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  1. Stop Whining!

    I know it's the reason. Just face it like a grow-up ;-)
  2. Stop Whining!

    Seriously folks! This forum is full of crap! Stop whining about this and that and rather play the game. Enjoy what you have. Tha game has it's issues, some more serious then others but it's all in the hands of developers. And it seems they balance the game as they see fit, ignoring the pleas from the community. And I don't blame them. Just face it like a man... or like Han Solo charging platoon of stormtroopers! When I joined x-wing 2,5 years ago, this was one of my favourite places on the internet. Guides, theories, sharing of experience... this was amazing. We reffered to each other as "pilots" rather then nerds. With more math in the game and less maneuvering this forum have changed to the worse and with first FAQ rules update, the gates have opened to the floods of "community requests". Just cut the crap and enjoy the game. I hate this air of negativity. It's not good for us, the pilots. And it also leads to the Dark Side.
  3. Everything that is wrong in this game, part 1. Turrets

    First of all, I don't think turrets are issue number one. To be honest, I don't even think all turrets are an issue. Turrets were in the game since Wave 1. I wouldn't treat the PWT. It's either on very expensive ship, or it's low-power. If you would remove PWT from Millenium Falcon, the most iconic ship of Star Wars universe would die out. Now let's talk about turret upgrades: Autoblaster Turret - this one is strong but needs big imput from the player as mentioned in OP. Range 1 is extremely limiting and shooting with 2 dice is not that great. Even if you spam it it's difficult to do serious damage. OK Blaster Turret - who use it? If this one wouldn't exist, nothing would happen. Cancel Dorsal Turret - this one is actually very good. Again, limited range, better at close range but avoidable. It's will not deal more then your usual primary weapon and with limited range. Ion Cannon Turret - my all time favourite, limited range, low damage, Ion Token. OK Synced Turret - well designed turret. Again Range 1-2. OK Twin Laser Turret - Range 2-3 means you don't have to go to the thick of the fighting, also, you ignore the defenders benefit of Range 3 which is more added value. You attack twice so you basically assure damage. And lots of damage because you can shoot at range 3. Mean! Forbid! How powerful would be the Thug Life if the range for TLT would be 1-2? It would also help to have less turret slot carriers (talking small ships, HWK, Y-Wing, Agressor would be enough). TL,DR: it's not turrets per se, it's the range of the one turret that makes it sick.
  4. poll: how long have you been playing?

    In X-Wing since December 2015 The game has it's major issues but is still the moste enjoyable mainstream game on the market. I spent about 350EUR not considering ships I have sold later.
  5. Poll: what is your favorite ship?

    Lore: Slave I In-Game : Slave I Looks: Slave I All Around: Slave I The ship was absolutely striking in Empire Strikes Back as well as Boba Fett. I like those two aspects mostly from the Legends but Slave I in episode II did very well.
  6. How do you roll your dice?

    I use the same technique. Sometimes even with dice.
  7. Mistakes were made and it’s Friday.

    I use all of my ships. Ships I bought and havebn't played I sold and bought other ships. Some ships I fly rarely (I mean, not everyday you field all five T-70s).
  8. Wave 14 and Scum

    Yes. Evryone already have at least one Falcon.
  9. Star Wars 6mm Wargame

    Regarding Onslaught, I don't know what you mean. I only see W40K style. OTC? PPF? Not saw a mention on that. Vanguard Desert infantry is really doable for Hoth Rebels. I have also found Tauntaun cavalry in CinC. That might work well! Thanks.
  10. Star Wars 6mm Wargame

    I am sorry for necromancy but I have recently found Horizon Wars from Osprey Games as very neat sci-fi 6mm wargame. Still trying to find some infantry for Star Wars in the scale...
  11. Happy Friday

    I like to play this list nowadays so I will make it 60USD and use the other 40USD for a gaming mat because it's nice to have something pretty to play on: 4x Concord Dawn Ace + Fearlessness + Concord Dawn Protector Happy Friday to everyone.
  12. What is the worst location you played a game of X-Wing?

    Small table, with roads on it, in train. We went on Czech Nationals by train in 5 am so my mate booked us tickets in the "play-vagon" for kids. It was a blast! We were only able to have one ship each (because the moving train environment) so he wanted to try ARC-170 which came out about that time and I took HWK-290 with Autoblaster Turret.
  13. which could be used along x-wing? anything Star Warsy?