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  1. Jokes aside... that's partially the Franke Forte data point (he unironically loves '4bz' where he splits Bs and 65s)
  2. I find the intensity of the fight between No! Give me concrete meaning with those 23 data points over many months! I needs it!
  3. Like, a good example is my 2016 NOVA top 4 match against @pheaver - there's one point in the match I do a 1-turn with a scout, and it barely clips a rock. I absolutely knew that could happen, and knew it was even likely (though also knew that maybe I might clear), but basically, I needed to do the 1-turn for the NEXT turn's positioning - whether I got to shoot that turn was a bonus. But man, we also can remember seeing some clearly dial failures, rather than decisional mistakes, and that's sort of the point, right?
  4. The key is, to the extent possible, differentiating intention (decisional mistakes) versus component failures (procedural mistakes). Like I said, or at least I tried to say - I didn't want to imply this to be a carte blanche pass to give all things back all the time, but merely to note to try not to "pounce" on these procedural or component failures. Like, I've literally been the player that has tried to do maneuvers near a board edge and flown off the board simply because I "needed" that maneuver to fit, whether it fit or not. I knew it my go off the board - it happens.
  5. I have also asked opponents to speed up. Whether you were too direct, or your tone was off, I cannot comment, but the idea of asking shouldn't be off the table, if that makes sense.
  6. Question: My hypothesis is the best lists in first order is closer to what @Oldpara played, which is to say larger ship count and generics. What we see is people playing 2 aces + support (basically, wannabe empire). Is first order just wannabe empire right now? Edit: sort of how we saw the initial resistance lists were wannabe rebel lists when resistance first dropped, except it looks like first order never move on.
  7. I'm the opposite. I wanna go fast, ricky bobby.
  8. Oh, I definitely agree it's not universal - sorry if I made it seem that way. The smaller the tournament, the less useful the graduation cut is. It seems it's always most useful the larger the event becomes.
  9. I still think the graduation cut (all x-1s/x-2s make it) is just a better feelsgood than any modification of MOV or strength of schedule.
  10. Unironically Maybe™. That sample size is so small, it may also indicate literally nothing. But, maybe something. So... Maybe. Edit: Also, possibly.
  11. I'm staring much harder at discord missiles, and chertek (not necessarily connected).
  12. I'm in a quantum state of two answers: FO players aren't really people and Do what you want on the bottom tables
  13. WAT? Uh... man, I'm sorry. That also likely needs a marshal call. That's pretty inexcusable.
  14. that doesn't change the fact that half of all sep lists in the cut had a nantex, and the separatists had a much higher conversion rate than the rest of the factions. It also may mean nothing.
  15. Wait, I mean, clearly FFG supports mobile fortressing. And since they do, the krayts are in the lab, removing the "mobile" part. We got you, x-wing community.
  16. I mean, the answer should be there is communication, especially at worlds. This is not a bright timeline
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