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  1. Wonder if “half squads” might be an answer to balancing # of activations? In squads w a heavy weapon, e.g. DLT or Z6, turn a 5-man ST squad into 2 “half squads” (3+2 men), gains you an activation at a significant drop in firepower. Still useful for padding, plus objective grabbing.
  2. We’ve seen the developers modify line-of-sight rules with silhouettes, there was a big adjustment to range rules for snipers, and medium cavalry (Tauns and Dews) are clearly going to be adjusted. So the game is evolving. In believe that in the next 12-24 months the Devs will likely start thinking about a 2nd edition. This would allow them to fully rebalance the game and also include new layers of complexity for hard core players to stay excited about. What are some next-level improvements or just additions to the game, that you would (realistically) like to see in a 2nd edition? This is mostly spit-balling, as some of these ideas may not fit the scale or vision of the game. However, more than a few surely could be added - with perhaps only a minor increase in the cognitive load. Some could be “optional rules”, not for competitive play, just for casual. Others might be for competitive only, or campaign play. I’ll start: * Rules for building interiors, doorways * Off-board artillery (see Leia’s command card) * More sophisticated grenade rules (scatter? different types of smoke?) * Spotter rules for forward observers (laser pointing) * Building destruction / terrain morphing * Non-violent attacks (“there’s one, set for stun!”), non-violent scenarios/units (Corusant / Naboo police actions?) * Enhanced Camo / Invisibility / Force Projection (i.e. Luke’s trick in episode VIII, Imperial Spy/scout units from Imperial Assault) * Jump-Troopers (Mandalorian) * Customized armor rules (Mandolorian) * Impersonization (sp?), I.e. shape shifting units/spies * Half-squads. For extra activations, manning heavy or medium weapons (smaller versions of e-webs, with a spotter/loader and shooter for example, but not on a super-heavy frame) * Experience upgrades (for campaign play or multi-game play - units that survive gain minor upgrades or even downgrades) * Civilian rules * Air-strikes * Hidden deployment * Hasty-barricades (engineers) * Climbing/elevation rules that encourage vertical movement (right now this is rarely a good thing to do in Legion as it consumes precious actions) * Prisoners, taken in game * Surrender rules (Episode IV, Episode VI) * Fires (burnable terrain) * ?
  3. Opponent running Shoreline. Details at 11. (5th Trooper is streaming live on Youtube)
  4. I attended this well run event, and finished 5th of 10 with my Vader/2xbike/officer/4xdlt list. My brother finished 2-1 and came in 2nd place, losing to the triple-TT/2xsniper+Sabine list that won the event. Bro ran Krennic+Shores/mortars+Bossk. No vehicles other than an ATST and some bikes were to be found, and only one rebel list which was the 3xTT list, that was also the only 3-0. There was one clone list as well, the other 8 were all imperials. I lost my first game to the 3xTT player (Dillan) who was the 3-0 and got the Worlds invite. I barely won my 2nd game versus a Krennic/shores/mortars/ATST list, and lost a game I could have won versus a 3xbike/Krennic/2xIRG/3xSnow list. All three of my opponents were fantastic and great sports. My brother had the only jerk in the room, who ran the clone list. Everyone else in the room played like gentleman and were great sports. Organizers did a great job, plenty of room, and boards were pretty decent. Prizes were great, everyone got Operative Vader and Luke cards as an entry prize, first and second place also got store credit and some great plastic tokens etc. A Subway next door, and a Dairy Queen across the street were convenient places to break. The game store on the same level we played on was well stocked and the staff was super friendly and super knowledgeable. They kindly lent me a sniper team to round out the list I threw together last minute after I decided to play instead of caddy for my brother. Glad I did it was a blast. Would definitely attend again.
  5. So fast. Wow. Can you imagine 4-6 of these things coming around your flank?
  6. Doesn’t it? I’m being inspired after picking up Daedalus Falls for Infinity. Something with some lore to entertain, and then a mess of campaigns scenarios, maybe starting at 400-500 points, and adding more each scenario. Maybe a new named commander for each side, using proxies from the specialist pack. Maybe tie to the web somehow, so that everyone uploads their campaign scores to the web and FFG compiles the stats. anyone think a hard bound campaign book would be a fun add?
  7. Infinity does this really well with standardized cylinder sizes for different classes of troops. We’ve also been playing Legion in a more collaborative way, like they do in Infinity. This prevents pointless agonizing over gun-tips and micro maneuvering. To get an LOS or cover advantage which is probably there, but will require multiple eyeball checks, you simply do this: ASK you opponent: “Is there a spot behind this [object] where I can move where you can’t see me? I’m going to put this I miniature down in this area. Will this work?” Then the opponent might say, “yeah, you are good there.” Or “you;d be fine if you were 2mm to the left.” We much prefer this form of play because “gotcha’s” are for us a negative play experience. If I was concerned that my opponent would try to take advantage of Leia’s outstretched arm to get an LOS advantage, I’d simply say before the game: “Can we agree that this model is actually within the cylinder of the base, and the artistic pose is not the actual attackable part of the model?” If they insisted on playing WYSIWYG, then we’d have to both agree to it. Similar to how terrain is ruled before the game.
  8. Pick up Operation Red Veil, Ice Storm, or Cold Front. Great minis for two players, scenery, dice, bits, and rules to ease you in over 5 games that progressively add more content. About <$80 online for any of the three that fits your taste. You can expand with their “Beyond” boxes. Tons of great content on YouTube, won’t take you long to find it. The Corvus Belli website/forum is super active and lots of friendly people there to converse with. Great game. I’m basically only playing Infinity and Legion these days, have sold almost everything else to fund these two.
  9. Great report. Good reminder that you don’t need tons and tons of fancy terrain to make the game look great on the table. Love that tree especially.
  10. I was 20 when I last painted little game figures for WH40k. I did up the core set for IA, now trying my hand at Legion. I’m never going to win any awards, but I can be satisfied with table-quality. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pseiva0fjb0ppk2/Photo Feb 04%2C 1 35 26 PM.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1d145u6gqtwmx0/Photo Feb 20%2C 7 40 42 PM.jpg?dl=0 Trying to post from iPad, sorry couldn’t get picture in here.
  11. Sorry they stands for...? Coolstuffinc.com, Miniaturesmarket
  12. This is perfect answer. 4 boxes = $360 on CSI, and should give enough odds of good stuff to trade them or sell them to finish off any misses. Thank you!
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