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  1. Tried double decimaters a handful of times... Best luck I've had is; RAC, Palpatine crew - 54 (potential double crit dice mod) Oicunn, engine upgrade - 46 (for the bumps) RAC is dying for a crew member that let's him gain a non-action focus or target lock in the three to four point range so he can dump Palpatine and use Expose as an EPT. Fleet officer is so close, but it gives the two focus plus a stress for the same action you need for Expose...
  2. I'm in C'dA. Always up for a friendly game. Gamer's Haven move/re-sizing is in very loose planning and idea phase still (there I have the advantage of having an interest in the store and rooming with the main owner, so I speak with a fair degree of certainty...)
  3. Very much agreed, the only decently integrated theatre (land/sea/air) rule set I know of is dystopian wars (tiny boats are very fun too), and even that is balanced for matching core forces, and IMHO balanced more towards surface (naval even more than land) warfare. Well... Actually, have to give a tiny nod to the flyers in 40k as well - it is clunky, but does represent a fast mover trying to take a sustained role in a very localized conflict fairly well. I could see the need for new templates or giving flying units multiple moves per turn with the existing to have any hope of equating the relative speed differences between an AT-AT and an A-wing... Designers nightmare, but it would be gloriously fun to actually fly a tow cable around a walkers legs on a tabletop!
  4. I'm also in the upgraded intelligence agent camp, dude was pulling thoughts out of people's heads that were trying to block him. Sure he is whiny, unstable, and emo - but he is also only partly trained and freakishly powerful. Kylo ren crew Imperial only Points? 4 or 5, maybe even 6? At the beginning of the combat phase, reveal all opposing dials within range 1, one friendly ship within range one may change their dial setting.
  5. (Yes I know it was allegedly - in the old EU canon - atmospheric only) But the storm IV cloud car has always been a favorite design of mine...
  6. If the had the magic of friendship Unicron would have been done for much faster =p Anyway I didn't like that movie very much, its the events in the middle of it that sucks, to me at least. I think the best Transformers thing ever is Fall of Cybertron. Combaticons!!!!!!!!!!!!! What, nobody complained that Transformers:the movie:the 1986 was a rehash of ANH? It's even got a pink a white girl robot with Leia buns, a wise mentor cut down by the bad guy and a planet destroying thingy that gets blown up by the mcguffin. OMG! It even had Annie/Jar-Jar COMBINED in the travesty that was Daniel... Although I will go on record saying that I have spent my life wishing for his hoverboard WAY, WAY more than Marty McFly's... Just sayin'...
  7. Disney actually threw a bit of a spoiler out in the add for the new Infinity pack... Kylo and Rey are fighting and he says a line which implies he too knows her origins...
  8. Another noobie here, looking to try a twin phantom build (not playing competitively yet, picked up a couple of large lots containing pretty much a couple of everything before the SaV expansions and the massive ships - just me and some friends trying to build within tourney specs, so no proxies or using unreleased/unowned cards) Looking to give the following a go; Phantom - Whisper (40) Veteran Instincts Fire Control System Advanced Cloaking Device Intelligence Agent Phantom - Echo (38) Veteran Instincts Fire Control System Advanced Cloaking Device Intelligence Agent Lambda - Omicron (22) Intelligence Agent The gimmick is, of course, the 3 intelligence agents that will let me look at up to 3 opposing ships dials BEFORE de cloaking the Phantoms to give them a much better chance of arc-dodging aces. The Lambda is a concern, as it is such a great white space cow without an engine upgrade (which I could get if I drop both FCS's, just not sure that is worth it, as the free target locks are my main source for getting offensive re-rolls), I'm not really expecting much out of it other than controlling board space and the 3rd dial reveal). No stress causing, no board control swarm, no defensive boosts to speak of (beyond ACD) just a couple of glass cannons with pre-cognitive pilots... Which, if nothing else, should be fun to fly! Am I way off base here? Any tweaks to improve (considered a VI SD Mauler Mithel here too in place of the shuttle - but that just makes everybody agility 4, I think the shuttle might draw more fire early, at least against another noobie)? Thanks
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