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  1. KalEl814

    Obi Wan Miniature (Clone Wars)

    I won’t buy Clone Wars units in general, most likely, but might break from that resolve if his mini is holding and his weapon is hot tea.
  2. KalEl814

    Grenade errata

    Have you seen those noodle armed Rebel Troopers? Nades they throw aren’t going to make it to the target, lol, enemies are catching a little shrapnel at worst. If they wanted to surge to wound on nades they should have made like Fleet Troopers and worked out something other than their glamour muscles.
  3. It’s on brand, they need to scout and holdout for better weapons.
  4. KalEl814

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    “Anti-customer” or anti-consumer have meanings and implications well beyond the situation in discussion here, even if we take the absolutely most negative view on the topic. The current situation is perhaps sub-optimal, but it is FAR from being “anti-customer.” Even within FFG’s ecosystem... a decent number of things get errata’d in PDFs on their website and nowhere else.
  5. KalEl814

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Well the good news is that it seems like they’re releasing most of them in the clear style also 😛
  6. KalEl814

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    @Bitterman Solid purple Bleed acrylics don’t exist. First appearance was worlds which I think might have been mirrored. They’ve subsequently released clear / purple ones in OP kits.
  7. Just to be SUPER CLEAR, it’s account based. So if you buy the DLC on an iOS device using your Apple ID, you can get it on any iOS device tied to that Apple ID. But if you have iOS devices and a Mac, for example, your iOS in app purchases would NOT be available if you downloaded the Steam version of the game on OS X, since your Steam account and Apple ID have nothing to do with one another. But if you bought the DLC on Steam, you’d be able to access it on any device that can run the Steam version of the game that you log into with your Steam account, OS X or Windows. I know it seems obvious but I’ve heard a bunch of people ask questions about it at conventions and such, so I figured I’d spell it out.
  8. KalEl814

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    Our headcanon absolutely had Verena running up to the tank and stabbing the thing itself while the confused Snowtrooper pilot looked on in horror as Verena was now between the canons and couldn’t be stopped until it was destroyed like some kind of Street Fighter II bonus stage. Sure it makes much less sense this way, but... it’s objectively more awesome.
  9. I love them both. IA’s great for sitting down with 4-5 buddies every week and getting into a campaign. I like Legion’s 1v1 better than IA’s skirmish but other than the theme they’re really different and have had a lot of fun with the more competitive modes of each.
  10. KalEl814

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    My favorite Verena Talos moment came from when she stabbed the SC2-M Repulsor tank to death with her starting knife, then proceeded to use the tank’s cannon to blow a Stormtrooper to smithereens via Combat Momentum. Mechanically it’s sound of course, but we tried to imagine the poor Stormie’s train of thought as he saw Verena run up to a tank, stab it with a knife until it blew up, carve the canon off like she was using a can opener, then firing away with the laser.
  11. KalEl814

    Thrawn and Deathtroopers

    The game isn’t even on sale on FFG’s website. 😐
  12. KalEl814

    My best stormtroopers so far

    Those troopers look really great! Nice job. Looks like Citadel’s Agrellan Earth.