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  1. I think an interesting mechanic might be an upgrade card that changes the attack range of black dice from short only to long only. Allow the black dice at long range, but with the same upgrade you disallow their use at short/medium range
  2. Yeah, I set it up a lot like the old nose punch lists - I forget some of the exact upgrades I used, but I definitely used nose punch as a starting point to build from
  3. I'll do you one better... I've tried a build with an Onager & 2 interdictors. It was glorious.
  4. Cymoon & 2 Vsd's is a solid enough fleet, it'll do you good as a long range fire platform. Might suggest Vader over Jerjerrod as the commander though - Cymoon needs all the dice modification it can get, & with the engagement ranges you're aiming for the Vsd's should be about agile enough to keep people in arc without need of jerry. (Vader comes with the original ISD pack, although there's probably a few individual cards floating around on ebay) Heartily recommend VSD2's over VSD1's. Also try to get your hands on some Disposable Capacitors (they come in the imperial light carrier expansion - which is a pretty nice expansion to have anyway). You may want a Gozanti flotilla (very useful for activation padding, commanding squadrons, & passing command tokens) if points allow. Although it's a very useful ship you will almost certainly want to buy 1 or 2 of at some point. For fighters you'll only need a light screen to keep any enemy bombers off your ships. The Ties you have from your core sets will do okay for this, although consider fighter pack 1 at some point to give yourself a few more options. Corellian conflict campaign pack is a decent purchase (as long as you already have fighter pack 1) as it contains some really nice aces, & has some more objectives that you can use. There are a couple of upgrade cards you might want to pick up on the secondary market (saves buying a whole ship when you can grab the cards on Ebay - usually fairly cheap) Xi7 turbolasers & Gunnery team are the ones that spring to mind as most relevant to the ISD + 2 VSD build, although I may have forgotten one. I'd mock your list up before you commit to buying anything to see how many of what stuff you need (you might have to make some hard cuts to stay under 400 points) Although... If I can diverge you from your ISD + 2 VSD plan for a moment ISD + Onager when properly kitted out makes for a mean, nasty fleet. It's probably not something to go for right off the bat (Onager has a bit of a learning curve), but it might be something to keep in mind for the future. (Onager could also replace the ISD, & pair with some VSD's if wanted). So far for the imperials the only ship I've enjoyed more than the Onager is the Interdictor.
  5. There's definitely a golden ratio for squadrons: most squadrons need to be commanded in order to work at their best, and each ship can command only a certain number of squadrons (it varies from ship to ship). For example the imperial carrier can command 4 squadrons (this number can be boosted by upgrade cards). There's nothing that says you can't go over this number though, just that some of your squadrons won't run at their full potential. The ratio of shuttles to fighters is a little easier. One, maybe 2 shuttles will cover all your needs generally speaking. (although the shuttles are just a nice thing to have; you don't need to use them.) As for bomber spam... unfortunately the rebel scum do that best: Rebel bombers are flexible multirole ships that can also dogfight. Imperial bombers are either a bit too specialised (tie bomber) or too expensive to spam properly (tie defender)
  6. Just a couple of tweaks on that last list: I'd move Jerry over to the raider: given the extra flexibility from the corvus title, it makes a certain amount of sense, also turns the vsd into a bit less of a points sink. I could see arguments for putting the admiral on either ship, but I think on balance he's better off on the corvus. Speaking of the vsd... you could save an extra 2 points for the bid by swapping the linked turbolaser towers out for dual turbolaser turrets. The reroll effect comes out about the same on balance (it's more powerful than the one on ltt's, but you can't use it twice in a turn.) The only drawback (which I consider fairly minimal) is that you can't gun down single squadrons quite as well. Rest of the ships & upgrades look good to me. Not sure if you need black squadron though. If you were going to run a 3rd squadron (I probably wouldn't) I might go with saber squadron. (Reason being that black squadron is basically just a free kill for the enemy. Saber squadron at least can park outside of engagement range & snipe in - letting Valen & cienna have their synergy).
  7. So I'm doing my first +400 points game next weekend. It's 800 points, with a 25% squad cap. & this is relatively uncharted territory for me. I've done larger battles as part of a campaign, but since that was always multiple players combining their fleets the cohesion was never really there; it felt more like a collection of ships than an actual battlegroup. Now, there was a few elements that I definitely wanted to include - Interdictors: I've only recently got myself into a position where I can play two of these things at once, and let me just say : They're awesome. I'm fairly confident that the GX-7 and the grav shift reroute will only get better on the slightly more crowded 800pt table. Onager: It's new & I want to play it. Plus, the target-rich environment should be great for the ignition weapon. With that in mind I settled on the following task-force fleet: Sector fleet (104/799/800) ========================= Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (120 + 69: 189) + Grand Moff Tarkin (38) + Strategic Adviser (4) + Gunnery Team (7) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Leading Shots (4) + Quad Battery Turrets (5) + Sovereign (4) Onager-class Star Destroyer (110 + 31: 141) + Intel Officer (7) + Gunnery Chief Varnillian (6) + H9 Turbolasers (8) + Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons (5) + Cataclysm (5) Interdictor Suppression Refit (90 + 18: 108) + Captain Brunson (5) + Disposable Capacitors (3) + Targeting Scrambler (5) + G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) + Interdictor (3) Interdictor Suppression Refit (90 + 9: 99) + Admiral Titus (2) + Disposable Capacitors (3) + G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) + Grav Shift Reroute (2) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 31: 87) + Iden Versio (6) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Engine Techs (8) + External Racks (3) + Demolisher (10) Quasar Fire I-class Cruiser-Carrier (54 + 17: 71) + Flight Commander (3) + Flight Controllers (6) + Expanded Hangar Bay (5) + Squall (3) Maarek Stele (21) Colonel Jendon (20) 3 x TIE Defender Squadron (3 x 16) Lambda-class Shuttle (15) Surprise Attack Contested Outpost Doomed Station So the overall theme here is obviously a nose punch/donkey punch style list with the addition of a lot more hitting power. I know I've given up on a bit of the raid shenanigans by not going down that route with the squadrons, but I wanted to have a multirole squad presence & I figured the raiding wouldn't be nearly as effective at this points level. Tarkin is because honestly I never use him, & I think at this fleet size he might actually pay for himself, for once. I also know playing demo without a bid is a bit risky, but I'm counting on being able to put it in a tough spot on a turn when it isn't the primary target. Also since the rest of my fleet is fairly slow I do feel like at least one unit that can flank is kinda important. I know my opponent will most likely be playing imperial (I don't think he could put 800 points of rebels together). I don't know what kind of fleet composition to expect, but there's a good chance an SSD will be present, & if I were a gambling man I would lay good odds of there being at least a couple of VSD's. (He's acquired a liking for that ship recently). So I'm putting this fleet out to the forum - this being my first 800 point fleet: Is there any glaring errors that I'm missing? Any archetypal changes between 400-800 that's going to invalidate this as a fleet? Anything that doesn't look right to you? I want to make sure that I've got a functional fleet here....
  8. I'm gonna throw my money on the HiE raider (metaphorically speaking). This list has so many close up brawlers, I think it might benefit from a ship that can operate at longer ranges; give you a little more play in the activation order
  9. With 124 points sunk into that vsd; I'd be tempted to swap it for an interdictor. You could get a suppression variant with targeting scrambler & your choice of either the speed 0 one or the obstacle one, then you could stick projection experts on there & use it to throw extra shields at the OTB's whilst protecting them from rush attacks. (Other upgrades on the interdictor are definitely possible; I'm just brainstorming at this stage.) In terms of fighter support; my shout goes out to cienna/valen: Same price point as your YV666's & well established as one of the best fighter screens empire can get at a low cost.
  10. It should do.... the numbers are that an OTB has a roughly 60% chance of blanking out on accuracies, compared to just under 40% for the OSD (just on the basic dice). With Vader as admiral, those blank-outs should happen far less frequently (I'm gonna say about 2/3-1/2 as often, depending on how many dice you want to re-roll). I gotta admit, I usually stick h-9 turbolasers on my OSD's so I can guarantee the accuracy. (Which obviously is something the OTB can't do). Sensor team ain't bad, but I hate the part where you have to spend a dice to do it. On veteran gunners: that is exactly right (or is at least exactly the same as my understanding of it)
  11. I think we can probably do it in one word: accuracy. The OSD (as long as you can get at least blue range) will roll on average per attack almost double the number of accuracies that the OTB will roll. (Over double if you confire a blue dice in) And although the damage ceiling is lower on the OSD, average damage is almost the same. (Only 0.25 damage less before mods) Plus the OSD gets the turbo laser slot, and we all know how good the turbo laser upgrades are...
  12. I don't believe I ever said that one superweapon was more suited to one onager variant than another. I did suggest that Intel officer was more suited to onagers running OBPC's than onagers running SCBT's It's my current belief that Intel officer is good on either variant (as long as you're running OBPC) Honestly, it's been my experience that when making a shot at extreme range there are usually multiple defense tokens you want to pin down, and even the blue dice which the OSD has over the OTB need supplementing. An evade at extreme range can make half your salvo disappear, and there's plenty of ships that have between their braces & evades 2-3 defense tokens that you don't want them to use. And that's before we factor in ECM which doesn't care how many accuracies you can dig up. Short version: if you're planning to shoot at extreme range then you need all the help you can to get around their defense tokens.
  13. I'd be curious to hear how intel officer was for you on the Onager: My experiences with Intel officer thus far have been kinda opposite to @Reavern's in that I've been scoring moderate to high damage even from the opening shots & that intel officer has been instrumental at stripping Brace tokens (or getting the opponent to take a fair bit of extra damage because they were unwilling to lose the brace). I've mostly been using the OSD with the Orbital bombardment particle beam cannons myself: Which makes me think that the mis-match with intel officer is the SCBT's & not necessarily the Onager variant. My (few) experiences with SCBT's are that the damage does curve up in a way that doesn't lend itself to intel officer (exactly as Reavern said). But (as far as I can tell) owing to the longer ignition range, the damage on the OBPC's does seem to curve up in a way that quite favours intel officer. Thoughts?
  14. Don't hate me, but I can't shake the feeling that you'd be better off Swapping Tarkin for Vader to get more consistent attack dice across the fleet. You could then stick Hondo in the spare officer slot on the Arquitens & still do the cataclysm 1st turn shot. I know it'd have knock-on effect that would end up changing a fair few upgrades around. It's also possibly a different fleet than what you had envisioned... So; I get if it's not a road you want to go down Also, with regard to the objectives (and catching ships effectively in the ignition arc from deployment), did you think about Solar Corona (or Superior Positions) as the Navigation objective? Getting them to deploy before you is certainly a way you can ensure you get the best possible deployment for your Onager.
  15. Exactly; Nose punch objectives these days are usually Surprise attack, contested outpost, & doomed station. Given that they are NEVER going to give you surprise attack, the choice is then between two fairly similar objectives which both involve taking & holding a specific point. Between the *two* speed 0 zones you set up and your ability to shift obstacles around, you can quite easily create a situation where they either/and/or: 1)- Deploy so far out of the way that they waste half the game on the approach 2)- Deploy in the speed 0 zone & have to fight through your raid shenanigans to get any traction 3)- Deploy in a position where you can shaft them with obstacles 4)- Break their fleet up at deployment instead of fighting as a cohesive unit All remembering that you're probably going to be farming the objective from turn 1 onwards - so they're already starting with a 120 point deficit that they have to overcome. Also remembering that the interdictor is a pretty tanky ship that they're not going to kill easily, so scoring points off you (especially after they've negotiated the deployment) is not going to be that easy. On the raid topic and people intentionally dropping ships into the speed 0 zone: I'd say that that the quasar & the squadron pushing shenanigans are likely there to reinforce the speed zero zones as "do not deploy here". If you didn't have the ability to raid their navigation and keep them at speed zero, then the speed zero area wouldn't really discourage anyone: They'd just deploy in it & stack up a bunch of nav commands. You almost need the threat of raiding them to make them respect those areas.
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