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  1. Has anyone tried their jank tank game yet? How'd it go?
  2. looks like all new products are delayed until at least may 1. So that should be this newest wave (I had heard previous rumors of an april release).
  3. Yo, we don't care anymore. Quarantined. You're arguing past each other. You arrived at the same conclusion for different reasons. The reasons matter, but take it offline or something at this point, because it's an x-wing thread, please? Pick a topic: Online: what do? Hyperspace: what's that about? Extended: combo-wing, or the pinnacle of skill? Kullbee Sperado: Why does Dee Yun even allocate brain space to this pilot?
  4. With everyone pushed to play more online, it will be nice to peruse the online "tables", since I already don't get to attend LGSs often for x-wing.
  5. To dial it back somewhat - the reason you cancel is because of the virus, not because it becomes a US-only event. I don't want to harp on the last part, but even then, it barely becomes even that (due to lack of attendance). But you cancel because of overall safety, not because of some grand idea of universal tournament.
  6. but what about that other ship I *cant* play? WHAT ABOUT THAT SHIP!?!?!?!?!?! If I can't play *that* ship, is this even really a game?
  7. Good news though, extended fans - you won. The only competitive events that are hyperspace are system opens, which are infrequent. The normal interactions you'll have at a store level that are competitive (read, invites), are extended, so you can show all those new players your non-movie ships. When they ask to buy them, you can refer them to ebay. When they look sad, you can point to republic or separatists, and tell them to stay in their lane (but with a nice tone, so it sounds like a joke). You won. It's fine. You don't actually have to convince anyone. Nor will you.
  8. First, again, extended is inherently harder to balance because of the larger pool of interactions (both from a points-fairness perspective, and combo-wing). Second, there are cards in the overall card pool that are, themselves, hard to points balance, and just sorta break the game: supernatural reflexes, advanced sensors. Even 7b has demonstrated it appears to be vastly undervalued. (Force, generally, but then anything that magnifies things with force makes points even more complicated). Third, Most of extended is out of print, and much of it is the most competitive thing in extended format. So, you're genuinely telling new players to screw themselves if they want to get into the game competitively, or to specifically play 2 of 7 factions (or 4 of 7 factions if resistance falcons/bombers and FO SFs and upsilons are not competitive). That seems... a weird stance. Fourth, on the "more choices" thing - you can stick by it, but man, you literally don't sway me or basically anyone else on this. As we have said, and as numerous videos have been posted referring to studies and game design, limited choice can actually create more interesting decision making. Further, as shown in extended, despite "MOAR CHOICE", the competitive choices just narrow down to a few selections again anyway. Fifth (a caveat of #1) - power gaps between lists are magnified, meaning far more lists actually do start losing at list building. You keep saying it's not true, but if someone brings Oli's worlds list, and someone brings 4 named x-wings, I promise the player with Oli's list can mess up more and still win, because of token stacks, agility stacks, and force stacks. Things that, outside of boba, are hard to replicate (almost by... design) in hyperspace.
  9. Why is extended assumed to be "the best of the best?" All is it is "every ship". As for bogeyman... we quite literally listed: 7b, soontir, phantoms/whisper, adv sensors (mainly guri, but it's just waiting for new tricks or pilot reductions... *eyes redline*). That's literally just an immediate, quick statement. The 'issue' people have is that so far, most of extended has devolved into 1) combo list building, 2) super aces, and/or 3) large power gap differentials, where people functionally lose at list building more often. All of these take away from the core idea that everyone is playing the same game - a game of moving around and out thinking your opponent on the board. The issue is, not "everyone" agrees. That's fine, but at no point will you even get agreement that extended is "the best of the best" Edit: also, FWIW (and it's not the main point, but worth correcting): a "large majority of competitive events" are not hyperspace, they're extended. It's just system opens and store championships, and SC's are not competitive events. And even for those, the second wave will be allowed to be extended. Extended "won" for all intents and purposes.
  10. if 5X isn't dominating hyperspace, the more limited format... why would it be better in the more open format, where jedi get their 7b back? adv guri so comically dunks on swarms, it's almost amusing. almost. I mean, they can, and really, even should, but you can clearly see FFG has resistance to errata. Honestly, why even errata these cards, when you can functionally ban them by making them like, 45 points flat? What do we lose? I mean, it could be, but it will always be harder to balance. Frankly, the conversion kits were, from a balance and design standpoint, clearly a bad decision they keep trying to make up for, and it's a shame. But, considering how little changed at the top end, I think it's rather naive to claim we don't know very much about extended. We might not know everything, but we probably know quite a lot.
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