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  1. CommanderDave

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    I second the thanks. It’s great to see the data and I really appreciate all your efforts to make that happen!
  2. CommanderDave

    Vader (squad)

    1. Irrelevant 2. Irrelevant 3. Untrue 4. That’s huge 4(b). Absolutely 5. Yes again. 6. No, I prefer Comms Net and Hondo. 7. Then do Thrawn 2-Ship if you like
  3. CommanderDave

    Vader (squad)

    I haven’t tried Piett, but I think you’re right on here. If you’ve got a squadron-Heavy fleet with at least one Comms Net Gozanti and only one or two bigger activations, I think Piett is the right choice. If you’re doing Piett, the natural choice is also an Interdictor. You can potentially use Piett twice each round that you aren’t using the Interdictor title to refresh Brunson or Targeting Scramblers. Unfortunately, it’s a little more expensive than the Vic-2, so you’d have to downgrade the Vic-1 back to a Quasar, but no matter. Dictor+Quasar+Gozanti is solid and it opens up better objective choices too with your Grav Shift.
  4. CommanderDave

    What's the best ship in the game?

    You’re not doing it right. Demo requires Engine Techs, which makes it a flotilla eater without even firing a shot. ETs work fairly well against Admo too if you have a couple in your fleet.
  5. That was my hope.
  6. How do you decide who is JV and who is Varsity?
  7. CommanderDave

    World's Breakfast Friday / Drinking Wednesday Night

    I don’t fly in till late on Wednesday, but I’m down for breakfast on Friday.
  8. CommanderDave

    VIC-II Combo

    Yes, you can also do H9s and Warlord and have a similar effect. Oh, and if you add Kallus, it works on squads too!
  9. CommanderDave

    Fighting/Using the Thrawn Demo

    Use squadrons, especially Shara and Tycho to either tie up Maarek or to protect your LMC80 (obvious). If you’re using Leia, I assume you have a fair number of squadrons. Less obvious is the positioning of your smalls. Your LMC80 can take a hit from just Demo. Try positioning your smalls to punish Demo after it hits the 80. If this is a recurring problem, try sticking Lando on the 80 to neuter one of the Demo shots. If you’re consistently out-activated and out-bid, I highly recommend dropping the LMC80 for something else as it is quite fragile and needs to play the activation game. The 75 with DCO can handle a Demo fairly handily in my experience.
  10. CommanderDave

    Crits against ssd fleet

    The Pelta could definitely stand to be downgraded. You could do a TRC90, another Hammerhead, or even a pretty vanilla MC30 with OEs and APTs. Alternatively, you could do another flotilla in order to beef up the squadron side a bit with Dutch and something else. Your bid is likely just fine as you’ll mostly likely out-activate the SSD list and I don’t see the SSD player bidding much.
  11. CommanderDave

    Rieekan List

    For Flechettes, you spend the black die with the crit before they can scatter so you don’t need the H9s. You may consider either Draven or Bail as the officer if you want to go all-in on this. Draven for the medium range black die on some targets, or Bail to ensure that you get that first activation to get the most out of your Flechettes. You may also want to consider EWS to protect yourself from opposing fighters on your approach. This is especially relevant if you are up against a bomber-heavy Yavaris list.
  12. CommanderDave

    Rieekan List

    You’ll be really hard pressed to use the Flechettes on the MC75 in most games. ExRacks would be a better and more flexible choice I would think. You could move Adar and the Boosted Comms to the flotilla in order to free the 75 up for more useful commands. As far as defensive officers go, Lando is probably a better choice than Derlin. As for the squadrons, Rieekan synergizes with uniques, so you may consider trading some of those generics out. Just a couple cursory thoughts.
  13. CommanderDave

    Crits against ssd fleet

    BCC would be nice to fish for crits. You’ll likely be up against the Damage Control Officer, so you’ll want to overload those tokens ASAP in order to make the most of your APTs. I haven’t done any trial games against the SSD, but I feel like you’ll need to have something that can stick around in its side arcs for a couple turns without difficulty, something with ECM/Brace. I could certainly be wrong on that though.
  14. CommanderDave

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Yeah, I have often delayed my Interdictor activation in order to get the double Brunson use, but no such constraint anymore!
  15. CommanderDave

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Whoa, I fly the Interdictor all the time and I had never notice the “a”, just assuming “this”. Thanks! Also, Screed loves HIE Interdictors and he’s cheaper than Vader.