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  1. Awesome!
  2. I would keep IT simple. Take Vader with two TIEs vs Luke with one more ship. I'd go Core Set+1 expansion per side. Or, if they like SW Rebels, just take Ghost against Inquisitor and TIEs or Fenn Rau.
  3. I'm gonna try this on Red Ace!
  4. I will have to fly to Birmingham... or Hannover?
  5. That sounds actually cool! Proton Torpedoes are the weapons extensively used in EU by X-Wings and Y-Wings. The option to reload them would be awesome as it would open the option for ordnance X-Wings. But it should have to be about -4 points...
  6. I found one snap shot underwhelming. I have yet to test two of them.
  7. Thank you all for great input and help! I think I have sorted out most of my thoughts on the topic to enjoy the game even more. Thanks a lot.
  8. What seems to be a problem, Bounty Hunters are law enforcement as well. Read the Bounty Hunter's Guide. :-)
  9. All right, I admit I have put my OP on with lack of info as It laid hard on my mind. So, to list all of my Scum ships: Firespray, 3 Protectorate Starfighters, HWK-290 and Quadjumper. Two of these types I have only bought because I like the look of it (Protectorate and Quadjumper). I have somehow playtested almost every pilot (Jakku Gunrunner and Unkar Plutt being the only exception) with a lists but somehow I always end up with Boba, Fenn and Zuvio because these are characters I kind of like. The important thing for me is the theme must work for me. For the last point... I don't define casual as "non-tournament". If you feel offended I am sorry about that. The same goes about my english. Not my first language.
  10. A pirate and a bounty hunter? I don't think so. :-)
  11. This is the piece of advice I am looking for. To be honest, I haven't yet tried to play Protectorate Starfighter other then Fenn Rau. I could play multiple of these as fire support for Boba. Unfortunatelly, the new take on the Mandalorians is so meh... You hit it right, it's the theme I am worried about. It's not really about the ships themselves but the characters, the spirit beyond the stats and so.
  12. Hi fellow pilots. I need your help. Since I started with x-wing, I only play Resistence ships (and HWK-290). Because I really like Boba Fett, I have bought Slave I and have full set for Empire and Scum. That's some time ago, I bought several S&V ships but I still don't like the gameplay for those. I only buy ships I like and field my favorite characters but it still doesn't fulfill me the same way as flying Resistance. I really want to like the others&v as much as I like flying Boba himself! It's entirely casual request, what should I do to like it. Thanks for help.
  13. So, you suggest to take turret worth 10 points and three slots? This topic is kind of a joke, although I think it would be just a minor change to make the card viable. I am not buying new ship for other version of the same (synced turret). I would like to use the cards I have for the card. I understand they made this restriction not to make it too powerful but then they released TLT or Dorsal Turret. Most of the time, I am using Rebel Operative as a turreted filler (with ABT) or Kyle Katarn with Jan Ors (it's cool and allows my other ships evade tokens) and the turret as per point allowance. But it would be so cool if the Blaster Turred would be working at least!
  14. That is right! I really like HWK-290 and the blaster turret is (as per the picture) the basic turret for the ship. But it's never used! Just a simple fix... "Don't have to spend Focus"! I want my blaster turret back! :-)
  15. I Want (pretty desperatelly): AA Ello Asty AA Poe Dameron I offer: AA Hera Syndulla AA Red Ace AA Predator AA Veteran Instincts AA Gunner AA Recon Specialist Two successful trades and based in Czech Republic - all cards in English