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  1. I put way too much upgrades on my Aces but otherwise I like none or few.
  2. Does anyone know why is Leia I:5 pilot? I saw all the movies and never seen her flying the ship. Now, all of the sudden she is as good as Luke Skywalker, Corran Horn, Lando Calrissian?
  3. Yes, that's pretty much what I said :-D
  4. Unfortunatelly I must agree. It is good trade-off. But I disagree with your other statement. If I want to play Resistence Transport in union with Resistence Bomber and T-70 X-Wing for example, I need to have jam tokens, strain tokens, force tokens (probably), reinforce tokens... just for the case. I can't leave them home. And if the answer is "don't play list like that" then it's not an answer. These are valid game mechanics and playstyles. Can't avoid it if you wan't to play it. It's just huge pain in the donkey. But necessary, I know I contradict myself. :-(
  5. The friggin huge amount of tokens is the only thing I don't like on this game.
  6. Jiron

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Shoot! The fireball model is neat! I only saw few episodes but I'm gonna need this one!
  7. I’d point out the fact that you can go with PDF/printout. Our gaming spot is in underground without internet access so I occationally use the printouts to bash lists together.
  8. Considering the Sith Code, he is more Sith then any other in the Saga. ;-)
  9. X-Wing now is not good for me because: -most of my friends refused to convert from 1.0 and rather stopped playing -our local competetive community plays in the same day of the week as we have gaming nights of other games with my group -when I will buy two more Conversion Kits to fly all 9 of my T-70 X-Wings, I will have 9 dials for Bomber and Falcon of which I only have 1 X-Wing now is awesome because: -the segregation of factions mean I can fight pure First Order with my Resistance. -I will get Resistance ship card for my Rebel Transport. -I see a lot of Star Wars movie characters and ships on the tables
  10. Dude, you get it wrong. I don’t play her Rebels, she does that herself. I just buy her ships, Conversion kits and so on so she never finds out how much it costs!!!
  11. Exactly. I like the aesthetic and background of Separatist ships but don’t really play often enough to justify buying into another faction. Especially when I also buy Rebels for my wife.
  12. I played Resistance and scum in 1.0, when 2.0 was announced, I got rid of Scum and Villainy and embraced Resistance as my only faction. Now I am really tempted by Separatists but because my budget won’t allow me to buy 5+ ships to start at least, I am maintaining just one faction.
  13. I actually play Resistance. It’s double funny!
  14. When the Geonosians land, I might not be able to resist...
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