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  1. Moreso that it more easily allows "good" squads to be at higher ship counts, which inherently lowers turn count (moving more ships, more actions, more attacks, more defense).
  2. you're heavily implied! This whole thread is heavily implied!
  3. Technically, I haven't divulged how my matches feel, but... yeah, many of mine do feel unresolved, actually. 😕
  4. That's not what I asked. I am fully aware of how win conditions work. The question was aimed at "is this fun that more games go to time?" The answer is still allowed to be "yes - no worries!" But it's not "hey, Travis - did you forget that the clock exists in X-Wing?!" ...no, I did not.
  5. you are. For example, like EVERY game I've played against TIE swarm was unsatisfying, because every game felt like I would win if I just had like, 2 more turns. The TIE swarm just technically got ahead on points, and then would pretty clearly lose over time. I eventually just moved to basically jousting it, to increase the number of turns I get, but the whole process was unsatisfying (and I did start winning, but it still sucked).
  6. I mean, it is. I'm wondering if the majority of players feel this way. I mean, ok.
  7. I mean, is it? I guess I'm posing the question do those increased # of games that go to time "feel" resolved to one or both players, win or lose? If the answer is no, that feels unsatisfying, and then the argument may be that "no, those things did not help"
  8. I think you're overly focusing on technicalities. Yes, the game ended. But if more players are unsatisfied by the resolution, win or lose, that is an issue. I'm not even inherently alleging that they are - I'm posing that question. *The data itself is just neat. But game rules and mechanics, ultimately, are there to serve to make a game enjoyable. Things that detract from that aren't good for the game (or sales). Edit: *
  9. I mean, the answer is maybe/sort of. If the increase in games goint to time means that more of those games feel "unresolved", then yes, it matters. I'm defining that "unresolved" feeling in that although one person won, both players feel like even another few turns may have changed the game (either way). So one person simply gets up slightly on points and wins at time. Like more games being 50-57, or really low MOV games (rather than the loser being more clear, and just not technically being completely annihilated yet).
  10. No, I mean more that as more games go to time, that also means more of them feel "unresolved" due to lower turn count. Like one person wins, but both feel like the game could actually have gone either way with a few more turns. As for 1.0 - I had games go to time, but both players basically 'knew' who one more often than not in those gone-to-time games.
  11. Great work by Jan, and unsure if he's on the forums, so posting here: https://www.pinksquadron.dk/2019/07/do-we-go-to-time/
  12. An expectation, and usually not a very fun one anymore
  13. Anyone see Jan's post on game length. I think people have overly fixated on games going to time and assumed "slow play" is the reason, but I suspect it's an artifact of points changes. https://www.pinksquadron.dk/2019/07/do-we-go-to-time/
  14. he could be anywhere, including range one of his own deployment zone.
  15. i C wut u did ther. Also, why would ANYONE need to look at someone's dial? tHe bEsT pLaYeRs kNoW wHeRe eVeRyOnE iS gOiNg!
  16. Man, I thought that was an upsilon. Why does the First order have multiple shuttles??
  17. The vassal slack channel. Information should be on the website (and list fortress site).
  18. The HWK can use engine upgrade. Is that it though?
  19. Everyone likes to take beef if there's a lot of aces. It's seems it's less fun when it's beef mirrors.
  20. I mean... can't rebel beef still be built, abet changing or "downgrading" some pilots? That seems to be exactly what happened? I mean... maybe? There are so many upgrades that exists, it seems odd to fixate on the ones that have no been "pushed out" since new ones did "come in". Like, why *must* han gunner be always 'competitive'? Like, this is basically measured by what shows up in top cuts, right? Basically, I see why you're mad (since you laid it out), but I'm not sure I can relate to it. Sorry
  21. Maybe Hyperspace is better now. It might not be. Thanks, Cassian (and Iden)
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