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  1. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    I saw the list on list juggler. Boba Fett + Fearlessness, EU, Glitterstim, Hot-shot Copilot Asajj Ventress + 2x Glitterstim, Countermeasures and I don't remember the rest.
  2. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Well, I just buy the ships I like and I play with them. Take them to the tournament and see if my skill in flying those ships is better then other guys with other ships...
  3. "I've never" anonymous

    I never gave up on Boba Fett and Slave I.
  4. Advices for Hwk-290

    I play Kyle Katarn+Jan Ors (Crew)+Ion Cannon Turret+Moldy Crow. It enables one of your ships to stack focus and evade tokens. Or yourself if you need.
  5. Have top players tried BB-8 Poe since Wave 12/13?

    I play Poe+PTL+BB-8 since the very beginning. With AO out, I just consider dropping PTL for something else but it's not worth it. Even against higher PS, the sheer unpredictability of the build is extremely powerful (if played well).
  6. The mountain you die on

    I second that.
  7. That ship you never fly...

    I play Rebels and Scum. It usually take me some time to buy ships as my budget is limited. So there is no ship I would have bought and never played it. On the other hand, there is a Quadjumper. I bought it because the ship is so freaking beautiful. I have played it in about three games and enjoyed it. However, I never played it since then. Does it count?
  8. Are triple T70's viable?

    I am also very fond of Predator on T-70 as the card is unconditionally good. I still have to try Poe+BB-8+Predator+AO though. I am looking forward to that damage potential.
  9. What is your favourite faction and why?

    Fully agree. Tried to play low agility ships but it never worked out for me.
  10. Hey fellow pilots! I am just curious about the question above. I will start by stating my favourite faction is Rebels, specifically the Resistence subfaction. First of all, I like the new movies and I like the new characters. T-70 already have plenty of pilots and I like most of them and the craft is extremely versatile. New bomber is also great fun to play. Tech gives our ships something extra to the Rebel counterpart. Please, share with all of us, which faction is your personal favourite and why.
  11. Your Year in Review

    2017 was good year for X-Wing. I have bought some new ships. Absolute highlight of these however is the recent Resistence Bomber as I have great fun with it. It's a BLAST! Other ships I got was the Rebel Transport for Birthday (thanks again, my clubmates), Protectorate Starfighter for anniversary (thanks my dear) and other ships I bought on impulse. I have attended several events and most of them went quite well for me (the best was third place on a Store Championship) and I enjoyed all of them. I have made very nice deals on the trade thread on this forum and I made three new good friends thanks to x-wing. Last year was great! For 2018, I plan to start a record of my games. Just a very short summary of which ships I had, what my opponent had, who won and which ships worked well. It will help me find errors in my ways. I am still not really sure if I want to invest in Scum even more. I mostly play Resistence with few rebels and then I tend to play Boba Fett + something. I would have to make my mind on the metter of investments as I am quite short on cash. Also I don't want to drop my conviction that I will only buy and fly ships and pilots I like, no matter the meta. My wife also had very good year in X-Wing. She got in the game and got some nice ships she likes (mostly OT stuff). She got her hands on AA Corran Horn - pilot she loves the most (I am even a little jealous). She decided to go to tournaments, her first experience was Czech Nationals (where she did better then I did). Due to this fact, she got deeper into the games mechanic and tactical thinking which improved her game a lot. I would say she is now No.2 in our group pilot-wise.
  12. Merry Christmas All!

    Merry Christmas everyone! May the Force be with you all! Always!
  13. Obligatory film ranking thread

    I agree in most points. From my perspective the Gungans are not worse in any sense then Ewoks (RoTJ), Space Worm (TESB) or Jabba (RoTJ again). Neither of these worried me in any of the films so why would people hate Gungans? In comparison to Rogue One, for example, the characters were well streamlined and we knew their motivations. Qui-Gon Jinn was the best Jedi in the films, second only to Luke Skywalker. The big fight scene (the threesome) and the small fight scene (first contact between Qui-Gon and Maul), both were amazingly well done (and acted). Actually, I find less to criticize in The Phantom Menace then I have in Return of the Jedi or Empire Strikes Back. I'm not much fan of the pod-racing but it was cool!
  14. Resistance Bomber is wrong size

    I disagree. I love it and I think it's perfect size!