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  1. I've never read the series but from reading this it sounds bonkers.
  2. If I run it, I might bend the rules a bit.might make it interesting if it could be done with an unwilling victim. Kinda like cell.
  3. Hey I was doing a read through on the talents, and wanted to throw out some ideas on the Super Namekian. So it is the fusion of the show, but I'm wondering if we shouldn't go a little au here. Since it requires teir 5 already, wouldn't it be easier to drop the required npc to sacrifice themself? I find it all that it's the only racial transformation that requires what could amount too a special quest for one pc find a will fusion partner
  4. So is any one running a game of this online? Would love to play and I'm running another game already
  5. My self I would probably make transformations tier 5 talents, giving humans the kio-kin (ken?) As theirs. But that's because the multiple forms things really irke me to no end despite still enjoying the series
  6. is there a vehicle sheet anywhere?
  7. Which magic skill you have determines which magic actions your character can use. One rank unlocks all the magic actions for you.
  8. Honestly to me forget augment. Any caster can leave magic behind. Here's how I would run it. Any enchanting requires special items (aka gmplot hook). A fire started by an everlasting flame, a holy site with a priest meditating and fasting for a week ect. Second is an item of worthy quality. Not just your pa's old notchedsword. A sword built to last and hold magic. Next part is when rolling starts. If you want a flaming sword, then figure out what magic you have that can make fire. The attack action, divine special utility divine light, ect. Something thematically apporite for the magic item you want to create. Make your roll for that spell with all it's options, and upgrade once. So just making a extra sharp and dangerous sword is just 1 red 1 purple, being enchanted with just base magic attack. Spend time, extra advantages speed up the process. I would add setback and boost according to things like item quality, where you are working from, having plenty of time and not rushing, ect. End effects power based off what was uncancelled from your roll.
  9. What are the knowledge is power rules? I must have missed them
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VPCPMuQuvJ5pH8s9D41INK811GVJ3jT0pAzVusXA5gM/mobilebasic Are you looking for a space opera fantasy punk game where you can sail on a vessel powered by the fire of the stars themselves? Then check out my setting the Etherium. I'm looking for players for a Monday game running around 3pm central us time. Will you join the noble High Navy, the sailors that patrol and protect the territory of the Coalition of World's? Do you wish to adventure for profit with the Etheric Merchants Guild? Theyalways seek able body sailors to serve as privateers to protect their vessels that sail out side the bounds of the Coalition. Or journey under the black flag of a pirate, seeking riches at any cost but honest labor. Message me for link to discord server for the game, from which games will be played with voice and a in client dice roller.
  11. Especially in a system called the narrative dice mechanic, I think this is the best way to handle non standard pairings of attributes and skills. Also, with in most trpgs, I think it's a good way to go. The player describes their intended actions, gm decides on a what roll best represents that action and a fair difficulty needed, dice inform you of the end results.
  12. The story point is not a bad idea if it starts to become a problem with meta gamey players. I have had several gamers in the past that I would trust this idea with. It also makes it easier on skill bloat, since now anyone with a skill can ask to make a knowledge check about that field by using int+skill.
  13. Honestly only 40k lore I know is the orks. I love me god **** spore monsters
  14. The Etherium: solar punk space opera with boundless species and solar powered mutants
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