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  1. You get Keen Binocular Vision. Homina homina homina.
  2. KalEl814


    Was there any NGE worse than hyperlooping? 😛
  3. KalEl814

    Davith and 2.0 is coming

    I did the same thing, now I’m left feeling like:
  4. KalEl814

    IA production schedule

    Rose being released would check a lot of boxes for me.
  5. KalEl814

    Question regarding painting miniatures details

    Unless you’re SUPER unhappy with your first minis... I’d say leave them be! I started painting Imperial Assault a few years ago and at the time I hadn’t painted anything since Hero Quest in the early ‘90s. The Stormies and early minis from that time are, not surprisingly, not as pretty as my more recent work. But they still look way better than bare plastic, they still look good at a gaming distance, and they’ve since become minis I’ve played with a lot and I have affection for them because of that. AND they service as a nice visual reminder of the improvements I’ve made as a painter since then! If you know you’re gonna be sad every time you pull them out, then sure, go ahead... strip away. But I think there’s something to be said for preserving your early work.
  6. "Bonus" isn't a keyword in the RRG, but the term is used in the "Modifiers" section of the RRG on page 15. In general I'd read it the same way as you, though I'm newer to this game specifically so my figurative $.02 is worth close to a literal $.02. 😛
  7. Thanks for the post. This was the second thing we played after Night of the Zealot, so our decks / pairings were suboptimal. We were mainly kicking the tires on different characters and figured it'd be fun to do it in something longer than a one shot / shorter than a whole campaign even though we knew we'd likely get waxed. We won the first mission by the skin of our teeth somewhat surprisingly and were doing better than we'd expected before that turn of events dropped the hammer. Still a good time.
  8. Spoilers for the the second mission in Guardians of the Abyss: The Night's Usurper, Agenda 1a If you've already made your way through The Eldritch Gate before you advance Agenda 1a... do the Brotherhood Enemies still spawn? Playing now, we resolved Act 2a the end of one round, placed the 6th Doom on the start of the next mythos phase, which means the Brotherhood goons and Xzharah spawned at A Dream Betwixt and we got worked. I figure there's no way they don't spawn and the odds of that happening are pretty bad... but I thought I'd ask anyway! We're playing GotA standalone and have gotten pretty lucky so far, so... that draw felt bad but I suppose we were due. 😛
  9. Kidding aside, I think it’s hard to say IA is underloved. It has an awful lot of content and has been reasonably well supported for most of its life. There’s no doubt that FFG, in general, needs to do a lot better with Organized Play and communication in general. For something like IA... who knows what’s coming. For something like Destiny where we DO know what’s coming... when? Where’s the hype? The previews? They could do a lot better with all of these things. I appreciate that it’s challenging / suboptimal to communicate to a fan base that you’re shutting a game down, and FFG does that inconsistently also. I have mixed feelings about community building via OP. There’s no doubt it has value, that it contributes to a game being active, etc. I’ve fallen off IA OP but it’s mainly due to getting into the competitive side of other games. But I do think that the importance of OP tends to be overstated. I don’t know where the sweet spot is, but if they’re going to do it at all... they should do it better. I don’t know where I’m going with this so I’ll stop typing. 😛
  10. You can’t even buy the game on FFG’s site. 😐 ... ... 😇
  11. KalEl814

    New vehicles!

    From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!
  12. KalEl814

    New vehicles!

    It's okay, you're... Occasionally correct.
  13. KalEl814

    Farewell post from FFG founder

    I will miss him sorely. 😛
  14. This is your penance for bumping a thread title that is a lie 6/7 days of the week. Atone for your sins and weep.