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  1. I downloaded this app, and it's pretty cool, but I'm a little puzzled about how the victory points are calculated. Here's two successful games: Game #1: 2 replacement investigators, 4 open gates, 10 monsters, 1 rumor still in play, Doom level 3 Game #2: 1 replacement investigator (better than Game #1), 3 open gates (better), 8 monsters (better), 2 rumors (worse), Doom level 10 (much better) Game #1 scored 6 VP, while Game #2 scored 1 VP. (At least, I'm assuming that the big number by the person in the trenchcoat is the VP.)
  2. Actions are performed in the action phase: travel, rest, acquire assets, etc. The "focus action" is the action you use to gain a focus token. Using a focus token to reroll a die isn't a "focus action".
  3. +1 to StLemon's advice. It took my group a few tries to get accustomed to the rhythm of the game and learn how to plan ahead, how to best use investigators' strengths, etc.
  4. I just downloaded it for Android, and I don't see a "Save Game" button. Also, the "Continue" button crashes it.
  5. Some questions came up during a recent game. 1) Yig, when awakened, says that whenever doom advances, remove an eldritch token from it. If the omen moves and causes doom to advance 3 spaces (because 3 gates match the omen), do we remove 3 eldritch tokens from Yig or just one? 2) Some assets and tasks accumulate eldritch tokens. What happens to those tokens when the investigator is defeated? 3) The Sledgehammer from Under the Pyramids says "Gain +1 Str, gain +2 Str during combat encounters" -- since bonuses don't stack, this only grants a total of +2 during combat encounters, right? 4) Under the Pyramids comes with a second Expedition marker, but I couldn't find any rules that say what to do with it.
  6. I submitted my game as row 4656, but forgot at the time which rumors we had solved -- they were Relics of Old and Dimensions Collide. Also, I am not sure how to calculate the game score.
  7. The mystery says after flipping the relic, discard it to put an eldritch token on the mystery. However, the card isn't clear about the timing of this process. Do you discard the relic before following the instructions on the back of the relic card, or after? If after, some relics' instructions tell you to discard the card, so are you then unable to discard it in order to advance the mystery? Does “Item – Magical Relic” count as a Relic? The mystery requires a relic to be flipped, and it looks like Magical Relics have different rules for flipping than a plain "Item -- Relic".
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