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  1. Jiron

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    Tough call. Veteran Instincts
  2. Do the best thing. Sell everything you have and start over. New core set with two expansion packs Are 100$ or so. You got all the pilots.
  3. Jiron

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

    I am actually bad in X-Wing because I limit myself. I only buy ships I like and I never proxi a thing. I don't mix eras. I despise flying broken stuff. That is the reason why my best result in our competetive group was being 4th at the Store Championship.
  4. Jiron

    Giving away 3 Conversion Kits before GenCon

    I'd gladly také one ;-)
  5. These people are the reason why Disney cut down EU... :-D
  6. Ufff... I have started X-Wing pretty late, when TFA come to the cinemas. My first ship was T-70 X-Wing and I love it. I started to build Resistence and I really don't like mixing eras. So I have had few Resistence and Rebel stuff, played separately. Then, my wife started to play X-wing and I gave her all my Rebels. And bought myself some nice Scum (because I always liked Firespray). Then 2nd edition and conversion kits were announced and that expedited my decision to get back to Resistence Only mindset. I am now selling out my Scum. That's about the lack of OT ships - my wife plays these so they are at home. And I really like the Sequels so far. Regarding CIS, I like Geonosians (since the WotC card game, my brother wanted to play Anakin so I chose Dooku and Geonosians because they are similar to MTG Goblins). I would immagine the ship and the pilots wouldn't be that great. The ship would be about the same stats as Z-95 Headhunter. The dial would be slightly different (1-bank, 1-straight, all 2s, all 3s, 3 sloops). Actions would be Focus/Evade/Barel Roll (all white, no chaining). Ship inbuild ability would be something like this: "Hive Behaviour - when attacking or defending, you can reroll one die for each other Geonosian Starfighter within range 1". Pilots would be: *Sun Fac - INI4 - At the start of the combat phase you can assign to your ship any kind of token from other Geonosian Starfighter ship within R1 Geonosian Guard - INI3 Geonosian Warrior - INI2 Geonosian Sentry - INI1 So basically, it would support the insect behavior. That unity makes them strong but individually they are really weak. Also would be nice to have the option of having Poggle the Lesser in CIS Sheathipede. He would do something broken like all Geonosian Starfighters share Sun Fac's ability. And he would be brutally point expensive. Something along the line...
  7. I voted for Resistence and CIS. I would only joined CIS if Geonosian Fighters would work how I would like them to.
  8. Jiron

    Happy Friday ...... Maybe .....

    On the last Tournament the tables were really low. Next morning my back was so stiff I could hardly get up from the bed. Guess I am getting older...
  9. Jiron

    Are you enjoying 1.0 more or less today?

    Same here. My collection Is not that big and I realized, there is plenty of stuff I literaly never played. Last week I played with Roark Garnet for the first time.
  10. Jiron

    What factions are you most excited to play in 2.0?

    I have occationally played Scum but sold it recently. The only ship I kept non-resistent is Moldy Crow. Until my Resistence is released, I will play with my wifes rebels.
  11. Jiron

    Lists you hope to play in 2.0?

    I Hope I will be able to play three T-70 aces, retaining all named pilots. I am looking forward to play anything with Kyle Katarn and to watch my wife learn to fly Corran Horn (her Star Wars love-occationally I am a bit jealous).
  12. Jiron

    Where are my Cannons and Turrets?

    Autoblaster turret is gone as well. I am glad. These turrets and cannons make sense. I am happy that most of the cannons and turrets are gone. Now hate me. Edit: Let the past die!
  13. Jiron

    My farewell tournament to 1.0

    This i my stupid thing to say goodbye to 1.0
  14. Jiron

    Listbuilding Excercise - HWK

  15. Hi fellow pilots, as 2.0 is getting closer, I decided I will try all the stuff I always said "one day I try...". As I really love HWK-290, it finds it's place in most of my experiments. Today I thought: heck, I only once flew HWK without turret. So I now challenge you to find the most effective HWK build with it's primary weapon. I came up with the following ideas: 1) Snapshot - nice but not really efficient, also I would rather put around M9-G8 to give it a re-roll. 2) Expose - might work nice as you can stack Focus on Moldy Crow. Also you can decide if you prefere offense to defence based on your current situation. 3) Finn - thanks to Moldy Crow you can either target lock if you have enough focus or apply Predator or Lone Wolf (doesn't really make sense on most pilots) I am looking forward to see what you can think of. Remember, it's not really a serious thread. 😉