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  1. GAMEX convention in Los Angeles is hosting its first Star Wars Legion tournament on Saturday the 25th of May at 1600 hrs. If you have any questions please contact me on the forums or at frankyvas at yahoo dot com. 500point armies 3'x3' battlefields May 25th, 1600hrs Hilton Los Angeles Airport 5711 W Century blvd Los Angeles, CA 900458
  2. Well, after watching the beautiful ships in this thread I thought I'd give it a try and spruce up the plain corvettes. Here's my first attempts, mostly light washes and ink. 2nd one from the right is just inked, didn't even prime it as a test, came out better than expected. Far right one is stock out of the box.
  3. Miniature market has fighter packs.
  4. I keep mine sorted in the little FFG baggies. Keeps them separate and easy to use.
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