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  1. if you think it's vultures keeping Poe down, you haven't played against many other aces...
  2. It is, but with holidays, and points next week, we mostly just took the time to break. We'll be back... Soon™.
  3. These guys get it. @Brunas *really* gets it.
  4. Separatist Drone: -6 (15) Separatist Bomber: -6 (23) DRK Probe Droids: -4 (1) Grappling Struts:: -1 (0) Captain Sear: -6 (33) TA-175: 4 (1) Soulless one: -5 (1) Energy Shells: -3 (1) Discord Missiles: -5 (1) You'd get something like: Sear /w TA175, soulless 2x vultures with shells/struts 1x hyena with drk, struts/discords 2x hyenas with struts/discords 2x hyenas with struts/homing missiles all at initiative 3. Enjoy! (this is why we don't do this)
  5. Do the magic hand thing [and make generics happen]!
  6. But then, too, must the vultures go. A price must be paid. Equivalent Exchange. The Market will decide your fate. Invisible Hand. ... ... People hate generics.
  7. The one where "The Ocho" is the the in "hopes" section is the default template, sir.
  8. oh... Just change the tone you heard, and repeat the same words: "Vultures did nothing wrong"
  9. Ooooh, you hate vultures *Vultures did nothing wrong 😛
  10. They hate generics. (no one has hype, or everyne is a factionalist [which is actually super fine/neat!])
  11. His hate was so strong, they say he brought only homing missiles... aces say his name in hushed tones...
  12. What's funny is... literally two "generic" squads have punctured the meta at all: howl swarm (it was barely an actual meta force), and sear swarm (it was an actual meta force, even if it's numbers were low), and people are already tired of it. People absolutely hate generics.
  13. That’s probably closer to form? The nantex allowed for a different swarm altogether. the belly rub swarms though might as well not have names, but that’s me. But I also don’t consider howl swarms a ‘named’ swarm, but functionally a generic swarm, despite them basically being entirely consisting of names pilots. So that’s why I mean that I’m not sure we’re all using the same definitions, is all.
  14. I mean... you named an actual ace + swarm in every instance but the CIS scenario. Again, you're allowed, but it feels like a reach to include the CIS swarms in the same groups as jedi + torrents, Poe + T70s, and Kylo + FOs. One of of those things doesn't look like the others, is basically what I'm saying. Rephrased - the CIS swarms functionally just look like an actual generic swarm, and they accidentally have a name in them as squad buffer. If Generic McDouble Dot was cheap enough to allow a hyena /w drk and a tac droid, I think sear would be airlocked in a heartbeat.
  15. Wait... are you calling Sear/Chertek swarm an "ace" swarm? You're allowed, but it may be worth trying to have a definition party because... I'm not sure we all agree. Is a howl swarm an ace swarm?
  16. In before this thread digresses with angry retorts...
  17. While I agree with you that there are zealots, it's hard to say that generics (outside of CIS swarms) are keeping pace with high-initiative ships at the moment. Doesn't mean they should be so dropped to be OP to "have their time in the sun" to make up for lost time, but doesn't mean it's currently okay.
  18. or Big Deal Finn, generally (who is still a big deal)?
  19. Waiting for Europe to read " Hyperspace will be curated pilots, only 2E released ships" and then digest that UK system open is 1st week of February like:
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