some of these lists don't look like they even functionally work as lists without some upgrades. I'd argue that the chertek swarm, without struts OR discords... doesn't really make sense as a swarm anymore? like, what's sort of the point? Also, you weirdly said the Sear swarm keeps struts (why does sear *need* struts, but somehow chertek doesnt?) Also, I suspect you'll find that sear actually *needs* soulless one to also have TA175... Basically, I see what you did there, I appreciate what you did there, but I think you may have miscalculated some of the lists (and I only looked at seps).
  6. The most interesting part was going from hating vultures to loving fat turrets. Weirdest flex of the the thread.
  7. This is fundamentally true for all swarms, not just vultures. Did the 8th ship break the bank, even though it's weak? What about the 7th? What's the marginal ship? Like, the same general concept is true against the TIE swarm.
  8. The secret is, that's why most people's games go to time, and it doesn't mean there's a mystery who won the game. Many games devolve to a point where neither list can reasonably/feasibly do much damage to each other, but there's time left on the clock. Other than being trapped in that game, that's "okay".
  9. but that swarm might shoot one of your ships! It's Outrageous! It's Unfair!
  10. I mean, Okay. I see this fear perpetuated a lot. It might even be real. Call a judge if your opponent is slow playing you, but otherwise, you shouldn't be getting in 5 turns. If it's a newer player, or a player newer to the list on a casual night, you can still prod them that they need to pick up the pace - swarms are not an excuse to slow play people.
  11. We're not mentioning sear because you argued for an increase in vultures, not sear. I think you'll find many of us suspect sear is a problem (I mean "sear" to be the "sear suite" - the combination of sear + TA175 + soulless one). That suite is very very likely underpriced, as is chertek. That's not the same as being mad at vultures though.
  12. I mean, probably? Obi has a lot of agency on being at R2 in front of a vulture swarm though, with them fine-tuned controls... Like, this goes back to the philosophy of swarms - the idea that anyone can/should be able to entire just "arc dodge" an entire swarm seems odd. Generally speaking, the swarm *will* find a ship - they brought a lot of arcs. They probably *will* hurt one of the opposing ships. That does not guarantee success. It's the entire philosophy of all swarms, not just vulture swarms. As a matter of fact, sinker swarms are actually better than vulture swarms as jousters, and joust vultures under the table... but basically no one plays them. Likewise, Obi can't sit in front of a sinker swarm. Obi shouldn't sit in front of a Howl swarm, either. He has ~33% chance to die there. Is the 33% chance more palatable or "earned" for some reason? http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi_preset/?d=AgIAAAAAAAAA&a1=AQMAAA&a2=AQMAAA&a3=AQMAAA&a4=AQMAAA&a5=AQMAAA&a6=AwMAAA
  13. I... guess? what conditions does that represent, I guess?
  14. The damage from three 3-die focused attacks against a vulture at R2 is higher than a TIE with just a focus at R2: Vulture - expected = 3.223 (66.7% chance to die) http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi_preset/?d=AhgAAAAAAAAA&a1=AgMAAA&a2=AgMAAA&a3=AgMAAA TIE - expected = 2.602 (50.4% chance to die) http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi_preset/?d=gwAAAAAAAAAA&a1=AgMAAA&a2=AgMAAA&a3=AgMAAA The damage would actually be higher on the vulture, because in actuality, the vulture can ever double calculate exactly once (network + itself), then can only ever calculate once then after (just network), but the calculator isn't built to represent that, so I just gave the vulture 6 calculates.
  15. Pause - one second. The position is simply "8 ships shouldn't have upgrades" as a broad statement? Just... because? What, philosophically, regardless of chassis or upgrades? Let's evaluate this list: Vultures are the bare minimum ship in the game, arguably under TIEs. TA-175's usefulness is diminished against lists with same-initiative spam, and literally useless against ships of the same initiative as your own. Sear would be a 5 hp ship with 2 agility, a single focus, at i2, and no other mods, and the rest of your ships wouldn't shoot until i1, so if anyone kills sear before i1, TA-175 is further relegated to uselessness. I just want to walk through the logical extension of points proposals, because I suspect people just lash out with feelings, and don't think through what the resulting effects are.
  16. *** Losing 2 discord missiles is literally two-thirds of all discord missiles in the list. That seems pretty relevant, as they're the only upgrades in the list other than struts and chertek-related stuff.
  17. An unironic feature of MOV not mattering to make cuts/prizes.
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