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  1. Pretty sweet fiction IMO. Best one for Unicorn so far I think, although the dynasty pack one was on point.
  2. Yeah I thought it was the strongest Unicorn fiction. I really like the Ide character and the switched perspective.
  3. Gosh, was that her son? She had no way to confirm or deny. The world may never know. It's messing me up man. Also I am all for reclaiming the old castle.
  4. I see the choice more as, do you want the plotters to stay safe (maybe protect the scorpion) and see a weakened Lion and Crane (again, the scorpion would like to see the other two be busy) Unicorn might want that as well as the Lion have been butting heads with them on the other side. Crab may want to see what underhanded things are going on as would Dragon I think. Lion may value Duty in my opinion, but a Crane player wouldn't to save an important person and find out who betrayed them. I can see how each clan would want this to go I think. Scorpion, Unicorn, Lion - Duty Crane, Dragon, Crab - Justice Phoenix - Probably Justice?
  5. Anyone else kind of feeling meh about the stories? The 2 parter things and the lack of real progression. Let's see something happen! Honestly they feel very short and nothing happening. The opening clan ones were good, but since those there have been no story things. The Unicorn had their magic outlawed and the writing matched that, but more just set up a decision and gave a result. The Scorpion/Dragon one was neat, but lacked much progression, just some information. This Crab/Unicorn was a big walk through the forest and then surprise there is a Crab. I just feel like all of the stories just haven't been very complete and a little too short. I wish they would do some longer ones and maybe a little quicker. The story feels like it is in a holding pattern. Maybe I just need to wait and reevaluate after the first cycle finishes and see if I feel better about it.
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/9/21/represent-your-clan/
  7. I love the LCG setup over the CCG and will get the pack. For me I probably won't have multiple Crab decks since it is a dynasty card. I am not asking for fewer cards overall, I am asking to get more cards to fill up the pack with more variety. Extra copies of a single include means that 2 copies will always go unused unless at some point far in to the game I suddenly am able to build 3 different Crab decks at the same time, which seems a little unlikely. I don't know, just seems kind of weird to me, but also sounds like people want extra copies, so I won't fight the crowd. Also in comparing to the coop LCG cards, there are single copy cards, but they are mostly encounter cards and it is more likely that one-of cards may get used by another investigator too since the roles have much more overlap in Arkham.
  8. Yeah, but in LOTR and Arkham they have no problem printing plenty of uniques. I don't really need 3 provinces or 3 limit 1 cards or 3 strongholds. Just a little disappointing that when I get the pack I can add 4 total cards to all my crab decks, not six like everyone else. I would rather they add 3 "one of" cards a pack.
  9. In the upcoming dynasty pack, it says three of each card -> a full playset. But some of the cards can't be included more than once (like the crab holding which is a one-of per deck) so are they giving us three cards that we can't even use in a deck or will they only include one? This sucks if I get 3 of a card i can only use in one deck.
  10. I think it is fine, remember it only restricts competitive, and in the competitive scope, it helps to make decisions more meaningful. Helps make the roles be more impactful to play, which incorporates it more. Especially since meta changes are pretty slow in LCGs, it will be a nice breath of fresh air as they change roles. 2 cost for a 1/- hope they have a good effect. This exactly. Yes please, I got very frustrated in the Arkham delays that drug out for so long. I love the cranes new card, really will help with the over card draw stuff.
  11. I was referring to the 1st day of Thunder not the second day, I haven't read about the Second one before. Also the reason you reboot is to change things. They bought a whole IP and they needed to start somewhere, they went to the simplest time so they could control the story. Redoing the Coup could be useful if they want to change the outcome and the negative points of the old timeline. However if they had reset to another time later on they have to accept all of the old history. Resetting allows them to retell the story from a point of their choosing, might as well start clean than way far in to the fiction for new people just joining.
  12. Have we heard what the Deluxe Expansions are going to look like? It sounds like in other LCGs they went with focusing on one group at a time with very little or no support for the others and cycles were balanced. Have they answered this? I hope they do not because I think it will create temporary large power spikes for individual clans which doesn't seem fun. I would prefer something closer to LOTR where a Deluxe kicks off a cycle and the themes are developed with the smaller packs and then archetypes and can really develop with the card pool. What would you guys prefer?
  13. I read through the original 1st Day of Thunder stories and they were awesome in my opinion. I wouldn't mind seeing another Day of Thunder sort of thing this time around, would be a great story line to see. As a follow up to your post and because I have mulled over the idea, who, if anyone, would you guys expect to Coup. I actually think that it feels like they are setting up Lion as the bad guys, starting tons of wars and trying to force peoples hands, they are practically already at war with everyone.
  14. So to clarify, there was coup talk at the end of the Scorpion story. My understanding of this part of the passage is: 1. Scorpion should solidify their power while they are ahead and stay ahead and this is probably their direction that they want to go. 2. Any mention of a coup seemed like a way to say "no we are not doing a coup" 3. The mention of a coup was meant as a nod to the old timeline without a continuation of it this time. Do these interpretations make sense? I thought it seemed pretty clear that no one would end up pushing for the coup after reading through the fiction.
  15. I think they feel bland as we see more though. Crane ->strong politics and can honor. Lion -> Swarm military. Dragon awesome fate to rings and better dueling, awesome attachments. Crab -> cool sacrifice and defense mechanics. Phoenix control and ring manipulation. I'm looking forward to Scorpion, but also interested in Unicorn to see what unique mechanics they may get, but probably lot's of agro.
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