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    YES the new article is here!..."What's in a dial?"...&#*@!!!!

    On the one hand, it was an interesting article and a good read. I did enjoy hearing from the Devs how they do business and keep the balance. On the other hand... I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT NEW T-70s!
  2. Redshirt0909

    A Rules Question on Squadding Up

    Thanks for the replies to all. For those who don't have the Age GM's kit, the group that forms the squad loses their independent action to squad up with a heavy hitter. They move with their squad leader, and only get to do stuff in the event of multiple Advantage from the squad leader to do a Maneuver; and it takes a Triumph on the squad leader's combat check to give them an attack. The first question is pretty open-ended, since the Age GM kit isn't terribly specific. I could read it either way, tbh. For right now, I'm honestly unsure on it. The notion of squadding up is a decent counter to heavy PC combat types blowing the piss out of the highest threat in their first initiative pass.... I really don't know. My best-guess says they can be independently targeted, but I could read it the other way quite easily. The second question was poorly phrased.... the second was more conditional on the first. i.e. 'If you can target the members of the squad independently from the squad leader, do the squad leader's defensive Talents apply?' sort of thing. Which would kind of defeat the purpose of independent targeting, I suppose... And for three, thanks, that makes the most sense. Guess I was wrong when I applied Adversary first.... which had the nice benefit of making checks remotely difficult for my two auto-fire abusers. *sighs* Thanks for the input from all!
  3. Redshirt0909

    A Rules Question on Squadding Up

    Hey all, looking for a few clarifications from fellow GM's who've worked with the Squad/Squadron rules out of the Age of Rebellion GM's Kit. I'm working with a moderately high-power party (Average XP is just under 200) and all the swag that goes with that. Last combat was the first time I employed the option to use Minions as a squad to cover a few Nemesis NPCs to keep the two auto-fire abusers from wasting them in the opening initiative pass, and it raised a couple questions about the Minions in squad with the Nemesis. 1) Can the Minions be targeted separately from the Squad Leader? There isn't anything I or the other guy in my group who GMs this system could see one way or the other, leading us to believe yes, they can be targeted independently of their Squad Leader. 2) If targeting the Leader or the Minion group, and if that leader has Adversary or the Sense Power upgraded for defense, does the Minion group squadded up gain the benefits of those improved defenses? 3) Not directly related to squadding up, but if someone is using an ability that increases the difficulty of a check (Auto-Fire, Dual-wield, etc) on a target with Adversary or Sense, which is applied first - the increased difficulty, or the upgrades from Adversary/Sense? If anyone has anything from the Devs, appreciated. If not, opinions would be welcome. Thanks for any help.
  4. Redshirt0909

    Jet Pack usage

    Its... difficult to say, really. I have 2 memebrs of my Party who use them - our melee fighter and pistolero. The pistolero also happens to be our Hotshot, so I only make him roll when he's doing something with a roll he might fail more than 1 in 20 to avoid giving the Party free Triumph when he inevitably Showboats. Its still a Pilot: Planetary check unless I missed something, though. And 2P51, that's... interesting.... that may change a few things for our melee fighter. And save some sanity for me, because the pair of them can close with and pretty much end anything short of a Nemesis I put up against them in 1 turn. Last combat they abused this to close on a Chariot LAV-derived APC with a pair of E-Webs pintles up top (our Sharpshooter was MIA from the session and giving them a real tank/AT-ST would've been too mean, since they needed to get into a specific location) and a Rival setup at Extreme range with a good sniper weapon, and then massacre the lot of them. Its difficult to design an encounter that challenges the Party without overwhelming it against these things, and I welcome anyone's advice on how to manage that...
  5. Redshirt0909

    How did you start your Campaign??

    My usual method is to have the Party create characters with aligned interests. Once I've set things up where they were already an established team (Cyberpunk 2020), once when they were brought together because of ideals to form a group to do something (Exalted. If you've GM'd, you know that pain...) For Star Wars, I've played in Edge and am running Age currently. In Edge, we were a recently put together crew by the ship owner that included a family. It worked pretty well. For my Age game, I started immediately post-Hoth, and had the Party be random Rebels who'd flowed into a base because the fall of Hoth may have compromised their old holds. They were the 'last transport in' before the base went on quarantine because of a suspected Imperial agent on base. As the only group that was known to not be that agent, they were pulled together to find the rat. Then they had to spend a couple sessions dealing with the agent and the inevitable fallout of bad decision making on their part.
  6. Redshirt0909

    Wedge and Friends (XBAA)

    Overall, I like the concept - a pair of high-offense Aces with some low-cost backup is pretty close to what I tend to run. A few thoughts... If you have the card for it, save 2 points and put Extra Munitions on Dantels instead of a second PT and use those 2 points for something like Fire Control System on her. I would also stay away from R2-F2... green dice are fickle and prone to betrayal in my experience. For a 3-point astromech, maybe R7-T1 (Better arc-dodging in close) or R5-P9 (Regen)? Another option would be to downcheck to BB8 (insane arc-dodging), use a different 2-point Elite talent on Wedge (Lone Wolf? I know you like staying in formation, but it would work here), and use that extra point plus the 2 saved thru extra munitions to give Nera Advanced Sensors instead of FCS; adding to her late-game knife fighting.
  7. Redshirt0909

    MP2 - Miranda & Poe

    Howdy all, hope you're doing well. I've been getting more and more into X-Wing lately, and I think I've finally nailed down something resembling a list I'd bring to a tournament. Would love some feedback on it if any of you have the time. Poe Dameron (31) -Veteran Instincts (1) - R5-P9 (3) - Integrated Astromech (0) Total: 35 Miranda Doni (29) -Twin Laser Turret (6) Total: 35 Prototype Pilot (17) -Chardaan Refit (-2) Total: 15 Prototype Pilot (17) -Chardaan Refit (-2) Total: 15 The basic strategy uses the A-Wings situationally as blockers, dodgers, or offensively. Poe maneuvers for the highest priority target on the field in conjunction with the A-Wings while Miranda floats, using TLT when able and SLAMing out of arc to keep her alive into the late game to closeout. Alternate version of this list would drop both Prototypes to Talas, give Poe Autothrusters, and give Miranda Jan Ors for crew. I've run this version before too, but the Z-95s have a tendency to die much quicker than the A-Wings do, and the couple extra points into my 2 filler units have paid off when I bring the A's over the Z's. Thoughts?
  8. Redshirt0909

    Psycho Tycho

    TYCHO SMASH! Seriously, though, this is an interesting dilemma... compared to how I usually rig Jake up (PTL, Juke, Autothrusters), a Tycho with PTL, Rage, EI has better action economy and offense for a little less defense (no Autothrusters) and reaction (no barrel roll) all for only 2 more points. That's... something I'll have to game out to see how effective it is...
  9. Redshirt0909

    The Force Awakens Unofficial Poll thread. Maybe spoliers.

    I'll put it at a 4 on your whole-number scale. It was very good, and made me feel like a kid again, but it had a few plot holes big enough to park the Executor in that I can't bring up without spoilers. It was formulatic, sure, but as an engineer, I have to say that if the formula works - use it! Blows the alleged prequel trilogy to tiny bits, and I'll put it ahead of Return of the Jedi, but behind A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Definite 'passing of the torch' feel, and the Good Guys were perfectly cast. I picked up a Cold War vibe as it started, and from there, well, spoilers. As a note, one thing all three of my favorites have in common (ANH, ESB, TFA) is that Lucas didn't have complete control of the plot and immunity from editors the way he did after ESB made so much money and he gained Immunity from Editors for RotJ onward... just sayin'... But yeah, well worth the time. Now, excuse me, I need to go buy enough new minis to field a 4-ship T-70 list...
  10. Hey folks, new player here, looking for some advice from you folks who've done this a lot more than I have. My high concept is a heavy battle line with fighter screen that can pinch-hit in light attack if it can break free and get at the enemy ships. I'm trying to put this together as a generalist list, since I make a very low initiative bid. Comments/Concerns/Potential Weaknesses/Violent Objections welcome. I'm still trying to get a handle on Objectives and what works well with what, so insight is greatly appreciated there! Thanks for any/all advice from you guys. Total: 397/400 points _________ Fleet Commander: Admiral Ackbar (38) Flagship: MC80 Command Cruiser (106 + 20 ) + Ackbar (38) + Home One (7) + ECM (7) + XI7 Turbolasers (6) Assault Frigate Mk.II B (72 + 7) + Gunnery Team (7) Assault Frigate Mk.II B (72 + 7) + Gunnery Team: (7) Squadrons (75) + Wedge Antilles (19) + Tycho Clechu (16) + YT-2400 (16) + X-Wings (13) + A-Wings (11) Objectives Assault: Most Wanted (0) Objectives Defense: Fire Lanes (0) Objectives Navigation: Minefields (0)