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  1. Kreen

    What is an "NPE?"

    It is also used for lists that win against all comers, with no clear counter - like the 1.0 Fenn/Kanan/Maul build that wrecked face near the end - or that fundamentally break some aspects of the game in order to gain an overwhelming advantage - like the Tripsilons list did. Or, lists that are negatively meta warping.
  2. Toss Afterburners on him, and then we're talking.
  3. They're gonna move first, not last. Which means that any decent Defender Pilot will be able to get the three free evades every round - even if you drop them down to 18 total HP, when they effectively regen a shield every round, at no penalty, they're stupid good ships. Not to mention the possibility to block, and the dual mods on a K-Turn. And the Boost, while good, doesn't make it bad enough to justify spam if they lose it. Triple Defenders don't have a place in 2.0. Unless we see rapid power creep, they hopefully never will. That said, I would love to see the TIE/d, as that was my bread and butter (and janky OP Hot Turkey Sandwich between those pieces of bread and butter) in 1.0. But, even then, it can see you either needing to spend the Evade to get the second attack, or needing to spend enough to make Double Defender lists not only viable, but your full 200 points. But, yah, no, I have seen enough of the Triple Defenders. Asides from the flavour victory, the sheer power of the Defender right now is too much in spam. I would recommend, if you miss triple Defenders, ask a friend to play some casual 1.0 games. Or, find the players in your area that didn't convert, and play with them.
  4. What Kira said. Resistance is the Heavy Aces faction. Rebels is the Squad Support faction. Rebels will feel more unique compared to Imperials.
  5. Happy Friday! I'd probably be in an X-Wing. Realistically it would be "Two charges: when you lose a game, lose a charge. When you have no charges, you may reroll all dice until half or more are showing hits, crits, or evades. Your dice may not be further modified." For a more mechanically interesting and viable ability, I'd love to see "2 recurring charges. When you reveal a blue maneuver, you may spend two charges to perform an action" on Initiative...4? On any other ship, it would probably be Init 4 "3 charges: When attacking or defending you may spend 1 charge to change 1 result to a Crit or Evade result." Since while I'm a middling to decent pilot, I'm generally stupidly lucky at this game.
  6. If new upgrade cards are released in future waves, will we need to buy the individual expansions to collect all the cards, or will there continue to be something akin to the conversion kit, for old timers? In addition, will you need cardboard cards for official turneys and events?
  7. The system slot upgrade seems to be their intended fix. Alternatively, the Pivot Wing title may be getting an errata, and a reprint. Change the timing window, or a negative point cost as specific fixes. They've done this kinda thing before (ASLAM/Heavy Scyk). Or, yes, it could be all about dem new pilots.
  8. Renegade refit allows two mods. Integrated Astro, and the S-Foils are both mods. Badda-bing, badda-boom.
  9. Ah, see you're looking for the salt subforum. That either belongs on the main page, or in the off topic perhaps. This sub is for list building. When those "ugly ship" get produced, then you can complain about how you need to build around them here
  10. The one thing to do is to shoot at the second highest PS. If their highest PS shoots at you, great, take your revenge shot against second highest PS again, and then when the second highest PS activates, roll out of dodge (if you can). But, yah. Intensity ain't doing much, and this probably isn't worth it in the end. Cool, but blind alley.
  11. Eventually, Redline and OL's abilities will be a winning combination. But, until then, yah, I'm thinking stick with the ones you have listed. Commander Kenkirk has a decent ability as well, if you want to make a dodge tank. I'd say you definitely want PTL. Imps live and die by not taking shots. Not taking shots, means not being in arc, with mods for the shots you do take. So, PTL for barrel roll and focus. VI is always useful, and in this situation, TIE Mk ii becomes far more useful. I'd grab a missile early on as well. Maybe Cruise, or Harpoons if you can spare the extra point. Gets you a decent alpha on most non-ln/SF chasses, and gives you something to do if you get stuck with a bomber.
  12. A Cruise Missile/EM/Crack Shot Tomax with either GC or LRS isn't bad for 30 points. Takes some heat off your other ships too, as he's a boi that nobody wants to leave around. AT/title/2pt EPT Inqy is good as well. Not stellar, but good. You could fit Wampa and Dark Curse in there. Not sure really what your plan is, could advise better with that info.
  13. They're still using the old version of Biggs I see. Good to know that Mustache man won't soon be forgotten.
  14. The bonus of ACD isn't only the extra two dice, but also the decloak. That's how you keep Echo consistently confusing.
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