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  1. KalEl814

    Formless Spawn

    I saw this and wept tears of joy... 😛 I use go7gaming’s excellent inserts, and they have rails to organize monsters that require the stock bases. I hate the peg/hole scheme most of the monsters use with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand suns.
  2. KalEl814

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    I’m looking for a full set of 2018/2019 regional dice. I have a full set of 2017/2018 regionals dice I could trade as well as other swag I will post when I get home.
  3. KalEl814

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    Not intended to be a call out at all, hope it didn’t come off that way. Just not familiar with the etiquette of competitive X-Wing play.
  4. KalEl814

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    It hasn't come up in any events I've been at... is the use of 3rd party apps allowed mid match? I don't think there's anything official in the regs, and I haven't watched Nationals or Worlds streamed.
  5. KalEl814

    Promo kit list

    They all looked like gencon/season 3 leftovers. The prize for last place was a fully painted T-47 😬 Not joking, they really gave one away. 😛
  6. KalEl814

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    The “let’s all be adults” mantra doesn’t jive. I’m 38 and play in various tourneys infrequently, but it’s not unheard of to see people around my age claim bad results were table drops and not rolls, fidget with minis on the table in various games (X-Wing, IA), try to talk me out of deck cuts in Destiny, “hover” movement templates in Legion and claim that they’re not actually measuring, etc. It doesn’t happen, often, all the time, or in every tournament, for sure. But I’d certainly wonder if someone who had their phone out and generally aimed at the table throughout an X-Wing match/tourney was playing in bad faith, especially if the game was being streamed. Taking someone’s phone seems extreme, but asking that connected devices are kept facedown, turned off, in airplane mode, etc., seems reasonable for official, competitive play.
  7. KalEl814

    Promo kit list

    At PAX Unplugged the top 3 got double sided Stormy / Rebel Trooper acrylic, full art cards.
  8. KalEl814

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    It's a better pose than her IA equivalent where she's a little teapot...
  9. KalEl814

    Chewie article is up

    LOL at Chewie’s subtext / title... Walking Carpet.
  10. KalEl814

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Man those DTs are gonna be difficult to perish.
  11. KalEl814

    R.I.P. Solo? - Original Trilogy Heroes

    Promo Han is immortal. Worship him.
  12. KalEl814

    R.I.P. Solo? - Original Trilogy Heroes

    Bro do you even Boba Fett? 😛
  13. KalEl814

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Armada is a horse of a a different color since it comes out of the box painted. There are really rad paint jobs out there for Armada of course, and I’ve gotten better at painting myself since I restarted a few years back. But I feel like I’m a ways off from being confident enough to paint over the more than competent job done on X-Wing and Armada minis. Unless you mean the squadrons, in which case... I just haven’t been able to motivate myself to do it yet when I have so much other stuff to paint with games I play more regularly!
  14. KalEl814

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Because you like the theme, mechanics, gameplay, and scene?