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  1. One thing to note about Citadel or any other "plastic" glue / cement is that it only works on specific kinds of plastic. It "melts" the plastic a bit and when it sets the two separate pieces are now fused. The benefit of that kind of glue is the strong bond and while it's not good to get on your bare skin, it won't glue your fingers together like superglue will. It will also give you a little more time to position the separate pieces as the plastic melts and fuses; superglue tends to bond quickly. The other upshot is that if you're using something like Tamiya's Extra Thin cement, you can get really fine control as it's thinner than superglue. If either your mini or your base are the "wrong" kind of plastic, plastic glue will NEVER bond. The glue WILL melt the kind of plastic it reacts with, but if you're trying to stick it to the "wrong" type of plastic, all you'll end up with is a mess and a potential loss of detail where the plastic melted and you tried to bond it to non-reactive plastic. The upside of using superglue is that it will stick all types of plastic used on minis. The downsides are it's generally kinda thick which can make it less than ideal super fine work (generally not a problem with Mansions of Madness minis, compared to some Warhammer minis or something like the Battle Droids for Legion), it "fogs up" on clear plastic when it dries (again, not a problem for Mansions unless you're using clear bases), and of course, it can bond your skin very easily if you're not careful. That said if you're going to be gluing a bunch of models that react to plastic cement, I would absolutely recommend Tamiya's extra thin cement as the container / applicator are significantly easier to use than the Citadel "needle." Just use it in a well ventilated area; the fumes are potent.
  2. The main recommendation I can make that hasn't been brought up already is around the insanity conditions. Assuming you're playing with the "traitor" insanity cards RAW, it's important to know what the conditions are so that players can start planning for them when someone starts drifting towards insanity.
  3. Also you get some nice exfoliation when your fingers get drenched in plastic glue. 😛
  4. It sure does. If you don't already wear glasses, I find that reading glasses somewhere in the 2.00 - 3.00 range are easier to manage. Honestly my strongest recommendation for a new painter? Make sure your painting area is well lit! It really make a big difference.
  5. Just tested now and it worked fine for me. As other have said, sometimes it’s super laggy.
  6. If “Perfidy” isn’t one of Anakin’s cards, the designers are truly asleep at the wheel. 😛
  7. Since TTS has blown up, I haven't attended even a local tournament for an FFG game without running into players who have logged more hours in the current meta than I ever will in all of my time in the game. This includes stuff like launch events for Destiny. People have been playing with spoiled cards for weeks or longer and have tons of reps with a card that I'm using for the first time. They'll know all the counters before I even know the set. I don't begrudge people finding ways to play games they love on the internet and I appreciate that the most competitive people also need to get their reps in for regionals, worlds (or whatever FFG is calling those after the rebrand 😛 ) before they pay good money to fly to a place and trying to win. I know I'm rarely the best or even very good at these games, so I don't mind when I lose as long as I play well. I'd probably play on TTS too, if I didn't have other stuff I'd rather be doing with my screen time. But personally, I know I am less likely to go to an event where I know I'm probably going to get paired up against someone who's just going to kick my teeth in. For something like Destiny, it's less of an issue when each match is < an hour. If I'm going to a Legion event where I know I'm going to be in for 7 hours or so for three rounds... that's a lot more to ask.
  8. Time for a REAL Easter egg hunt.
  9. There was a Rogue One expansion for Rebellion, Rogue One content is about to come out for Legion, etc.
  10. This is a really weird take.
  11. It’s spring in China and Iran.
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