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    King Stag got a reaction from orcface999 in Just finished the Beginner's Box with an epic group of gamers.   
    Just got it in the mail yesterday. I'll be playing it with my 8 and 6 year old sons over XMas break! Can't wait! They are veteran gamers in a sense, they played a a very light version of D&D 5e with me in the past. I think they'll really dig the narrative aspect of this game.
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    King Stag reacted to MuttonchopMac in Homebrewed Lightsaber Duels   
    A lot of people have suggested homebrew rules get "longer, more satisfying duels", and generally, I'm of the viewpoint that the people who want something longer than three rounds played D20 Star Wars, which were lame, repetitive slug fests. Interestingly, you mention "inner conflict", but you're just putting out homebrew rules for the combat itself, which has nothing to do with inner conflict. All your rules achieve are longer, more drawn out battles that exclude players that don't use lightsabers, and render useless all hard earned lightsaber talents. Whether you're a player with a lightsaber or not, your rules take away player fun.
    If you just use the rules as written and savor the narration (treat a round of a duel as say, two minutes of dueling), it works great. Narrate the Advantage and Threat to the fullest, and enjoy telling the story. The dice themselves don't create personal drama - the narration of the results does. And if the duel is just the set piece for the deep inner conflict, like Luke and Vader on the second Death Star, then play it as social rolls. Neither wants to kill the other unless they have to, so neither is mechanically attacking, though they are swinging back and forth within the narrative.
    All of this is, of course, opinion. If your players like what you've written up, more power to you.
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    King Stag reacted to Zuloth in NDS Fantasy   
    Greetings all!
    I'm in the process of converting the Star Wars system into a fantasy setting. The working title is NDS Fantasy (NDS = Narrative Dice System).
    I own all the books released so far for all three systems, but have only had the chance to GM the EotE Beginner Game. I really like the system and therefore began my NDS Fantasy project.     
    It's something I've been working on for a while, but it has all been in my head until now. I plan to upload contents along the way as I finish more material. 
    Feel free to critique, make comments or suggestions. I really need the feedback as the people I usually role-play with don't know the system.
    Well here goes:
    I have created my first career the Hired Sword and its three specializations Berserker, Blademaster and Guardian, along with my first attempt at an Armor & Weapon Proficiency system.
    The Berserker is a reworking of the Marauder, the Guardian is a rework of the Bodyguard, while the Blademaster is my own attempt at putting talents together to form a specialization. It's the Blademaster I'm most concerned about regarding game balance.
    Best Regards
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    King Stag reacted to Blackbird888 in GM Screen's Work for All Games?   
    The real benefit of the screens is the adventure and extra rules, which depends on the screen. The screens themselves are mostly the same, except some weapon differences.
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