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  1. Silly question, but what's stopping the use of a variable points cost for cannons? Ion cannons: substantial upgrade on a 2 atk ship, barely an upgrade at all on 3 dice... (same story to a certain extent with all cannons) so what's stopping us from having a variable cost based on primary atk value? Say a 2 atk ship pays the standard 5 points, a 3 atk ship might get the upgrade for 3 points, and a 4 atk ship would only pay 1 point for the upgrade. (Points values used above are only for illustrative purposes)
  2. I'd fly a squad of generic a-wings (rz-2 of course) (AO + heroic (have to ditch crack shot with the points change)) Would also do generic aethersprites (not sure how I'd set them up) And would also do generic arc-170's but I'd need to buy more ships to run that one.
  3. Having the imperials achieve victory by destroying the u-wings is an issue, as others have stated it's pretty easy to burn two of them down. But it is a neccesary factor to create tension in the scenario. Obviously it needs to stay as a wincon, but we need some way of buffing the durability of those u-wings which doesn't break the scenario. What I would do is allow the x-wings a "covering fire" action. To be taken when appropriate instead of their regular action. This action would say "when an enemy ship inside your firing arc at range 1-3 attacks an objective ship it rolls one fewer attack dice". This effect would not be cumulative (it could be really abusive if all the x-wings were doing it at once). I like the concept for the ground battle, but it concerns me that the rebels could potentially lose that battle with the players at the table not really having much agency to affect the outcome. A system where the stormtroopers don't kill rebel troops but which still allows for a battle of variable length might be better. You could always use the AT-AT's as a method of threatening to destroy the ground forces... the ships could interact with that by destroying the AT-AT's then. Another thing that would create some extra tension would be to allow for imperial reinforcements, which should create a sense of urgency for the rebels & offset the points disparity a bit. I would suggest that during the planning phase if a tie striker (Not the reaper) is absent from the table then the rebel player must nominate a table edge; a marker is placed at that table edge, and the striker is deployed during the end phase of that turn. Looks like a fun scenario (and some really good terrain) A really cruel alternative that occurred to me (if you wanted to ramp up the difficulty) would be to make it into a kind of shell game. Put a suitable marker (like a playing card) on each landing pad... two duds and one hit. If the rebel player raids a landing pad and they flip over a dud... bad luck, it looks like your death star plans are at another facility. Like I said; that one is a bit cruel
  4. CLT + supernatural feels like a very dangerous combination... for both players strangely enough. On the one hand, with a high init pilot you're going to not too difficult of a time lining up that bullseye which means you're getting a great level of firepower out of your ship. On the downside.... you're going to be burning force tokens like there's no tomorrow. it's likely enough that after each pass you're going to have to break off to regen your force... try to hang around in there & you won't have enough force to do supernatural & feed your dice mods. Also if you do get caught (or worse, blocked) you're probably finished. High risk, high reward. & probably not a list I would fly (but to each their own). Now take one ace & back them up with a miniswarm; I'd probably be on board with that.
  5. I dabbled a bit in everything in 1st ed. Although my main faction was rebels. I would have needed two conversion kits for rebels & imperial, and one for scum. None of those factions excited me enough to warrant the investment. So I waited for wave 2 and got on-board with the resistance. Then bought into the republic just recently. Those two factions are serving me nicely, and whilst I do miss having lists for the 3 core factions the only way I'll get into those is if I can get my hands on individual cards & dials for the specific stuff I want to run - side lists are not worth buying a conversion kit (2 in some cases) for.
  6. Stealth device has a higher ceiling, no doubt... But it also has a lower floor. And that unreliability is part of what makes people shy away from it. For a better idea of what stealth device is doing for you make one of your green dice distinguishable (without compromising it's fairness) and designate that as your stealth device dice. Every time you defend, see if that particular dice saves you a damage (always remembering to discount it in instances where you "over evade" an attack (roll more evades than neccesary to cancel all hit results). Statistics say that in instances where you are hit by an attack it will have saved you 3/8 of a damage (5/8 with focus, about 3/5 with reroll, close to 3/4 with both). In instances where the attack misses you will statistically saved slightly less than the above (over evasion: see about two paragraphs up.) So if you're getting hit by the first attack you're probably not making points back on it. If you're getting hit by the second attack you're probably making points back on it, but not necessarily. It's not until you have successfully evaded two attacks that I would comfortably say you've gotten your points out of it. But don't forget this is also discounting the loss of offensive power you may experience (the desire to save your mods for defense is real), and the occasions where you take damage without being shot and just straight up lose the device. I would say not worth it unless you have 2+ agility and natural dice mods. And even then a hitpoint upgrade is probably better if it moves the damage threshold.
  7. I'm in on the republic. Going to leave the separatists alone (Going in on both factions is more expenditure than I am comfortable with). Going for 2 squadron packs (to make sure I have enough v-19's to run; I have a feeling they'll be a bit of a cheap filler ship), 1 additional delta 7 (need the pilots you don't get in the squadron pack more than the 3rd ship), and 1 arc-170 (already have a rebel one laying about so that should give me the goods to run 2 at once hopefully) That will give me a total of: 4 v-19 3 delta 7 2 arc-170 Should be enough to build whatever the faction requires of me... if I do need more v-19's (possible but unlikely) I'll wait until ffg releases them as an individual ship
  8. The ion cannon wouldn't be any good at 5 points obviously.... if it were scaling off the primary attack then the cost would probably be 1/2/4 for primary attack values of 2/3/4 respectively (I say probably, I'm not sure how balanced those specific point costs are... But you get the idea).
  9. The thing that they should have done (which they can't easily go back and do now) is to base the attack dice for a cannon attack from the primary attack of the parent ship... For example an ion cannon would roll X dice (where x is the primary attack of the ship using the upgrade) whereas a heavy laser cannon would roll X+1 dice. This would allow variable costing for the cannons which would make them cheaper on Low attack ships without breaking anything. The other thing they should have done is to allow for linked attacks on some of the cannons (mostly jamming beam) where you get to attack once with the cannon and then follow up with a primary. As it is, it's not even worth equipping the jamming beam at 1 point IMO.
  10. Can't really speak as to the first order, but have played a resistance list against a mostly extended scum & villainy field... It wasn't pretty; there were a couple of matches that were close-ish, but the only list I managed a win against was the one player who was playing FO. Of course I didn't have my a-wings then, which does kinda limit resistance options a bit. But resistance & first order do feel a bit underpowered versus the full range of the other factions in extended. Of course this is just the experience of one person....
  11. Nah, that's fine.... The lack of a scatter token makes the hammerhead a lot easier to snipe at long range than the flotillas, also, it's not as cheap as the transport either. If my opponent wants to lifeboat in a hh, I can deal with it.
  12. I can only speak for myself, but I have to say "no". I'm strictly limiting the number of factions that I buy into, in order to regulate the amount of money I am spending on this game. For any given "faction limited" tournament there is a chance that I will not own anything for any of the allowed factions; in which case I would not be able to participate. The idea of not being able to attend a tournament I might otherwise play in due to faction restrictions (regardless of how arbitrary or thematic they may be) is not something I want to happen. I don't think I am alone in this: the financial cost of 2.0 is enough that it requires a not insignificant financial commitment to play multiple factions.
  13. I don't get where the hate for the hyperspace format comes from.... I mean; I get that people are annoyed because they can't use all their ships in hyperspace & because hyperspace is being pushed as a relevant tournament format. But it's important to look at it like this: Hyperspace is necessary for the game to grow. Yeah, that's right: we need the hyperspace format. Have you tried to play first order or resistance against one of the 3 core factions in extended? It's not really very close. With equally skilled players the old factions have so much more in the way of options that they can dominate the newer factions pretty well. It's going to be the same for the clone wars factions when they launch; they wouldn't be able to compete effectively because they haven't been around as long & don't have as much stuff. And now I'd like to introduce you to the path the new player (yes, the player that never played 1.0 - because they are how this game grows and thrives). To play hyperspace they must buy a core set, then they must buy ship packs for their chosen faction. To play extended they must buy a core set, then buy a conversion kit for their chosen faction, then go hunting on amazon/ebay/wherever for old or 2nd hand copies of the ships that ffg hasn't gotten around to reprinting yet. The latter of these two is an unacceptably convoluted and costly route into the game for a newcomer. Tldr: tournament formats need to be accessible for people who are new to the game since 2.0. Hyperspace is, extended is not. Without new players the game will wither and die. We do not want this to happen.
  14. Absolutely; As someone who also plays magic I know from experience that generally once you sit down at the table your phone goes away, and doesn't come back out until the match is over. This is accepted; everyone knows and expects this, nobody has a problem with it, and it works. Obviously there is a bit of latitude at the more casual events, where mostly it's just considered very rude to have your phone out when you're meant to be paying attention to the game. However at any kind of tournament, whipping your phone out mid-game without a good reason would be a pretty fast ticket to a judge call... which could go anywhere from a warning to a game or match loss all the way to outright disqualification from the tournament depending on exactly what you were doing. To be fair though, I don't think I've actually played a tournament game of x-wing where a phone has come out mid-game either. More than anything else it's just bad etiquette messing around on your phone when you're in a tournament match. I'd be fine with a "No phones out at the table" policy backed by the tournament regs, with the power to dish out sanctions to offending players. If you absolutely need to make or receive a call let a tournament official know... then allowances can be made.
  15. I guess my first two questions would be: Why are you running a gladiator 2 as opposed to a gladiator 1? And why are you using the more expensive assault gozanti's? I really think that if you're going to use demo, that you're going to get better bang for your buck with the gladiator 1... it's cheaper and you don't have to put up with as many red dice in your pool when all you really want is massed black crit results. I can kinda see what you are going for with the gozanti's; the red dice on the front allows them to contribute a little at long range. But honestly it's probably not worth the extra points for that red dice. Those gozanti's will serve you plenty well enough as blockers and activation padding. With the points you save trimming a little fat from those ships you should be able to get engine techs on your gladiator and (I think) have a little left over for a bigger bid.
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