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  1. I’ll buy 3 just to even things out.
  2. *shrug* I think TLJ has the best character motivations, actions based on those motivations, and appreciation of how a Jedi should use the force in any SW movie since Empire. It’s in my top 3 Star Wars movies easily, and goes back and forth for second with Ep IV depending on my mood. Personally I think that when Star Wars tries to be either too “grown up” or to “for the kids,” it’s at its least interesting. I think a lot of the EU was spent trying to hammer out the stuff that appealed to kids, and the prequels / clone wars leaned too hard into appealing to a younger audience, which is why I always found that stuff to be the least appealing. Honestly the canon is so wide at this point that the only thing I find truly exhausting is whenever anyone (this is not directed at anyone I’m quoting or even anyone posting here generally) attempts to take what they find most appealing about Star Wars and insisting that is what it’s always been about or uses that as a cudgel to exclude people or perspectives from the fandom.
  3. No this is deliberate, much like the Han promo card where he got a red defense die, making him effectively unkillable. Get promos and cruise to victory!
  4. OP last logged in June 3rd. Perhaps the soul still burns...
  5. I don’t believe FFG has had early releases for sale at any of the Paxes that I can recall.
  6. This is just what Gencon and cons in general are. Most of the big shops have swag you can't get anywhere else or release stuff early there.
  7. The main objection I always had wasn’t that Ewoks were “primitive” or that they’re cute, it’s what they’re shown actually doing. AT-STs getting messed up by large logs? Someone getting KOd by a rock dropped on their head from however high the Ewok on that glider was? I’ve got no beef with that. Armored Stormtroopers getting clowned on by bolas? Arrows that don’t have enough velocity to really hurt unarmed humans taking out Stormies? No. Conceptually I’ve no beef with Ewoks helping to win that battle, it’s just portrayed oddly on screen.
  8. TIL Tauntauns are lizards. What a world.
  9. I feel like the cannibal aspect of Ewoks is always overplayed in hindsight in an attempt to make the species seem more threatening. I've said it before, but there's a reason the first Ewok movie was Caravan of Courage and not Wicket's Feast of Flesh.
  10. Not with that attitude it isn’t. 😛
  11. This is really well done but leans too far into the urge to make Star Wars / Force users “bad***” for my taste.
  12. Girl I must be rolling white dice against you because I sometimes surge for nothing and I come up blank at the worst times.
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