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  1. So I wonder....because there are some large ships becoming medium based and theres some small ships becoming medium based....what peg are they going to use? Will my old Firespray be able to use the new medium base....right along with my G1A that uses a current small peg....I'm really curious about how FFG is going to pull that off for older ships moving to medium bases....
  2. I had actually thought about converting over the Tinker chart in the 3e source books, you are right using threat/dispair along with that chart may be the route to go.
  3. Thanks for the feedback...I'll digest it all and make some additions. I agree on expanding on magic, just didn't put time into doing that yet. If you are interested and wanted to tackle that it'd be awesome! Racial things: Ya gnome curse it tough, cause you want them to SORTA be good at mechanics but then again they suck at it. lol so ya, what niche are they really filling; The Klar I had as mountain at first then read they were hill....seems conflicting sources atm, will need to do more research, but love their craziness Ya I like your thoughts on kender, I think that's probably a better way to design them. If you want to shoot me some recommended changes please do so, would dig that. The ordering really wasnt thought out and can be changed, it was more willy nilly than anything when I was laying it out. Probably need to move all the monsterous races into their own section with a disclaimer. Big thing for me is that I never played Saga, so bringing it's 5th age flair is something I'm going to have to spend some more time reading, again, welcome any recommendations. Playing with the speed for instance is not something I have done in rpgs like DND but maybe in Genesys we could do some things with adding difficulty etc to alter the speed of the casting and maybe even speed of recovering strain? Btw, anyone interested in helping (and I much prefer a team effort) can email me at jeremie.wade@gmail.com.
  4. One change I've made recently was to take careers like Noble, Mariner, Entertainer etc and folded them into an expert or "Master" career...something reminiscent of the 3rd edition Dragonlance "Master" class found in the War of the Lance 3rd Edition DnD Sourcebook. Back in the day of 3rd ed. Mariner was its own class and could probably still be it's own career here but I figured it's enough of an occupation that it fit with Master career. Also adjusted starting XP and brawn for some of the races to better balance them.
  5. Updated Post with newest PDF and a link to the spreadsheet for those wanting to collaborate.
  6. Here's a link to the Dragonlance setting I've been working on. And here is the thread I'll continue to update, it's a WIP.
  7. Coming from DnD I wanted to create a number of knowledge skills but came to agree with others that having a 3-4 knowledge skills is probably enough. I suggest sticking with FFGs that Richard posted.
  8. There's currently a Pathfinder conversion going on, an Eberron too. I'm working on Dragonlance. So ya, there's a good bit of Fantasy work taking place. Also, google Swrpg fantasy conversion....there was a guy that converted Sw rpg narrative system to fantasy even before Genesys was announced. It may be enough to get you going.
  9. Yea honestly I might have completely missed the bit about it costing extra. Going to have to comb through for those. But ya, sounds arbitrary to me too.
  10. With the newest version I think I've gotten things a bit more balanced but I'll look over it all again with these calculations in mind. I think my calculations may have gotten off with the thresholds. I agree that as long as they are balanced together then it should be okay but I did take the human straight outta the book so I want to make sure the others are level with them.
  11. Updated the original post with v.04 of the Dragonlance guide! Thanks all, keep comments coming!
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I tried to use the human as my basis for points but perhaps my starting XP was miscalculated...I don't have the spreadsheet open but I want to say that 360xp was what I was going off of....is that about right or too high? I'll look over the skills with everyone's thoughts and make some adjustments....as I think you guys have provided a lot of great advice. Thank you! I've had a couple questions about what I used to layout...it was actually an online service called Canva....it's primarily used for quick and easy graphic design but I've found it to be pretty flexible...the art resources are just ones that have been shared around online and the fonts were about as close as I felt I'd come (some I got from Dafont.com). Thanks again everyone!
  13. Been working on this as a DL primer and supplement for Genesys. PDF can be found HERE **UPDATED PDF-12/31/17** can be found HERE. **UPDATE-12/29/17** Decided I'd go ahead and share the spreadsheet I'm using to compile all of this before creating a PDF. Just be warned, this is where I do all my theory-crafting but as some folks want to help flesh out Dragonlance for Genesys I figured I'd share it to collaborate more. Find it HERE. Next to tackle are setting specific talents (which will also be used to reflect many of the organizations found in Dragonlance such as the Wizards of High Sorcery and various knighthoods). A bestiary, magic item section, and a location/kingdoms section will eventually be added too. As a DM I want to be able to hand this document to a player as a resource for both DL and Genesys both. Appreciate any feedback! Particularly when it comes to balance - the draconian death throes were fun to think about but would appreciate some feedback. By no means am I an expert in the Genesys system! One other quick question I'd love to ask....I feel like 8 skills just quite isn't enough...especially when it's a fantasy setting where the players will need to invest in melee and ranged weapons. At the moment I have 2 melee skill types and 2 ranged....but am also giving the careers pretty much a free knowledge based skill (predetermined though). Does that sound alright? Game breaking? Any other way to tackle it? I know we could make them just single melee and ranged skills but I would prefer to retain the flavor of splitting them into Heavy/Light. **UPDATE** I appreciate all the feedback and insight. I've made some alterations to the skills and have made some consolidations. I've toned down some of the racial special abilities and lowered available XP to many of them as well. Hopefully this will get more of them in line balance wise with what the community and FFG intends. Please let me know if there's any other suggestions you might have! Also feel free to point out my dumb copy-paste mistakes This week I'll begin tackling the setting specific talents. There's such great content coming out right now that I don't feel I need to create a ton of talents, just ones that bring out the flavor of Dragonlance.
  14. Same here. I'm looking forward to painting some at this scale Aside from X-Wing I've not played this kind of miniature wargame since Warmahordes a couple years ago. Can't wait for Legion to hit the shelves!
  15. Want to test out some of these new guys...could use some feedback! Captain Nym (Scum) (30) Adaptability (0) Autoblaster Turret (2) Bomblet Generator (3) Accuracy Corrector (3) "Genius" (0) Havoc (0) Constable Zuvio (19) Veteran Instincts (1) Cad Bane (2) Pattern Analyzer (2) Proximity Mines (3) Dalan Oberos (30) Veteran Instincts (1) Advanced Sensors (3) Inertial Dampeners (1) Autothrusters (2) StarViper Mk. II (-3) Virago (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
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