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  1. The general problem is the lack of extended data. We're inundated with hyperspace data (regionals), but have to try and layer on analysis and extrapolate from a handful of major extended events. That's the real crux - extended is far more of a guess.
  2. "But what if they just tried harder?" "They must not have wanted it enough" "Europeans are built differently. Bigger brains. Broader Shoulders."
  3. Since when as my meta data every convinced someone of a list's strength or weakness? Or Europe and America?
  4. God, if diamond boron missiles finally stop unnecessary formations, I'm super in.
  5. I know it expands in extended. I even forgot TIE bombers were in hyperspace If you want to bring bombers or hyena's in hyperspace... I mean, please do. I welcome it. (not directed at hiemfire).
  6. If you're going to bring diamond boron missiles JUST because tie swarm exists (I argue that rebel beef variants likely don't care, and most other lists aren't formation), then have at it. I'm sure it's worth shoving a double-missile slot ship, and the narrow missile (spoiler, TIE's have 3 agility - you do need to hit). I suspect you're literally better off with a bomb? In hyperspace at least, the carriers are what? Hyeneas and resistance bombers... and that's it?
  7. Wait, wasn't everyone supposed to get mad if heroic didn't go up in points?
  8. Fortunately, the bid was eaten up. I mean, if that's the main reason, then they should just remove the missile slot from defenders and open up space, right?
  9. The anakin +mace or ahsoka lost the regen. I think that matters.
  10. My list of ships I have not played is too long to bother.
  11. I mean, once points are in the wild, there's not much FFG can do to stop non-premier events from using them if they choose to. Right.
  12. You're not wrong. It just seems a little weird. It's so comically easy to share dice; we suspect cheating is rare. It's just logistically easier, and eliminates most inter-player variance. It also just so happens to also accidentally partially mitigate potential cheaters, with basically no effort or need to figure out who they are. But the focus has swiftly been on cheating, and "nuh uh, not touching MY dice!"
  13. What if they were also sometimes really good players that also played really well? Also, for me, it's literally logistically easier to share dice, now that I've tried it for a few months.
  14. I mean, that's where we disagree. Most do not need that to be reworded. That's sort of the point. It seems like an argument in bad faith, because if your idea is to be believed, they literally wrote extra words for no reason. Literally them pointing out "players are allowed to breath" would be as useful, as it would be writing words for the sake of words.
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