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  1. Awwww, I canceled my vacation days and will probably be working. 😞
  2. Double Peltaaaaaaaa! Unfortunately, @shmitty finally disproved my theory that one Pelta was not good enough to do well in a tournament.
  3. It appears that Tua cannot be equipped to an SSD, at least not to an Executor II. There's nothing on the card text that makes me think it should be prevented.
  4. I feel like I’m going to be reliving my final mistake of the day for a while. I played a consistently top four Nova player, then @Rikash, then @Truthiness, and then @Ginkapo. It was almost like a Vassal World Cup pod. The mix of being fourth-round tried and contemplating having to face Ginkapo to complete running the gauntlet caused me to make a horrible deployment, pretty much guaranteeing a horrible loss.
  5. Looking forward to playing with my Star Wars toys again with so many people!
  6. This reminds me much of what I took to my only previous Worlds participation: 2016 and the Rise of Rieekan. In the months prior to that tournament, I had been playing a lot of Yavaris bomber lists with Dodonna and occasionally Rieekan. Just prior to Worlds, I was running a list very similar to what was predominant that year. So what did I take? A brand new squad-less Vader list because I figured something that broke the mold would be what would win. The issue with the list was not that it sucked - well...maybe it did a little in that meta - but that I only had experience in about a half dozen games with anything in that fleet. For any tournament but especially for anything at the store championship level or higher, I tell people the most important thing is to take a fleet or at least components that they know well. At least then you won't lose because you didn't understand how best to play your fleet.
  7. My first one that stuck with me was Indy Regionals 2016 vs. a Motti list. I need 1 damage from 4 red dice to kill Motti's flagship and cascade kill all but one of his other ships. Zero damage. My most recent one was at Chicago Regionals 2018. My fleet is down to just a Pelta, BCC GR75, and all my squads. Ahead of me, I face a juicy 180-point Home One with a red Brace 3 hull and no relevant shields when I have just Keyan and double-arc long-range Pelta shots. Keyan rolls hit/crit-blank, BCC reroll blank, special reroll blank. He discards Brace. Pelta rolls side arc at long range: blank. Pelta rolls front arc at long range: blank-blank. He repairs to recover shields and makes it impossible for my remaining squads to finish it off.
  8. No, because the FCT is still really important, especially end game if Yavaris and other Pelta is dead.
  9. Yup, one each of the four B-wing squadrons, two YT 1300s, and Jan. The ships are mostly the same build as the double Pelta Garm list from last year.
  10. Yeah, that was me. The Garm version of the double Pelta took 7th and 8th at Detroit and Indy regionals last year, but @geek19 convinced me to give Leia a try. Because who doesn't want to activate 3-squads with Yavaris every turn?
  11. Yeah, @geek19 made at least top 8 with his Leia MSU, but I only managed 10th with my Leia Bae-wings. *grumble grumble* red dice *grumble grumble* The crazy part of my day? Crushing both Thrawn 2-ship fleets I faced 10-1 and 8-3 (and the 8-3 ran with his tail between his legs on his Pryce-ship's last activation) but getting tabled by Ackbar no-squad. Did I mention red dice yet? Because my opponent was getting rerolls of doubles into doubles while mine were rolling 3 blanks in a row. And just for extra salt, Keyan's shot at a shield-less side and with BCC had hit/crit-blank, hit/crit-blank, and hit/crit-blank to try to finish off Home One which then lived until its activation with 2 hull.
  12. I dunno, @dominosfleet keeps changing his story. In his post here, he said he called on Wednesday. In his Google review, he said he called a week before the event. Other details side by side are different, too. And going to multiple places to leave a bad review? That's petty. @The Jabbawookie has worthwhile advice.
  13. I just found your review. That's weak sauce: That is a useless review, no explanation at all. It's like the episode of the Office where Andy talks about maybe becoming a food critic, "This food tastes bad." Or an art critic: "This art is bad."
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