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  1. Has anyone ever thought of or tried a Savage Worlds type initiative? Seems like a good fit for a narrative game, Joker adds a Boost Die, could have other cards push some of the game and story mechanics. I might fiddle with this...
  2. Is there one that you feel is better than the others, due to the adventure and the extra rules?
  3. If I get a GM Screen for AoR, will it have relevant info for EotE and FaD? Do I need a different screen for each one???
  4. Just got it in the mail yesterday. I'll be playing it with my 8 and 6 year old sons over XMas break! Can't wait! They are veteran gamers in a sense, they played a a very light version of D&D 5e with me in the past. I think they'll really dig the narrative aspect of this game.
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