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  1. No judgment, but it needed to be said.
  2. The dude on the left side all the way in the back is actively pooping. There’s just no way he isn’t.
  3. KalEl814

    I have no move, and I must scream.

    Ah fair enough. I’ve always played on tables that are “blank” until terrain is placed, there’s no prefab content on them.
  4. KalEl814

    Groggydog's Painty Jobs

    Looking good!
  5. KalEl814

    I have no move, and I must scream.

    Am I remembering the setup order wrong? Terrain is placed before the battlefield is defined and units are deployed. It shouldn’t be possible for tables and terrain to be set up to combat stationary units.
  6. KalEl814

    I have no move, and I must scream.

    I’m just here to upvote the Ellison reference.
  7. KalEl814

    Is this game still being made?

    Any day now...
  8. KalEl814

    Sorastro's Painting

    Aaaand my tracker is now up to date with Veers.
  9. KalEl814

    Sokos Star Wars Painting Log

    The texture on the pauldron looks great.
  10. Nine suppression tokens seems like a ridiculously high number. What round was that on?
  11. KalEl814

    Sorastro's Painting

    You can do this by applying Citadel's 'Ardcoat or equivalent products from other lines.
  12. KalEl814

    The #1 worst rule in Legion

    Honest question... how is this any more difficult to justify than Leia taking an AT-ST mortar to the face and not immediately dying? Or troopers with sidearms being able to damage an AT-ST? Luke pushed Vader off the battlefield and busted up his robot legs, the end. I don't want this to come off as being unsympathetic to new players since any game needs an influx of them to stay healthy. But it's in the rulebook, they should know it the same as they know that units in LOS of a range 4+ attack and not near a leader are in danger of being panicked immediately. And again, I don't think "instant" is the right word for this. No map lets someone just run up and push someone else's commander off the battlefield with no chance to respond. You have to completely ignore the threat for this to happen to you. I don't think it's meaningfully different than having Vader wander into the middle of the battlefield unprotected, and lamenting that he cannot survive getting unloaded on. I appreciate that having a full health Luke / Vader getting eliminated quickly feels bad but unlike hot / cold dice... this is totally under the control of the player.
  13. KalEl814

    The #1 worst rule in Legion

    Why wouldn’t Force Push off the map be a legal move? Nothing suggests it isn’t. Rules deal with units moving off the map, and Force Push is a normal move.
  14. KalEl814

    The #1 worst rule in Legion

    Nobody has expressed why this is a cheap gameplay mechanic. I kinda get how it’s not thematic, but if I can use my imagination that a mini being suppressed gets cover in the middle of an open field, I can imagine someone getting tossed off the battlefield means they can’t come back. It’s not an “insta” kill at all. Luke or Vader needs to trudge all over hades’ half acre while not dying, and and shove someone off the map while his opponent actively ignores the threat. Vader’s 200+ points. Protecting him means not letting someone else toss him out of play as well as not just leaving him without cover. Gamey? Maybe. Cheap? Absolutely not.
  15. KalEl814

    The #1 worst rule in Legion

    It’s in the rule book for sure. Leaving the Battlefield, page 31.