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  1. I would probably design it with Advanced Droid Brain as the ship ability. And give a teo dot pilot that allows you to spend a Calculate at to boost or barrel roll, at some point in the round. Because the Tri-Fighters are said to be able to outfly and outmaneuver Jedi on a regular basis.
  2. Kreen


    I also have to admit that, while Maul pilot is good, I'm curious about O-66 with Dooku Crew. Act as the Palp Shuttle.
  3. Kreen


    I don't know if Scimitar is necessary. It'd be nice to have that added maneuverability and the option to jam, but, I'd rather have the other tools you've listed. I'd also like to see if there is room for Impervium Plating. That can be huge on Grievous. Very variance dependent, yes, but still huge.
  4. I think the issue was, at that point, Mep had been pretty flippant and dismissive, ending his post with an "educate yourself," without allowing for the fact that his post could have been read as offensive, or making any attempts to fix it, beyond the "sjw snowflake" line. While he's not beholden to, if you're wanting a de-escalation of the situation, demanding that people educate themselves, when the poster (me) originally acknowledged that it might just be a misunderstanding is not the way to do it. Spider, understandably, got a little annoyed by Mep telling us to go educate ourselves about the LGBTQ+ community, while seemingly not acknowledging or being aware that ace and non-binary individuals are indeed part of that Q+. If it wasn't meant as a slight, then he shouldn't have been snarky about it. Because that's how you de-escalate situations. Snark is a surefire way to escalate the issue. Edit: the whole "stress levels affect your Facebook portrayal of gender identity or sexual preferences" bit seemed pretty dismissive, which is where I drew my conclusion from. That is, however, why I acknowledged that I could be misreading his intent. Had it ended there, or had he said "nope, I didn't mean that" without the snark and need to resort to name calling, I'm sure we all would have been pretty happy to drop the topic.
  5. I'm curious about why, and very sad that, you felt the need to take a shot at LGBTQ folks in a thread about the awesomeness of a new release. For shame, my dude. For shame. And if that's not your intent, great! But you might want to edit your post, since that's how it comes across. Edit: seriously FFG? Censoring the Q from LGBTQ?
  6. I, for one, welcome our new insectoid overlords. But on a more serious note, holy heck, I'm excited for these guys. High I CIS aces, tractor shenanigans, snap shot...what more could one ask for?
  7. I'm really unsure if you've missed the meme, or if you're angry that there is a meme when the Scurrg "should" have reload. Since it likely doesn't because of balance reasons, I'm perfectly happy to trust the devs here. The Scurrg, after all, was a chassis built to use Bomblet Generators, not standard bombs. Which would explain why it's not so good at reloading munition systems mid-flight.
  8. They force damage through, making dodgy aces, or arc dodgers that want to win on points very unhappy, since any shot is guaranteed to get closer to shaving points off their list. It also lets low mod, or low attack dice ships contribute far above their weight. Finally, you get to keep the initial target lock, allowing your actions in future rounds to be spent on repositions, or defensive actions. While I myself don't use them, because I don't tend to fly munitions, I've seen them put to very good use in my local group.
  9. I find it serving good use on anything that likes to get to Range 1. Or, yah, on X-Wings. The small damage spike it allows can make all the difference. Plus, the threat of crack shot when they have tokens and just enough evades without spending is sometimes all you need. Can strip tokens, even without needing to use Crack Shot.
  10. I pretty much just fly Republic, with a smattering of Imperial. I have, in the last four games, however, flown Resistance, Separatist, Scum, and Rebels, so I'm still getting my six factions in, just, not as often as Republic.
  11. I have a friend who ran a Transport Pod with 3PO, and Rey with one of the Calculate crew. Cross-map, I1 coordinates on Rey were...they were good.
  12. Cova and Leia did work today (alongside Poe and Nien). Coordinated Poe into a boost+Focus, turned his three-bank white, allowed him to get to range one of an unprepared Garven a turn before shooting should really have started. Put a Hull Breach through on Garven, took a shield in return, and then flipped behind the rest of the list in the following turns - stressless K-Turns and Tallons are nuts. The ability to do it every turn is just stupid. Cova stayed out of the fight, more or less, but still got a kill shot through on Dutch late in the game.
  13. Noooooooooooo I don't like that one bit. Passive Sensors, Cluster Missiles, Proton Torps Punishers.
  14. Man, I disagree. You are being pretty harsh on the developers, and, I'd be kinda shocked if your email was tested seriously, since it very much reads like "they nerfed my favourite toys, I want them back please." Since you mentioned that Trajectory Simulator was fine at 3, let me suggest why it wasn't. As a 3 point upgrade, it entirely changed the way that you and your opponents flew. While, yes, it required taking bombs, it allowed you to double tap on damage if your opponents moved into a joust, or if you managed to catch them on one. It gave lists with it an often overwhelming advantage in the initial opening, either by forcing an engagement on their terms, or by forcing damage through before shooting. It also allowed you to clear out obstacles before you ever reached them, removing another key component of the game. Trajectory Simulator, due to the game-warping effect of its design, was not fair at 3. And, maybe you don't see bombs in your meta, but I see plenty of bombs in mine. There's a guy who runs Boba with Protons, there's a guy who runs exclusively TID Bombers loaded to the gills, there are a few CIS players really looking forward to Bombardment Drone shenanigans...bombs are definitely not dead, the most oppressive use of them is just now properly costed. As you also mentioned, pricing upgrades differently on individual pilots is a night are for tracking things. "Kitchen Table" players might struggle to make sense of it - and, if you put an upgrade on one pilot in your list, and then go to put it on another and it's 3, 4, 7 points more, and you don't know why, that's gonna be weird. And you're going to think it's a glitch, unless you know otherwise. It's simpler the way they are doing it. We are also seeing things that were priced out, like Boba, slowly coming back down. The hard hit allows them to reintroduce things at their own pace. And, by cutting the best lists right out of the meta, it forces players to find and play something new. If they just forced you to cut one or two things from your Top Tier List, players might never do the experimenting needed to find new strong lists. Finally, I like where the game is at. When you fly jank, and someone sits down next to you with four Phantoms, it feels bad. I would rather see that hard nerfed out of the meta, so that Jank and all builds are (theoretically) more viable, than have "bad lists" gain incremental point reductions that only allow you to fit more upgrades on already bloated ships, while the top tier lists lose one copy of Juke, or whatever, each time.
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