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  1. I believe they mean, the time period, i.e. after Return of the Jedi but before the sequel trilogy. I am also looking forward to the Art book, and I'm glad they didn't release any of these tie-ins and materials before the first season. Was a smart move on their part.
  2. When one of my players got the Corusca Gem in Jewel of Yavin and wanted to use it in a lightsaber, instead of giving it stats to offset the higher cost of the gem if they had sold it, I just ruled that the gem gave a free upgrade to all checks to mod the gem for a lightsaber. That way it could be used to make a really powerful lightsaber but it wasn't guaranteed. We used the basic Ilum crystal profile and went from there. The player was able to get all the mods on the crystal they wanted so they felt like it was a fair deal for not selling it.
  3. I'm pretty sure the whole Sith'ari thing is legends only, and it was never really answered. The general consensus among fans is that if there was a Sith'ari it was Darth Bane. He literally, tricked the Jedi into wiping out the Sith Order and then remade it with his Rule of Two which eventually lead to the Sith taking over the galaxy. Though their reign was short lived, they did achieve his ultimate goal for the most part. This leads me to a question, has anyone done a Darth Bane stats for the game?
  4. So I just went into one of my games and ran a test and everything seems to be working fine. I will say over the last few months we have had some serious lag time between when a player rolls the dice and when they show up, but I've just assumed that was due to all the use Roll20 has been getting lately. Now this was a game that already had the API installed, not sure if that makes a difference or not. Hope this helps.
  5. I've only had a few campaigns were my players got heavy into crafting, which honestly in this system is kind of broken. If you look at how they changed it in Genesys, you can see FFG realized this a bit late with Star Wars, but I don't really mind as I'm just trying to tell an engaging story for my players and not kill them every chance I get. When it comes to scavenging for parts, as long as my players are looking for raw materials and have access to a junk yard or scrap heap or whatever, I don't even make them roll. It is just a matter of time investment. Your character spends six hours scavenging, and yes that means you can't help X player with their Streewise check or whatever. I don't normally do rolls, I just use it as a time sink. Now I would probably handle this differently if the players were gathering all of this scrap to sell for straight credits, but I haven't had to deal with that yet really. The only times I do make players roll for scavenging is if there is a chance of danger, or they are looking for rare materials to craft a specific item. From what I can tell their aren't many items that require rare materials so this doesn't come up much. Not sure if this helps the OP but I figured I'd weight in with my experiences.
  6. Applying the "escalation die" to the narrative die system, instead of adding +1 to hit, you could instead have it add a free upgrade to everyone every round after the first. This could be even stronger than adding a flat +1 or success for every time the die goes up, but man would it make for a crazy encounter.
  7. I think this is suggested in one of the core rule books, and probably shouldn't be used if you feel like you are the one keeping the pace slow, and not the players, but I believe it is suggested that you flip a light side point to a dark side point if the players are taking too long. Honestly, if the players are having fun, I don't see a problem at all. Let them take their time and not rush through the campaign/story.
  8. I haven't played/ran it yet but the Conan 2D20 system is one I'd really like to try. I also enjoyed Green Ronin's Intrigue system for their A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, though it is a bit on the crunchy side math wise.
  9. As someone who is currently running 3 games online on Roll20 I just want to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
  10. First off, I want to say good work BluSunrize! I would also like to say get out of my head!!!! lol I have been toying with the idea of doing a Sith fan supplement myself, and/or an Old Republic one, and you have a lot of the same things I was looking at doing. Your take on the Dashade species is very similar to my own notes. Second, I do have a couple of questions, and forgive me if these have already been answers elsewhere in the thread as I have not read the whole thing. Why Acolyte instead of Apprentice? Why Blademaster instead of Warrior since you are doing Old Republic classes? I think others have made some great suggestions as far as talents and things, from what little I've been able to read. Anywho, once again great work!
  11. Yeah I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I have a lot of problems with Rise of Skywalker, but it does not put the Resistance back to pre-TLJ levels of strength. They have got back a small fleet of fighters and a few hundred more recruits and that is about it. Nothing on the scale they had in FA or the beginning of TLJ. A noir style cartoon set in the Star Wars universe would be amazing!
  12. A few of ideas come to mind. A follow up series to Rebels about Thrawn and Ezra and what happened to them. Rebels 2.0 A High Republic era show, it would be something new and not tied directly to the Skywalker story. A show that takes place after the Sequels. I'd prefer it not be about the main characters from the movies, but Rey, Fin, or Poe showing up from time to time would be fine. Old Republic cartoon would be pretty amazing! Having it set during the time period of the MMO but not necessarily being beholden to the lore they have written for the game, or they could set it between KOTOR and TOR. Origins of the Jedi series might be pretty awesome, I know it was rumored to be the project the Game of Thrones guys were working on. They could take those same concepts and turn it into an animation series.
  13. In no particular order. Sequel Trilogy source book. Old Republic Era source book. Once it has been fleshed out, High Republic Era Source book. A Species book. Sith/villains source book, I've had tons of players that want to play the bad guys. More sector books. I know they don't sell well but more Adventure books! That's all I can think of right now.
  14. I've messed around with the Roll20 stuff and it is pretty good, but in order to use the API you have to subscribe to Roll20. Discord was how we did communication, and there is actually a dice roller on discord as well. Because I'm at work right now, I can't get you the link. Side note, a lot of the pre-made adventures have maps online you can use if you search around for them, including ships and cantinas and the like. I'm looking at starting up an online campaign myself, so I'll have to keep an eye on this thread.
  15. I don't believe anyone is unable to comprehend what you are writing, but I feel like they are struggling to understand why you would write such silliness. The word "diversity" shouldn't instantly invoke anxiety that social justice propaganda is going to be inserted into whatever. Diversity is not the same thing as social justice propaganda. Diversity is about being progressive and inclusive and making sure there is representation that is not normally found in media. You however are trying to draw a direct line connecting the two while passing off your own propaganda, which by your own argument I guess would be worse than racism and classism because of you know, the lies. All I did with my comment was hold a mirror up to your words, and judging by how fast you responded to me, seems like you didn't like what you saw in that reflection. And don't worry about typos, I wouldn't hold that against you. Anywho, let's not bog this thread down with concerns and counter arguments about certain target demos being under or over represented, let us discuss this new exciting direction the Star Wars literature is exploring!
  16. I know right, that's almost as crazy as right-wing propaganda saying "social justice propaganda" is worse than racism and classism. The nerve 😛
  17. Looks very ambitious but I'm in! I'm a little surprised it isn't set further back in the timeline but a lot can happen in 200 years. I mean, that is still 150 before Baby Yoda is born
  18. I don't normally get to play as I'm usually GMing the game, but the few times I have played a character I tended to follow a similar pattern. I choose the species I want to play: Droid, Hutt, Jawa, whatever. I choose a career/specialization: Normally, I wait and see what other players are playing, and go for a role they aren't, to both better round out the team, and to make my character stand out more. If everyone is doing combat and Techie characters, I'll do a social character, and vice versa. I invest my starting XP into Characteristics: Rarely have I, or would I put starting XP else where. And that is pretty much it, as far as leveling I go for skills, talents and other specialization if desired. Sometimes I have a fully realized concept, and other times it just comes to me as I'm building my character reacting to what I and others are playing. I will say that if you are playing this game, don't get to hung up on what species is best for what Career/specialization. Play what you want to play; long term you can make any combo work for the most part.
  19. What are you on EA's payroll? SWTOR is not a direct sequel to KOTOR and KOTOR II, it takes 300 years after the end of the KOTOR games, and the Shadow of Revan update didn't even drop until years after SWTOR's launch. Shadow of Revan is a pretty lackluster end to Revan's character by the way. And yeah I remember the propaganda...er...marketing EA did saying SWTOR was KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or whatever but that was all a lame way to excuse not making a proper direct sequel to KOTOR and KOTOR II. Now I will say if anyone out there hasn't played SWTOR you should give it a try, the class stories are very well done, especially the Imperial Agent story-line. Jeez, now I sound like I'm on EA's payroll I agree with you that very few Star Wars books are well written, and no Drew Karpyshyn, is no George R. R. Martin, or whatever, but for a genre fiction writer he is pretty darn good, and his trilogy of Darth Bane books are the best Star Wars novels I've ever read.
  20. I've read the rumors about the High Republic era and if that does end up being Project Luminous, I could and would like to see a source book covering it. However, I hope the rumors about Revan and all that are untrue, or they will have to change a great deal of the story, at least as it is in Knights of the Old Republic. Changes like Revan never being Darth Revan and things like that would not sit well with me.
  21. Sorry but I can't let you make a false statement like that. I like Filoni and a lot of the things he has done, but he has on several occasions divided and even upset Star Wars fans. I remember the awful rage back when they changed Asajj Ventress's origin, specifically changing her species from Rattataki to some Night Sister/Zabrak hybrid thing. Speaking of the Night Sisters people flipped out about the way they used the force and how it made Star Wars "too fantasy", then in Rebel's you had the world between worlds stuff that turned a lot of people off. Also a lot of people say their least favorite episodes of the Mandalorian are the ones he directed and many going so far as to say he shouldn't direct any in season two! So yeah, while he has never angered the fans as much as the prequels or sequels, he has also never done any of his more divisive ideas in any of the movies either.
  22. Kevin Feige has the benefit of a fan base that loves Marvel movies even when they garbage. Seriously, I like a lot of the Marvel movies, but a lot of them are forgettable at best, and a complete waste of time and money at worst. So anytime someone compares Kennedy to Feige, I have to roll my eyes, because Feige has produce a lot of stinkers since he has been in charge of Marvel films. If I were Disney, the thing that would give me pause about Star Wars and Kennedy being in charge, is the amount of creative turnover on various projects. Rogue One/Solo/ROS and now whatever Dan & Dave were working on, have had creative turnover, and in the case of Solo and Rogue One, after the production had started! So if I were Disney, I wouldn't worry a lot about the fanboi crying online, I would take notice of the creative problems that have been a real issue since she was in charge. I'm also a big fan of Favreau and Filoni, but they have also had some misses too. Nobody is perfect and no one can please everyone all the time, well unless you are Feige, and then about half your movies can suck and your fans will still love it!
  23. My quick take is that it was good, better than Force Awakens, but fell short of the Last Jedi. There are parts of the movie that I really liked, and even loved, and others that I wish just didn't exist in a Star Wars movie. The good stuff, the special effects, I think we get spoiled these days by the big budget movies, but the scale and quality of effects in this movie are spectacular, the music, I loved how they mixed together the classic scores with the the newer ones, and it just makes the movie feel epic, which is saying something for Star Wars, and finally the action scenes, and there are a lot of the them, were really well done! The bad, I'm not going to break all of it down since this is suppose to be a quick take, but I will say this is the most hyperactive Star Wars movie I have ever seen! Also all the stuff with Darth Sidious was trash. People want to talk about Luke's character getting assassinated in TLJ, you should see what this movie does with Sidious and by extension Anakin, Luke, and Rey. Seriously the only good to come of it, is at least she wasn't a clone, and heck depending on who she was a clone of it might have worked better for the story. One side note, I've seen all the Star Wars movies in the theater's opening night since Phantom Menace (technically Return of the Jedi, but I was only three so not counting that one), and this was the most dead I have ever seen an audience for a Star Wars movie. Seriously, they didn't cheer, or boo, or make any noise at all. They didn't laugh at the jokes, nothing. The only things that got a reaction, where a lot of "awwwws" for the Porgs, and people cheered the Ben and Rey kiss. It was almost distracting how quiet everyone was. Really strange!
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