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  1. I mean, that too. Edit -but that;s also what the strain bot is for too.
  2. Basically, it looks like it terrifies low ship count/aces. It doesn't appear to scare 4-5 ships that are all above i1. Once you "waste" your dooku shot tractoring a t70, for example, I'm just going to take the strain on the t70s to nuke 2 vultures from orbit before their fire. then you can, maybe, kill a t70 with your remaining ones. Or not.
  3. If you're i1 and shooting last, their aint no rerolls for two turns!
  4. Resistance and Seps look like they have the clearist candidates for that... and even then, I'm skeptical they're head and shoulders above (or that I'm even correct that they're as good as they are).
  5. I mean, the assumption "fewer choices make up for more diversity" doesnt have to be true, but it certainly looks like it will be for *this* hyperspace over current extended. When we looked t krayt cup banning/pairing, and @Brunas asked me to create the 7 lists (1 per faction) for the friday tryhard, we had basically the exact same lists in extended. We also banned the exact same lists. Basically, boring. Maybe hyperspace will settle to a clear echelon of lists and nothing else, but i suspect it wont, or to the extent there's an S-tier, the A-tier will be very close in power level (and potentially similarly for A vs B)
  6. Man... to believe separatists are the weakest hyperspace faction. I think people forgot infiltrators carry tac droids...
  7. Or, they thought the topline was the baseline, and the bottom was below the curve. Not power creep if the stuff buffed was functionally unusable. Edit: also, I think extended may just be "bad" now compared to hyperspace.
  8. Ben Keller actually did just say it the whole weekend. But it started at aces high, and just grew.
  9. That's actually the genesis. And Wade. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE! (We were actually on the same team because Mynocks were on our first table. First: unironic same team. Once the mynocks got regulated to the salt mines, it became "same team" while just trying to back stab.)
  10. the feature is built right into the ships! So easy!
  11. if you think it's vultures keeping Poe down, you haven't played against many other aces...
  12. It is, but with holidays, and points next week, we mostly just took the time to break. We'll be back... Soon™.
  13. These guys get it. @Brunas *really* gets it.
  14. Separatist Drone: -6 (15) Separatist Bomber: -6 (23) DRK Probe Droids: -4 (1) Grappling Struts:: -1 (0) Captain Sear: -6 (33) TA-175: 4 (1) Soulless one: -5 (1) Energy Shells: -3 (1) Discord Missiles: -5 (1) You'd get something like: Sear /w TA175, soulless 2x vultures with shells/struts 1x hyena with drk, struts/discords 2x hyenas with struts/discords 2x hyenas with struts/homing missiles all at initiative 3. Enjoy! (this is why we don't do this)
  15. Do the magic hand thing [and make generics happen]!
  16. But then, too, must the vultures go. A price must be paid. Equivalent Exchange. The Market will decide your fate. Invisible Hand. ... ... People hate generics.
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