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  1. Looking real good! The look of those infiltrators are exactly what I pictured when I started with the greenstuff, and I really need to finish mine. Very glad you too liked the idea. Thanks again!
  2. I like the look of that a lot! That yellow/copper combo looks sharp yet subdued somehow. Yes please. Love me some CSA ships.
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys! The Falcon is primed in Army Painter Skeleton Bone, base colors of Vallejo Storm Grey and GW Mephiston Red added, and then a dirty wash of 1/2 Nuln Oil and 1/2 Agrax Earthshade. I only touched up the red areas and a couple of the grey, as the Falcon needs to appear good and dirty. I think I did a second, targeted wash around the exhaust vents in the back, as those are usually depicted with tons of carbon scoring. The Ghost was primed white, two thin coats of Vallejo Pale Grey-Blue, with spot colors in P3 Arcane Blue, Vallejo Storm Grey, GW Wild Rider Red, and a mix of Wild Rider and GW Fire Dragon Bright for the engine area. A slightly thinned wash of Nuln, and the colors were all brought back up.
  4. Part of a test for a new light box, and seeing how it did with fiddly little details and what-not. I feel I just about went insane painting these, though. What do my esteemed fellows think?
  5. I like it! Very subdued colors that still stand out a fair bit. Nice placement too. Having recently done an Armada Ghost, I feel I nearly went insane painting it. Do you hear the voices now too, Thrindal?
  6. Yikes. Sorry for missing this, pretty infrequent visitor here. For the most part, I sculpted all of the details directly onto the figures themselves, especially the cloth components. The Rebel helmet was a multi-step process, but even that was all done on the figure. I've seen some people enjoy great success with sculpting components off the figures, and IIRC I did that was the satchel, pouches, and all the straps. GS ratio I try to keep at 1:1. I myself am not very experienced either, I just looked up some reference pics of what I wanted to do (mainly how cloth falls on various parts of the body), and I used a few different tools including a sewing needle, a Squadron putty tool, and an X-acto blade. Try wrapping a little electrical tape around the needle to give you a better, more built-up grip
  7. So, update after considerable length of time. Almost done with him, but I'm not real sure what I'm doing with the jumpsuit. The pics from the Clone Wars of Pre Vizsla show a very nebulous-colored undersuit to his armor, that I think is matched by Stegadon Scale pretty well. However, trying to build this color up while keeping the base tone is proving very challenging. Will update when I figure this out. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks! I've actually updated the pics to something a bit clearer to see. Last ones... weren't so great.
  9. So, the fluff for Fantasy Flight's own article on the new ISB Infiltrators makes it clear that their job is to infiltrate Rebel cells and destroy them from the inside. I have trouble seeing them being able to do that in full suits of obviously Imperial-style armor. So I modified my two to appear more irregular and thus Rebel-y. I plan on using them as my Elite guys. Sorry for pics, best I can do is my iPhone 6 camera... Green stuff was added to the back, torso, and arms to appear as though the figure was wearing an armored jacket. I was more aggressive here, chopping the head down and using greenstuff to sculpt the Rebel Commando-style helmet, as well as trim down the armor on the legs and arms as well as adding a GS satchel and strap for the E-11 blaster. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hello my friends, brand new poster here. I wanted to present my Boba Fett figure modified into Pre Vizsla of Clan Vizsla from the Mandalorian Death Watch. I'm very proud of how it came out, but I felt curiously bad about chopping Boba up to make it happen. Hope you like it. More details on my blog: http://c-syst.blogspot.com/
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