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  1. Well they have them down under and if they got there is there should be some here to. So me personally I think they should at least the information before they actually released the miniatures. So you know what you'd wanna buy especially because you need to know what the point values are.
  2. We're still waiting for the new wave 4 ships to be updated.
  3. I would like Juke, But it's better on higher and initiative 4 is high but I don't think it's high enough sometimes For Juke. 3 rogues are pretty good but I think the extra points For Gavin is worse it because he here affects others as well as himself. I'm just concerned that I should use the other Astromech That makes your ones and twos easier. Well it's something I'll have to try out In an actual game and see which way I like it more. Find that they Both can be useful it's just which one comes up more.
  4. I was looking at the e wings and they are a very impressive but a little expensive but they still look good. I was looking to see what was A good Squadron only Using E wings. So was wondering if anyone has tried E-wing Only squadron. How well did you do with it would you change something in my list. I came up with a 198 points Gavin Darklighter [72] R3 AstroMech Fire control system Trick shot Spare part container rogue squadron escort [63] Fire control system Trick shot R3 AstroMech rogue squadron escort [63] Fire control system Trick shot R3 AstroMech Sorry I had a edit this stupid phone.
  5. Can you use Coordinate action To recovery a charge. Then use your normal action to spend a charge in one turn. Or would that be considered the same action twice.
  6. So here something if you lose your Shields and You been damaged to a point where you considered halfway destroyed. But you generate a shield by R2D2 for other means that bring you back up To less than half the damage. Does that mean your opponent does not get points for that ship be more than half again by the time the end of the game.
  7. I can't find my conversion kit lists I wanted to know how many TV-666 dials do we get Inside the conversion kit. I tried looking you up my can't find it anywhere.
  8. Why are they posting stuff on Twitter I don't use Twitter. And for very good reasons. This is the place I get my information from about X wing or any of the games that I play from Fantasy flight. And if they posted here I would not have Asked the question in the 1st place. But thank you for the information theSpaceInvader.
  9. When it are the new point value supposed to be released? I know they're supposed to come out soon but I don't know exactly when.
  10. Ok thanks. I wish they did dress that With its own print up sheet.
  11. I tried finding this in the posts and hope in the find it here but I guess it was not discussed. In the sheets that came with the conversions it says proximately minds Will do 2 rolls of damage . But in the downloadable rules it also comes with a sheet of it says one damage plus 2 rolls of damage. Applying all hits and Critical. Which one is the correct 1. Apparently I came up twice with me.
  12. So play X wing for a long time and I've also played Armada. I Used to play a lot of Miniature games like 40K Before. And before I place a lot of money into a new Game is this worth getting into. I am just a little concerned on its popularity I don't see many people playing it And I was wondering about the rules Are they sound. I know I can download and have The rules for the game but reading and seeing and working and want to different things. So I was wondering what your thoughts were. What's cool about it what needs work are the units that are just totally worthless although units that you must have. Or any Other thoughts you might have on the game. Preciate the input thank you.
  13. When Deathfire dies And he is able to drop or launch A device. Does he only get to Launch a device Using the one template or can he used the 5 template. This came up last night and I was not sure which way it goes. Since card does not say one way or the other. Thank you for your help.
  14. So the drama continues so I played last night and when I saw the guy running the league I handed him a print out of this threat or post whatever you care to call it. So he can see how you guys explained it on why it doesn't work he went straight to is this official It's not official I don't care. So he cut me down right there without even looking at it. So like other people have said I'm may be looking for a new gaming group This guy have no respect for now. Hes gonna run the league with whatever rules he feels fit for the time I think is not only problematic but just disrespectful to all players. This put to bed taste my mouth about playing these types of games you always run into these type of people. Very disappointed gamer.
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