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  1. Fly Casual v0.9.6 is released Wave 5 points and slots update, Grappling Struts and Landing Struts (with animation) Download: https://github.com/Sandrem/FlyCasual/releases/tag/0.9.6 Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sandrem
  2. Seems that you need to install some updates for your OS. Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5uM0RFcriM
  3. Download zip-archive for your OS, extract to any folder, run.
  4. Online mode is disabled because I don't have enough resources to develop both offline and online mode at the same time. I plan to return to development of online mode later, if community still will be interested in my project.
  5. FlyCasual v0.9.5 is released Content from "BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack", new FO Interceptor with Major Vonreg Download: https://github.com/Sandrem/FlyCasual/releases/tag/0.9.5 Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sandrem
  6. Model of "Major Vonreg's TIE" by TerranCmdr
  7. Fly Casual v0.9.4 is released All remaining cards from "Nantex-class Starfighter Expansion Pack" Download: https://github.com/Sandrem/FlyCasual/releases/tag/0.9.4 Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sandrem
  8. I plan to release new version tomorrow, with Leia:
  9. TIE FO Interceptor by TerranCmdr, work in progress
  10. All card from recent article are ready. I plan to release update in the end of this week. If you have ideas about proper cost of pilots/upgrades - you can propose your variants here.
  11. I don't have any VR set to develop this feature, and Patreon support is not so high to allow me to by it for the game (I don't want to spend money from another sources). It is bad, that VR sets are available only for a few players at the moment. So I prefer to spend time to develop feature that will be useful for larger amount of players, like AI improvements, missions/campaign, or online mode. But I agree, it would be very cool to play such type of game in VR.
  12. Do you mean something like this?
  13. In plans. This is a simple change, but I plan to do it somewhere in v1.1, because I want to implement all remaining content/rules as v1.0 first.
  14. Fly Casual 0.9.3 is released Download: https://github.com/Sandrem/FlyCasual/releases/tag/0.9.3 Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sandrem
  15. Very high. I am finishing last Wave 4 pilot at the moment.
  16. Dice are fair. Behavior of dice is the same as in real life. Code is open source, anyone can check. Randomization of dice is done in file "Scripts/View/Board/Dice/Die.cs" at line 102 (each 3d-axis gets a random rotation), then gravity does it's work. No special behavior for AI or real player. If you lose because dice results - this is only luck, the same situation can be in real life match. Players usually ignore own lucky rolls and bad rolls of opponent ("I won because I fly better!"), but remember situations when lose in opposite situations ("How you can roll dice better than me? You are cheater!"). As example, try to remember, how many times you rolled 3 blanks on 3 green dice, and how many times you rolled 3 evades - most of players remember examples of first situation better. Also a lot of players don't understand how chances/probability work. Few simple examples: 1) Just flip a coin 100-1000 times, record results, and see how often it has series of the same side and how long these series sometimes. And understand, that if you flip a coin only few times - you can get results from that long series of the same good/bad result. 2) Chance to get 6 evades in a row is only 0,278%. But you play a lot of matches, and in each of them players roll dice a lot of times (100 matches with 100 dice rolls = 10'000 rolls!) - as result, it's almost guaranteed that you will see this situation often enough. But you can encounter this 6 perfect results in some not important shots in the middle of the long game, or encounter them in the initial joust and lose miserably because of this. --- I don't want to repeat same things each time, so, starting from this reply, I will ignore any discussion of AI dice rolls. Please, quote this reply when new discussion will be started again.
  17. Sorry, but I cannot fix luck of a player 😃
  18. Here is an example: "Player 2" rolled 8 attack dice, results were perfect (1 crit, 3 hits, 2 eyes, 2 blanks - 1-in-1 as sides on attack die). "Player 1" rolled 8 attack dice, and got 3 crit results. 3/8=37,5% of dice were crit results. Expected result is 1/8=12.5%. So, difference is 37.5-12.5=+25% But "Player 1" got 0 usual hit results. 0% of dice were hits, expected result is 3/8 = 37.5%. So, difference is 0-37.5=-37.5%
  19. When target can be selected - use right mouse button on it to only measure distance. In "touch controls" mode - no way at the moment.
  20. I think that these few lines of ideas mean few months of work in my free time.
  21. On mobile devices - no perfrect rotation, only real life precision) I plan to add "Rotate N degrees" button for mobile devices later.
  22. With own light sources:
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