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  1. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d1/88/d1884752-34e1-4ad6-a992-824f41694a03/x-wing_20_tournament_regulations_printer_friendly.pdf Sharing Components (Page 4): Before or during a tournament round, any player may request that a single range ruler, or set of range rulers, a set of maneuver templates, and/or set of dice be shared for the duration of the round. Any decisions are subject to review by a marshal. Legal Products and Substitutions (page 4): ...If a player uses the Star Wars™ Dice App, the device with the app must be displayed in full view of both players at all times, and the opponent may request to share the app. I mean, it just depends if you think FFG decided to let players know a partial universe of optional requests, or simply using the american vernacular of a requirement in the politely veiled "request". Given this is a tournament regulations document, and the word "share" comes up 6 times, it seems more likely that it is not actually a "request" rather than a notification by FFG to players what their rights are. Lost and Damaged Components (page 4) Damaged Dice, Range Ruler, or Maneuver Template: The player keeps the original component near the rest of their squad and requests to share the opponent’s component for each remaining round of the tournament. Game Setup (page 5) 3. ...Players cannot share a damage deck.
  2. the player that was asked chooses which player's dice to use (their own, or yours). If they don't want to share, they have to call a marshal and explain why they can't share dice.
  3. I mean, you have to roll hits (unmodded), and they have to roll not enough evades, I mean.
  4. Naked sun fac isn't a real ship, and pretending otherwise is weird. Also, Afterburners sun fac is the stuff of nightmares This will probably age well, and poorly, simultaneously. I find it odd that any precog stuff made it out of "highest amounts of mad"
  5. I'm with you on new OT ships. However, I look forward to new ships for the other 4 factions. At some point, in a few years, we'll be back to the end of 1.0, where they're clearly digging at the bottom of the barrel for ideas, but a lot of the clone wars era stuff just looks and feels cool. But as for the design/competitive aspect - I'd really like points updates more often than 2x a year - that's the easiest way to keep the game feeling fresh, even with 'old' ships.
  6. I mean, yeah? the only other solution is chassis-variable pricing, right?
  7. This just opens the door for infinite regen. Regen is still already too good for it's cost, and probably should cost 10+ (pricing based on best usage, knowing that that is too expensive for y-wings, etc. Thank the jedi)
  8. This Actually, not this. Don't shoot tavson, don't let tavson flank you. Don't be cute with tavson and use jamming beams. Just kill his friends.
  9. don't shoot tavson if he can shoot anything else that turn.
  10. This feels pretty accurate to nearly all of us saying "friends", if we're being honest.
  11. I mean, the satisfaction people get from being handled literally anything is pretty large. There's zero reason to avoid participation prizes.
  12. unironically the friends you made a long the way. But we need to remember a lot of gamers are introverts, so please be inclusive.
  13. So, the event is definitely fun, and having two swiss days means we probably get more people, in total, than we otherwise would (plus, they cant get enough space at the event to run a full 200+ swiss in one day). As for the top 64 specifically... no, many people gripe about it. It's not like it ruins the event, but it's basically just go 4-2, dont care. No byes for being undefeated, no rewards for less than 2 losses. It was more of a quirk 3-3's made it, because we had the more unusual "made sunday, but imma drop anyway" scenario come up a handful of times, but it is what it is. Like, I was 4-1 going into last round, saw yet another 8-ship CIS swarm, literally said "NOPE", and conceded. My opponent was confused, but I just didn't feel the *possibility* of a damage deck and/or range rulers was worth another grueling swarm match after I had already done 3 (not including the torkil + 3 i3 starvipers). I don't have that full answer, but partially because they announced it was top 32 per day like in February, and given the last two years, 4-2 was basically exactly correct for the cut. It was even exactly correct for the cut *this* time, but we had more-than-usual amounts of drops from top 32. TL;DR - The actual games were quite fun, and the even was quite fun, and 3-3 was invited because of drops. Separately, NOVA has always had basically has +1 swiss rounds that what are needed, but you guys only notice now because of drops.
  14. Man, there’s an interesting thread on ‘gotcha’ X-Wing. at nova, people were just letting people have obvious triggers, like end of turn cloaks and Luke gunner rotations (stolen from @pheaver‘s statement of what he saw). i dunno - if my opponent CONSISTENTLY forgets triggers, sure, I’ll get frustrated because I 'don’t want to play both lists,’ but generally, just let people do the obvious triggers. We’re all tired, maybe we have to move like 2 ships just to complete a maneuver - remind them of taking an action. Stuff like that.
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