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  1. Jiron


    **** I am lost in the past...
  2. Jiron

    Upgrades superfluous?

  3. Jiron


    Maybe increase difficulty of all maneuvers? Green to White, White to red And red to impossible? And you relief stress by reducing green dice fór turn?
  4. Jiron


    I want to try playing with dense terrain (lets say Siege of Coruscant) with some additional rules for obstacles. I didn't yet.
  5. Jiron

    Upgrades superfluous?

    I like Han with Millenium Falcon only. I really enjoyed that once I played.
  6. Jiron

    The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]

    Actually, ať this timeline, we could see more grown-up Sabine with much more serious tone. When she works alone, she might have become more ruthless yet still Sabine for the adult audience.
  7. Jiron

    Are triple T70's viable?

    I spent most of my time in X-WING flying T-70. Now, I really struggle to find enough enthusiasm to build lists without them. I bulid lists with my wife's Rebels with HWKs And Headhunters (did you know Poe flew Headhunter too?)... I just can't wait for the Conversion Kit. 😞 sad Resistence 🐼
  8. Jiron

    Homing Missiles - When do you NOT take the hit?

    With 1-2 Agility, I would take 1 damage anytime, rather then risk 4 dice.
  9. Jiron

    Help me buy my last big hurrah for the game!

    You need Mist Hunter!
  10. Jiron

    What is “Dark Side”

    As one noble master said, it Is not just good or evil, jedi and the sith. There Is no greater good because there Is no good or evil at all...
  11. Jiron

    Looking for Luke lists

    I am planning to use superLuke: Luke Skywalker, Supernatural Reflexes, Afterburners, R2-D2, S-foils, Proton Torpedoes Jan Ors, Perceptive Copilot Roarke Garnet, Perceptive Copilot Luke behaves like PTL Poe with BB-8 AND regen droid. The two supports give him the edge and still offer cover fire.
  12. Jiron

    What is “Dark Side”

    Oh...And I expected jedi philosophy thread 😞
  13. Jiron

    Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?

    Yesterday I flew Luke with Kyle and Jan. It went really well. The way how well it went leads me to idea of flying him with Jan and Roarke.
  14. Jiron

    Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?

    If she has Moldy Crow. Otherwise only the turret arc.
  15. Jiron

    Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?

    I am going to try two tonight! One with Kyle, Moldy Crow and Perceptive Copilot, the other will be either Jan or Scout, doing the de-buff work (Jamming enemy ships).