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  1. Pick up Operation Red Veil, Ice Storm, or Cold Front. Great minis for two players, scenery, dice, bits, and rules to ease you in over 5 games that progressively add more content. About <$80 online for any of the three that fits your taste. You can expand with their “Beyond” boxes. Tons of great content on YouTube, won’t take you long to find it. The Corvus Belli website/forum is super active and lots of friendly people there to converse with. Great game. I’m basically only playing Infinity and Legion these days, have sold almost everything else to fund these two.
  2. Great report. Good reminder that you don’t need tons and tons of fancy terrain to make the game look great on the table. Love that tree especially.
  3. I was 20 when I last painted little game figures for WH40k. I did up the core set for IA, now trying my hand at Legion. I’m never going to win any awards, but I can be satisfied with table-quality. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pseiva0fjb0ppk2/Photo Feb 04%2C 1 35 26 PM.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1d145u6gqtwmx0/Photo Feb 20%2C 7 40 42 PM.jpg?dl=0 Trying to post from iPad, sorry couldn’t get picture in here.
  4. Sorry they stands for...? Coolstuffinc.com, Miniaturesmarket
  5. This is perfect answer. 4 boxes = $360 on CSI, and should give enough odds of good stuff to trade them or sell them to finish off any misses. Thank you!
  6. On coolstuffinc.com. interestingly, the 17 Legendary cars right now retail at $407 total. I think I counted about $95 for the 43 rares they have listed Probably about $25 for the uncommon they have listed. So that's about $525 cost for an entire set, not including commons (probably get them from your friends for free) from CSI. The question then becomes... 1. If I just bought 4, 5, booster boxes at $90 each totaling $360 or $450 and buy any missing off the secondary market? Sell any extras to reduce my overall cost? 2. Buy two of the complete sets from Team Covenant, which I heard are $300 each? 3. Something else
  7. To get a 90% chance to get "one" of every rare/legendary card? Has anyone mathed this out? Is it three booster boxes? Four?
  8. Quick thoughts in response the MJ's last batch of stats. * Turrets. Oh my. Easy mode? At least list picking anyway. * Jumpmasters. Can't imagine what this play % would have looked like without the nerf. * Wave 1-4 stuff. Gone. TIE Swarm? TIE Advanced? T-65? Hawk? Bomber? * New stuff: TIE s/f? Arcs? G1A? All the T-70s? Wow.
  9. Played another casual game with my Syck'ers and the Mist: 3 x TPV, Mindlink, mangler 1 x Gand Findsman, title, tractor, boba feta, electronic baffle, score to settle (proxied) against Poe regen, TLT Kyle Katarn, and a procket Jake. My opponent best triple defenders with his list a day earlier, and was pretty confident. Against me, he had a procket shot on my G1A and took it for 5 damage including a hull breach which I shook off next turn. But the Sycks just could not be damaged by Poe with focus evade going on, and I was able to squirt through and catch the Hawk in the corner. He went down hard with no green die after being tractored. His green dice failed his Jake too, and it went down in two turns. It's shocking how many dice a single Syck with focus-evade can suck up. My record so far is 11 red dice attacking from three attacks at one Syck, with exactly 3 damage as a result. The title working perfectly!
  10. Any word on what Dee Yun or Ryan Tackle (Mynock) are flying? And I don't see Dallas Parker in top 82... is that the end of the TIE swarm?
  11. Heaver, Yun and Bonar 14-16! Awesome! Congrats to top 5: Tom, James, Charles, Ira, Mario! Looks like Chris Allen, beating Paul in round 1, only won two more. 54th. Sable Griffon (Mark Fletcher, S&V) doing well, 21st.
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