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  1. Just now, Ablazoned said:


    I've played only 15 full games of Hyperspace since The Great Reshuffle of Jan '20, and fourteen of those went to time.  Of those 14, 10 were decided by 50 points or fewer, and I noted that 7 could have gone the other way given some number of added rounds to play.

    Also, while me personal sample size is small, it feels sort of inherently the case that an a-wing that is alive at 45 minutes can choose with high confidence not to die.  While this has been true in the past for ships like Regen Jedi and Kylo, it feels like the list of ships that become invulnerable once their opponent's offense drops below 50% is greatly expanded.

    I'm not totally sure that I like not being able to generally count on decisive engagements, but I'm not sure I hate it yet either.

    Quick questions:

    1. Rebel or Resistance A-Wing?
    2. How many A-Wings?
    3. Are you the one playing them?

  2. 19 minutes ago, jagsba said:

    me at worlds: man i've lost this game

    opponents boba: R2 seems like a good place to be

    I mean, I still lost, but if you're going to give me a chance to come back I ain't complaining

    but the kill box! What if you shot boba at range 1 in that box?! Better boost away and rear shoot with no mods instead.

  3. 1 hour ago, Brunas said:


    Yeah.  And even weirder - there's some cases where you should always flip it - for example, why not take a crit on a destroyed ship to flip it?  Are you a jerk for not reminding them of the obvious optimal "decision"? It's about as

    Let me help: Yes - you are a jerk. Don't be that guy, people (ESPECIALLY if it's worlds, but really, no matter what environment it's in).


    1 hour ago, Brunas said:

    That reminds me, two people in here had a bet for which would be a better meta, hyperspace vs extended.  I don't remember who, but I don't think they ever defined what better means.


    ...You should probably figure out what better means, so you can actually have a bet!

    But if the bet is clearly defined, then we can't move the goal posts?

  4. Just now, DoubleDown11 said:

    @Biophysical beat me to it. I know exactly what you're saying @Tlfj200 and your point is right on, but I don't think this is a case of fearing the worst case scenario, I think it's a case of being concerned about relatively common scenarios. Bio's list are all likely HS participants that you would reasonably see in a typical Swiss (add in Skull squadrons and A-Wings as other anticipated ships my 2-die attackers will struggle against). I'm being a rube and guessing at a new meta, no question, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that 3 out of 6 Swiss matches are going to contain stuff on that No-No List.

    Basically something like Kylo+4FO feels very uphill against those lists, and a relatively fair fight against the rest. That sounds like hard mode. Who wants hard mode?

    Basically if 60%+ of my list is going to be 2-die attackers, I think I either need an awful lot of them (more than 4, anyway) or they need to have something that's going to make them punch a bit above their weight class. Otherwise why aren't I just using the available economical 3-die attackers we have available to us now?

    you know how I beat kylo now in extended with vultures?

    I ignore him until I have range 1 shots.

    I block him to control his arc to control his damage.

    I don't *like* my answers to him, but given how well the vultures do against the rest of the meta, I am willing to take that punch. That answer likewise extends to Luke Skywalker.

    Sadly, my answer to boba is discords and very loud prayer. But basically my point is you pick your battles. If you don't want to bring 2-die ships, that's super fine, no worries. But to say they can't compete, broadly? I'm not sure I'm going to agree with you just yet. Might be right, but not sure I'm there.

    The FOcho definitely didn't agree either.

  5. 17 minutes ago, RStan said:

    Good thing I don't go on Reddit and I have actually been using Proud FOs since points dropped so I'll be 100% validated in all my opinions and proud of my bois 😎 (but seriously, I'm scared of Boba though)

    Everyone should be at least a little scared of boba.

    17 minutes ago, DoubleDown11 said:

    In the list I was running (Kylo+4FO), I wouldn't say I felt I had no damage, it was just very inconsistent against 3-agility (I know, I know, welcome to X-Wing). This is almost tolerable, but it loses races against 3-agi ships in greater numbers, and that's significantly less tolerable. My four 30-point TIE/fo's are getting snowballed by my opponent's six 22-point Academy Pilots. Basically it's just Kylo doing a bunch of work while the TIE/fo's try in vain to hold the line, and that's exactly how my games went, but both times I'd hemmorhaged too many TIE/fo points in the Filler Wars to be on the winning side at the end.

    I totally agree that eac and every ship in a list does not have to output 4 hit results every turn to be viable, but at 30 points I'm not quite sure Proud FO's are doing quite enough.

    I mean, I don't disagree, but I feel everyone is just hyper aware of their bad matchup or situation.

    1) not everything has 3 agility. Not even most things have 3 agility, and many things with 3 agility have two attack dice.

    2) Most things don't have force.


    Basically, everyone is focusing on their personal loss aversions, and forgetting everyone else lost stuff too. It's totally fine, I'm just here to remind you everyone lost stuff. Also, everyone can build scary stuff. You can be scary too.


    Go be scary.

  6. 1 minute ago, theBitterFig said:

    Some of it, I believe, is a contrast to what he could have been.

    Imagine Kylo as an Init 6 with 3 force.  Having him be "only" Init 5 and "only" 2 force was a good plan.

    Whether or not he's wholesome, I think a faction as a whole gets closer to that goal when the best ace is Init 5, and the Init 6 pieces are a bit more niche.

    I mean kylo + something like scorch + 2 SFs is literally not the world I thought I'd see a kylo list. To me, relatively, that's "wholesome".

    That does not make kylo, himself, "wholesome", but that's about as wholesome a kylo list as anyone has probably seen, and faaaar cry from the stuff people were TRYING to do, which is combo with SNR/precog and/or afterburners QD, or the sadly anticipated holo/vonreg/holo triple ace.

    If people want to play four-to-five ship kylo that is primarily generics or low initiatives... that's still a far better universe to live in.

  7. Basically, we've been half-joking, half-griping that people HATE generics. LVO and the points update seemed indicate that maybe people don't hate generics?

    Or maybe they just like winning, and they think spamming generics will help them win? I'm not sure yet...? But man, people seemed to actually have fun, even in extended [...and broadly, seemed to actually enjoy their games more, whether playing with, or against, more ships.]

    Edit: clarification of "fun in extended".

  8. 5 hours ago, Sunitsa said:

    Yeah obviously I don't have any meaningful proof to back it up, but it's just a simple "what was already good in HS and went unchanged while everything else got nuked?" 

    So I don't want to overly nit-pick, because I don't want to make it sound like I don't think CIS isn't very good in hyperspace, but to pretend that pivoting over to an infiltrator is equally as good as the bellyrub feels like a really big assumption.

    The only thing anyone has to make that guess is XY's list, and I'd bet that would not hold up in a field more full of 5+ ships at I2+ shooting, who do not care about the Sith's shot whatsoever, and can absolutely kill 2+ vultures before they shoot. That list excelled at punishing low shots-per-turn/shipcount, which I suspect is no longer the case.


    Further, I hypothesize that resistance is very good in hyperspace, and not only 5A once the fireball comes out. Probably even right now, but certainly once the fireball comes out.


    Then we have Kylo + 4 or 5, which literally just held up in extended. Low sample size, but surprising (and dare I saw, wholesome?).


    Rebels still have beef, but it remains to be seen how good it is.

    I literally have no idea how to gauge empire, one way or the other.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Ablazoned said:

    I guess I flew it wrong, then.  For me, it was similar to Sear swarm- the token stacking passive mod double repo arc dodger (kylo, Holo, obi, soontir, and Vader in my games) evades the tractor shot, then the double attack mod shots kill a culture or two.  Run with the ones who are at risk of getting blocked, and take the shots of opportunity you can get for the rest of the match.

    Sure, a tractor that hits could be scary, but that's an if I don't want to wager every game on.

    I mean, that too.

    Edit -but that;s also what the strain bot is for too.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Ablazoned said:

    I played it a few times last game night, and was thoroughly unimpressed.  Tractor never hit; not even once in 3 games.  And when it doesn't, not having TA-175 means you have a bunch of wimps backing Dooku up.  Aces shred it to pieces, I've found.  Am I missing something obvious?


    Just now, impspy said:

    I remain thoroughly unimpressed with Dooku for much the same reason. Either I ignore him and deny him the decloak->attack while mopping up his teammates or I burn him to the ground and clean up what's left.

    Basically, it looks like it terrifies low ship count/aces.

    It doesn't appear to scare 4-5 ships that are all above i1. Once you "waste" your dooku shot tractoring a t70, for example, I'm just going to take the strain on the t70s to nuke 2 vultures from orbit before their fire. then you can, maybe, kill a t70 with your remaining ones. Or not.


  11. 14 minutes ago, LagJanson said:

    I'm actually not that concerned about my actions and don't fly so much aces. I'm concerned about the re-rolls on attacks coming in for the next two turns, and my escape options are limited in most starfighter options.

    Sloan is not OP, don't get me wrong. She's good. I'm pretty happy though that people don't use her much as those games become a serious problem solving scenario of trying to put my ships in the right spot to not just get annihilated.

    If you're i1 and shooting last, their aint no rerolls for two turns!


  12. 11 minutes ago, catachanninja said:

    Playing X-wing long enough has taught me to be cynical about everything, the fear that me and a few of my friends share, is that there is an S+ list out there that will relentlessly bully everything until next points. It doesn't look like it so far, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. 

    Resistance and Seps look like they have the clearist candidates for that... and even then, I'm skeptical they're head and shoulders above (or that I'm even correct that they're as good as they are).

  13. 28 minutes ago, Sunitsa said:

    The whole "fewer choices make up for more diversity" is wishful thinking... Xwing is a game where there will always be better choices than others, and this is even more blatant in a format where the choice are so restricted, especially when FFG didn't even bother to remove all the previous best choices

    I mean, the assumption "fewer choices make up for more diversity" doesnt have to be true, but it certainly looks like it will be for *this* hyperspace over current extended.

    When we looked t krayt cup banning/pairing, and @Brunas asked me to create the 7 lists (1 per faction) for the friday tryhard, we had basically the exact same lists in extended. We also banned the exact same lists. Basically, boring.

    Maybe hyperspace will settle to a clear echelon of lists and nothing else, but i suspect it wont, or to the extent there's an S-tier, the A-tier will be very close in power level (and potentially similarly for A vs B)

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