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  1. Dave vs @BiggsIRL is complete. I managed to snag a solid win 400-158 if I count correctly. My Kuat did really solid work with some help from the Firesprays. Here is the write-up: http://armadaaarsbydave.blogspot.com/2019/08/vassal-fleet-exercise-round-4-dave-vs.html
  2. I suspect that dual ISD will perform well now that squadron-heavy lists have such a significant counter, unless I’m totally mistaken about MMJ and Yavaris being hit hard.
  3. @BiggsIRL, I believe you have myself and Jabba flipped in our final game. He bested me by 6 MOV, not the other way around. That’ll bring him up to 20 and drop me down to 20 as well. Thanks for setting this up by the way!
  4. Fantastic new objectives. Rift Ambush, Surprise Attack, and Abandoned Mining Facility (with Interdictor) all look super fun and quite playable as second player.
  5. I finished my write-up for last night’s game against @The Jabbawookie. Here it is: http://armadaaarsbydave.blogspot.com/2019/07/vassal-fleet-exercise-round-3-dave-vs.html Solid performance by Jabba. Good game man!
  6. Dave v @CyborgNinja writeup is here: http://armadaaarsbydave.blogspot.com/2019/07/vassal-fleet-exercise-round-2-dave-vs.html What a great game. CyborgNinja brought a really tough list and I feel like I got lucky in pulling off a victory. Nice one!
  7. Dave v @CyborgNinja complete. I barely won, 223-157. I’ll write it up later.
  8. I did a quick write-up on my game vs @OutboundFlight. Thanks again for a good game! http://armadaaarsbydave.blogspot.com/2019/07/vassal-fleet-exercise-round-1-dave-vs.html
  9. OutboundFlight and I have scheduled tentatively for tomorrow (Tuesday) evening around 7:30 eastern time.
  10. I’ve got mine submitted. Good call on the squadrons. I really like the restricted list too.
  11. The nice thing about Raider IIs and Demo is they are all effectively “long ranged” thanks to DCaps and the Demo title. The threat range is pretty significant.
  12. That looks good, especially the alternative SA/ECM build. You may fiddle around with it here and there as you play with it, but it looks like a great start. You may find Leading Shots to be more useful than Avenger, but then again, maybe not.
  13. In addition to the upgrade to an ACM Kuat, definitely drop Veteran Gunners from the Raiders. Screed makes them redundant. That may give you the space to keep both Raiders and the Kuat.
  14. Absolutely, HIEs are fantastic and worth the points. They are particularly effective on Interdictors because of the Disposable Capacitors. Thanks to the long-ranged shot, you can lead with the Dictor (or VSD2/Raider2 if you want to go that route) and then follow up with other damage dealers, particularly a Demolisher with or without ACMs and squadrons. I like them with Screed to guarantee the crit, but that isn’t essential. With Engine Techs and decent deployment, you can usually score a solid HIE hit in the second round on a big target (ISD). If you can also get a double-arc, that’s solid.
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