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  1. Fair. I was more thinking about the potential of cloaking Poe on the way in, for some insane movement shenanigans in the first engagement, but I always forget that Poe is not the list killing demon he was in 1e.
  2. Oh man, that is all kinds of busted. Maybe I'll need to try a Cloaking Device Fireball/Holdo Pod list, just to see how insane things get. Then again, that might be a little NPE, so maybe I won't.
  3. Why can Resistance never get a ship that cloaks? Because of Heroic? I feel like that is such an unlikely scenario that the variance it creates isn't worth making it such a massive design space. Or am I forgetting a crew, or something, that would make it busted?
  4. Yooooo, Clan Wren for Legion? This, and the Clone Wars stuff, might finally be enough to get me to buy in. And Inferno Squad? Daaaaaang
  5. I find that bombs generally get back their value in a list. With the high ship count common right now, it isn't hard to ping one damage off of at least one ship with a Seismic. And that really where I see it as breaking value. You've cleared a rock, which likely matters quite a bit if you've got clunky chunky bombers. You've done some damage to the opponent (albeit a very little), but for 3 points, eh, it's free damage that doesn't take an attack. I'll take it. And, you've forced them to keep one extra wheel going in their head while planning maneuvers and engagements - how do they fly around your bombs? Heck, you can just not think about it yourself, if you really want to, and then drop one when your gut tells you to. At that point you're paying for an attention advantage. Generally, I find that they're worth it, but, imo, more as point filler on a ship you were already bringing, rather than a complete build around. They can be a bit tricky to make work if you're somewhere between the "Emon, Sol, and third all bombers" and the "single bomb tossed on my Y-Ion" - at that point, you really need to leverage them for their value to show through.
  6. Vult Skerris was also said to be an exceptional pilot, by Vader himself, who was able to handle ships even the strangest of ships with ease. He might actually be a good candidate for "You may perform actions while stressed." Or, 1 recurring charge "During your Perform Action step, you may spend 1 charge to perform an action while stressed" (borrowing Chopper's wording, though it would need to be changed a little to make more sense) if multiple stressed actions is too much. He can't be coordinated, because he usually runs with stress. But in the Defender, he becomes a beast, with the 4K still being available while stressed. In the Interceptor, he becomes ultra mobile. Now, I know that people want that ability for Tycho or Hera, but, I think it would be cooler on Skerris, not gonna lie. Plus, as Kylo would say, "Let the past die."
  7. Ok, I'll take the challenge. Does it need to be a functional list? If not, I present: Nodin chavdri with C-3PO Poe Dameron with foils Greer Sonel Temmin Wexley with foils For 14 actions in a turn cycle. Nodin Coordinates (1), which nets him a Calculate (2), and then Calculates (3), netting him another Calculate (4). Using that coordinate, Poe Focuses (5) and then links a Barrel Roll (6) from the foils. Greer then engages, and performs the free Rotate (7), her Focus (8), and a red Boost (9). Temmin goes next, and gets his free Boost (10), and then a focus (11) and linked Barrel Roll (12). Finally, Poe flips his foils, performs a blue maneuver, and Boosts (13) into a red Lock (14). 14 actions in a single turn. Now, next turn, you're 5 actions down, because Nodin can't clear both stress. If you wanted it to be only 13, but every turn, you could make the list more functional, by trading Temmin for Korr Sella, and a cheap A-Wing, or an Advanced Slam fireball.
  8. Sorry, I should clarify - I'm not suggesting that you go to final salvo. That is, I agree, very, very boring, a waste of time, and not exactly sporting. What I'm suggesting is that, with a swarm vs ace matchup, if you hunt the aces, you will probably lose. You aren't agile enough, or mobile enough, and they can probably kite you for days, or Init Kill your ships off the board, unless you play really really well. If you hunt them, they get to decide the engagement, which means you will lose. So, you put the onus on the ace player - decide the space that you want to engage them in, and then force them to come to you there. They will, because 9 dice vs 17 on final salvo isn't good odds for them. So, they'll engage, and you've set the grounds for engagement. This isn't about driving it to final salvo, it's about playing the matchup. Here, you want them to come to you, so, you play the matchup in a way that incentivizes that. I'd give very different advice if Berg had asked about Sear vs three big bases, but, they didn't. I've straight up jousted through the middle with my swarm as often as I have durdled in the corner and forced them to come to me. And, yah, I agree @punkUser, I prefer to play lists that want to kill kill kill. Points fortressing is an unfun way to play. But, you have to admit that ace lists, by their very nature, aim to take fewer shots, and make more shots. Which means that you want more points left on the board (as does any list), but with aces you do that by denying the opponent opportunities to kill your stuff. You're right, though, that not every ace list intends to properly points fortress in the way that Regen Jedi do, and, I shouldn't have generalized like that for the sake of my argument. It was disingenuous. But, is the ace list wanting to arc dodge that different from a swarm list wanting to engage where it can keep all guns on target? If you want to execute your game plan (dodge arcs for aces, all guns on target for swarms) then you need to consider the best way to do that. Sometimes, for the swarm player in the ace matchup, that comes by forcing the opponent to come to you.
  9. While I get that you're joking, I am also going to address the complaint, because it might come up for real. It comes down to a matter of list building. If you want to take aces, your plan is, in part, to win on time with points fortressing. Maybe you have a 120 point Kylo you plan to run with, or maybe you just intend to arc dodge while getting shots in. Either way, you're points fortressing, as an integral part of your strategy. To then turn around, and say that the reverse is unfair - your opponent points fortressing (which is exactly what delaying until a favourable final salvo is) - then, you are, in the process, saying that your list and strategy is unfair. And, hey, final salvo is the draw mechanic for a reason. If they had wanted it to be a coin flip, they could have made it a coin flip. I guess the only time that you don't want to let your opponent push it to final salvo is if they also have a jousting list that hits harder. You don't want them to kill more points than you can in one single, final round of shooting.
  10. I prefer the non-Sear Scavenger swarm archetype for my droids, but, the principles are the same. Just wait. You've got hairpin turns, and you win the final salvo by an overwhelming amount vs triple ace lists. They'll be forced to engage you at some point, and when they start to commit, you can pivot the swarm that way. While you might not get many bullseye arcs on the first turn that way, you can almost definitely get them on the second turn of fighting, when the aces either have to turn away and flee, or commit to the fight. While this does open you up to being flanked, choosing the area of engagement (one of your corners, with favourable rocks) can limit their options to safely engage, and, if they choose to anyways, you can park a Droid or two on the obstacles, and get continued shots on them as they approach and retreat. You just need to be careful with fast lists that they don't get the jump on you while you're still durdling. I tend to set up in an initial pinwheel, facing the corner I want to camp in, and then slowly approach it, speeding up my turns or straights if the aces are racing in.
  11. So, the thing is, I agree that the three actions per turn and tractor dumping was a problem. My frustration is that the Nantex has lost what made it unique, while slotting it into the role of "high PS arc dodger" in the process of the nerf. There needed be a nerf, I just disagree with how that nerf was implemented.
  12. I think that's my biggest issue with the Nantex nerfs. That, now, they're more or less just another double-action ace (except they have triple actions), and that, at least in hyperspace, much of what made then unique has been stripped away. I would rather have seen Ensnare stay legal, and the named Nantex get the boot.
  13. I feel like asking to play with old squad lists is gonna get dangerous quick, because someone will roll up with Kylo/Vader/Vonreg (or some such iteration that fits), and will kite and points fortress until the game ends. They've definitely separated out the factions for balance issues - even just being able to put things like Fanatical on shieldless Imperial ships would shatter the action economy into 1e levels of broken. So, yah. They've been separated for a reason, and are really fun as is. Because you would just be playing against nightmare combos.
  14. Kreen

    LAAT! Woohoo!

    There is also the Nu class attack shuttle that the clones often use. Could be a large base attack shuttle with triple crew, since that thing has a titanic crew hold.
  15. They also gutted most Separatist lists. Sear swarm is dead, scavenger swarm lost its punch with the Energy Shell Charges, Nantex lost Ensare, which means that the named pilots are more or less dead ships... It really feels like this hyperspace season is supposed to be Resistance vs First Order vs...generic beef swarms? I think the other thing that bothers me is that a large portion of what is legal is what is not yet out. So we can't even fly some of the ships we have access to, and we don't know when we'll be able to.
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