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  1. I totally agree, I am going to presume that is what he meant. I got two shots off before he took the punisher out.
  2. The wording on the cards in the FAQ is the same, there is no reason why you should not be allowed to do this for both.
  3. I was at a Store Tournament a while back and I was questioned about the validity of the Redline, Cluster missiles, FCS, combo that I have been playing for a while. He stated that I should not be allowed to get a TL after the first attack of cluster missiles, because you do not get to do that combo with TLT. I have checked the FAQ and I do not see how this would be illegal, with either Cluster missiles or TLT. Am I crazy????
  4. I got the mass hysteria copy with the first Kickstarter. It is a lot of fun and you can increase the difficulty by adding "impossible mode" ghosts. I would get it.
  5. Hey M240guy, I live out in California and I am unable to fly out. I really would really like to support the event, is there any merchensise I can purchase or do I have to attend the event?
  6. It it yes. What I am trying to do is appeal to both the grizzled competitive veteran looking to improve their game with the latest tricks and combos and killer lists out there, and try to teach our ever expanding X-Wing community and help the newer player learn the game competitively. I hope I am acomplishing that with these segments. I liked the Noobie Corner, I have been following this podcast when I started playing and it has help greatly with my game. It is also great to hear other noob's insight on the game as well. I do not mind the title at all. I started playing in November of last year and I am a Noobie. Not ashamed to say it, I need to earn my stripes and cut my teeth just like everyone else.
  7. I am envious, I could not pay my wife to play. First she buys me an A-wing and the Rebel Aces pack, now she takes every pot shot she can at me. Women.
  8. They are my go to torpedo just for the simple reason of forcing them to use tokens or if I botch the roll it still does something positive for you.
  9. I like the Punisher, but I haven't had many opportunities to use it (haven't used Redline at all). Maybe swap Omega Ace out for Epsilon Leader - a little cheaper and a good way to keep your other ships unstressed. Omega Leader might be a good fit, too... Coldreaver83, I currently run Redline with OL and Omega squadron pilot. It is a lot of fun.
  10. To the OP just be aware if you plan on running with OL your opponents can spend evade tokens and other crew or ships can modify the dice. E.g. Palp can modify the defenders dice. Hope that also helps clarify.
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