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  1. Some friends and I wanted to play Star Wars and spend a good deal of money on the FFG books and dice only to complete hate everything about it. Now that is not the point of this post, it is only to establish that this version of the game is not for us. No, this post is to find an alternate version of the game that you guys (as experienced players) recommend and why. We don't really get into the crunch, but do prefer a clear pass or fail system that flows well. We also would like clear space combat rules that are fun and easy to use.
  2. "From the sounds of it, it seems like the OP's players are more disappointed in the idea that they HAVE to use the dark side in order to consistently use Force Powers." This is exactly the situation for the players.
  3. I agree that they are over reacting, we have read the rules and it does not really seem that bad, but the idea of using the Darkside seems off to them from a role-play perspective. I think things will get better in the long run, they are just unhappy right now.
  4. The group is made up of a Smuggler, a Technician, a Guardian and a Sentinel. Though I feel the Sentinel should be less bothered by the use of Darkside points, she is also the one that has rolled nothing but Darkside.
  5. I may talk to them about this, as it may help. We are all new to the system, now that they have a small amount of experience with the way the game works, they may spend their points differently.
  6. It can help to narrate out the situation a little. Force User tries to shut the door to prevent enemies from approaching. They roll black, so they struggle for control because of the fear of more enemies. Do they tap into that fear to make it happen, or do they refuse to give into their darker nature? That's inner conflict. That's the decision that defines a person. Or at least their Morality for that session. We had this same problem with our Ewok Jedi, trying to use Move to put out a fire. He rolled all Dark, and I pointed out that Ewoks likely have an instinctual fear of fire (as most living things do, but more so on a forest moon). He liked the more personalized nature of the explanation, over the raw dice mechanics. I try to do this a best I can, but one of the players has literally rolled only Darkside points, and neither of them have rolled Lightside points when it has made any real difference. The Guardian has at least rolled Lightside while doing training exercises. While this is just a matter of luck of the roll, it is can be less than fun for those involved. But they both do well with the Lightsaber in combat (they both have acquired training sabers in the session before last) but that goes back to skills being more reliable.
  7. I may increase the xp as mentioned. As far as the Jedi out shining the non Force users, this has not been a problem, quite the opposite really. When our smuggler tries to use a skill to do something his success rate seems to be 90% as skills seem much more reliable to use for less xp. So far the two Force users have not tried anything over the top such as moving a star fighter around, but as the case last night, using the force to push a button to close the blast doors to prevent more stormtroopers from entering the hanger, should not require the use of the Darkside or cause Morale Conflict. Instead of using the Darkside points they look to the Smuggler to shoot the door controls resulting in the door closing as well as two advantage. But as it seems that most of the replies feel that the rules work as written I will try to get the group to hang in a little longer and increase the xp so they can fast track through the talents so that they can have 2 dice to roll.
  8. So we have played five sessions over the past four weeks and during this time the Force has not been with my players. Of the four players two of them are force users and neither of them have successfully used to the force to accomplish anything. they roll their one force die and get a darkside point. I explained to them that they can use the darkside to accomplish their goals but they are becoming increasingly turned off of playing the game. They are not asking to do a lot, for example the Guardian wanted to push over some crates to slow down some stormtroopers and rolled the dice and got one darkside point. He finally gave in and used the darkside then complained the whole game that in none of the movies, shows, book or comics did the Jedi have such a difficult time moving a simple box. While he is wrong to a degree (Luke had a hard time moving his lightsaber before he got some training.) but it did get me to thinking that maybe it is a little more difficult that it should be. Yes, people want balance between the classes so one player does not take over the game, but thematically speaking the Jedi and Sith WERE more powerful. Should I be more lax in the rolling of the dice and let the players accomplish more, or should they just suck it up and deal with the fact that unlike the movies, they are just not that cool?
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