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  1. unicornpuncher

    Ideas for New Era Sourcebooks and Titles

    My list in no particular order: 1. KOTOR era - Give me all the Old Republic goodness. 2. Sequel era - I want stuff on the Resistance and the First Order and major characters from the new movies. 3. Sith/Empire - I think it would be great to have a book about playing Sith or evil aligned characters. I'm currently planning my first game were all the players are playing villains and one of them is a Sith in training, but I have had this idea requested a lot from the various groups I've played with. It comes up a lot and it would be great to have an official book by FFG about it!
  2. unicornpuncher

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    I find this ironic since my new gaming group just finished their own campaign set during the time period of TFA starting with the beginners box, and I for one would very much like a sequel era source book. Also I'm curious why you believe the TFA beginners box didn't sell well? As for the new source book, I'm always happy to get more Star Wars RPG goodness, but I would have preferred a single, larger $60 dollar source book, rather than two smaller $30 dollar ones. I know, profit motive means that they are likely to make more with two separate source books long term, but from a GM/convenience standpoint I'd rather have all the information in one item.
  3. unicornpuncher

    Creating a Hondo like character

    Check out this series and look at how he plays with the reoccurring character of Captain Kompnor(sp).
  4. That's how I do it normally!
  5. unicornpuncher

    5 second default Combat Rounds?

    I'm not trying to attack your players here but this really sounds to me like less of a "game mechanics" issue, and more of a "player" issue. If I'm in a group and the GM let's me make a computer check to try and help the group out since my character is more support and less combat, and the combat player gives me and the GM the stink eye because in their hyper reality mind, what I'm doing takes longer than his bang bang with the pistol, I'm going to have a long talk with that player outside of the game about expectations and having fun.
  6. unicornpuncher

    4 armed fighting

    I agree with Jawa4thewin, you probably want to use linked. Also if the character has four arms you could give them the "free maneuver" talent that most four-armed species get.
  7. This is ironic because I'm really hoping FFG releases a sequels era source book after Eps 9 comes out so I can run a major campaign during that time period.
  8. When I first started GMing one of the rookie mistakes I made was allowing players to retry failed task many times, and I was specifically bad about it with computer checks. What I've learned to do now is use time as a resource. For example, so I have a player trying to slice a computer network, they fail. Then that's it, they no longer have enough time to try to slice network again. However, if they have a fair amount of advantage on the check, I will offer to let them retry the check using that advantage. Also, if a player has a talent that cuts computer slicing time in half, or something like that, I would allow them to attempt to try a second time, so that those talents have more weight in the game. Another thing I tried to do, if I have a player who is trying lots of checks such as slicing a computer network and looking for all kinds of information and/or ways to control the system, I will often break it up if other players want to try things. That way one player isn't just trying check, after check, while the other players are idle, waiting, sometimes losing interest while the slicer is rolling checks for every little thing he/she can possibly think of.
  9. unicornpuncher

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    What I've done for modding in my Edge game, is if the player(s) succeeds and rolls a triumph with no despair or threats they can keep the difficulty the same for the next mod check, with the exception of the first modding attempted. So say the difficulty is up to 3, and they pull off the success and triumph roll with no despair or threat, they can spend that triumph to keep the difficulty of the next mod at 3. This has only ever really gotten out of control one time, with the mechanic in the group getting most of the mods for a rile at 2 diff. Anywho, it might be worth trying with the crystal modding if your GM agrees to it.
  10. unicornpuncher

    Recommend Published Adventure for 50-60 XP PCs

    Adjusting the difficulty of the game can be done on the fly and in many of the premade campaigns even give suggestions on making the checks harder. I'd also suggest you look through the player made campaigns as well, some really good encounters can be found in them. Also setback dice, and don't be afraid to use despairs on failed checks to destroy those "shiny" weapons and armor of theirs.
  11. I've only ran Edge of the Empire games, and I'm playing in a couple of Age of Rebellion games. but so far nothing really major has changed from canon in any of them. However, my plan is that if I ever run a Force and Destiny game, I'll have it set in an alternate reality, were Luke joined Darth Vader at the end of Empire Strikes Back, and together they defeat Sidious, and take over. Luke becomes Darth Starkiller, and Yoda turns to Leia, as the last hope. The players will be force sensitives that Leia has recruited to help the rebellion stop the Empire though they don't necessarily have to join. Of course Emperor Vader and Darth Starkiller would be hunting them down and this would give the players plenty of room to do whatever the **** they want as far as changing the galaxy far, far, away. They could be the ones to blow up the second Death Star, save Luke from the Darkside, clone Sidious, whatever, they would have all the agency, and they would truly be the heroes of the story. If I can't get a real life game going, maybe I will try roll20, hmmmm.
  12. unicornpuncher

    Something other than the FaD FP System?

    You could just print out the force power trees and use them from Begging for XP, link.
  13. unicornpuncher

    2nd Star Wars Live Action Series

    This is interesting, Diego Luna was great in Netflix's Narcos: Mexico. It will be fascinating to see just how much of a shade of gray they will make the Rebellion look in this show.
  14. unicornpuncher

    Our GM has no Hope!

    While I get becoming disenfranchised with a universe, the magic of table top and RP is you can take it the direction you feel captures the heart of your beloved fandom. You don't like the modern movies, set the RP in timeline of the franchise you do prefer. You wish they would have taken a different direction or just want to see what you could do with a campaign set in an alternate version of your favorite "galaxy, far, far away" do it! The freedom that comes with table top and RP is that you get to craft your own personal version of Star Wars or what have you with your players and everyone's shared imaginations. To the OP, I am sorry your GM is moving on, but it might be time to recruit a new GM either from among the players, or from the outside. On the topic of the movies, Disney has been hit or miss with me, but I will say I do like the four movies they have produced so far better than any of the prequels, and for my money, Rogue One and Last Jedi are the best Star Wars movies that have been made since the original trilogy. Though I don't know that they will ever be able to capture the heart and soul that made the OT films timeless.
  15. I don't know which I like more, the movie or how much people hate it!