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  1. Thanks for the great response! I'll be providing both sides for the battles. So judging by the response, perhaps a second core set? Or is buying the VSD, Nebulon and CR90 packs seperately a better idea? I'll get the additional dice for sure. Is 400pts the standard size of games? What is the easiest size to learn the basics at? Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, very much appreciated!
  2. Hello all! I've taken the plunge and bought some ships for Armada. With all the excitement surrounding the new film I really couldn't help myself. I'm completely new to Armada(I also bought stuff for X Wing but haven't played that either) although I have been wargaming for a good few years now. I opted for the starter set as well as an MC80, Imperial class Star Destroyer and a pack of fighter squadrons for each faction. Is this a decent start? What would you guys recommend next? I'll be playing with a friend who is very new to gaming as a whole, so we will both be learning the game together. Thanks!
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