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  1. I just got the core game. What expansion should I get next?
  2. With the Imp. Officers ability, the two movement he gives, does the unit he orders move those two immediately or does its movement on activation go up two, from 4 to 6 for example?
  3. So, if I read that correctly, a group of stormtroopers is potentially 3 attacks (one per unit) for the one card activation?
  4. Got it. Now our next question was on cards that have multiple units. When the card is activated, can each unit attack or just one unit per card?
  5. So he still has to have the actions to take to attack multiple times?
  6. Does Gaarkhan have to already be activated to use his first ability?
  7. I should have specified. All my questions involve skirmish.
  8. I now have about half a game under my belt (we just played till we had more questions than answers). I have a few questions now mostly surrounding Gaarkhan. Does his Charge ability allow him to attack twice? And does he already have to be activated to use his first ability?
  9. There are a few differences. Similarities: Two ranks in uncanny senses and reactions, touch of fate, balance, insight, sense danger, force rating and dedication. Exile: Forager, convincing demeanor, overwhelm emotions, intense focus, quick draw, sence emotions, two ranks in street smarts, sixth sense, superior reflexes. Emergent: Two ranks in indistinguishable, two ranks in toughened, two ranks in slight of mind, one rank in grit, invigorate, force of will.
  10. I was looking at the differences between the Exile and Emergent trees the other day and I was curious which one was better.
  11. I have a similar problem with my group. So when we went into F&D only two players kept their old characters and just picked up a force tree. I let the players making new characters use the Knight Level rules. Well now i have a new player coming in who wants to be a Rebel sniper. So when i helped her make her character she also used Knight Level rules and is now a Sharpshooter/Trailblazer. With her gear and abilities, I'm pretty sure she could take down any of my Jedi players. But I also told her if she wanted later she could pick up the Force-Sensitive Exile/Emergent for 30XP. Which we get 20-30 XP each session. Plus if they start to ignore the contributions of the non-Jedi characters then i would call it arrogance and just start giving conflict.
  12. I like the idea of giving them linked or auto fire. What I've done is give them one or two more soak and 3 more wound per minion.
  13. That is what I was thinking. I've noticed that a lot of things in the books are left pretty ambiguous to give the GM that sort of leeway. I both love it and hate it. I love it because I can use it to fit the group better and create a unique experience. However I am fairly new to RPGs and GMing so I don't know what makes the game exciting vs what breaks it. So I pop on here and feel like I have to ask stupid questions. Lol. But, hey, love the game anyway. So I just gonna use 1 extra reload = 1 canceled out of ammo. Its only 25 credits for one, they can suck it up. Lol
  14. Are the Extra Reloads a one time use thing or once you buy it do you always have them? For example: I have a player that has Extra reloads and he rolls a Despair. I use out of ammo for the result. He has 1 extra reload. He uses his maneuver to reload his weapon. A couple rolls later he gets another Despair. If i triggered out of ammo, is he out of ammo or does he still have extra reloads?
  15. My first character I built was a force sensitive marauder, the beginning characteristics being 322332. Then with 4 ranks in Toughened and 2 ranks in Enduring and his armor made his Wound 21 and Soak 7 if I remember right. And with the two trees I would've uped it 2 more with Dedication. Also being force sensitive there is a couple talents that gave me 1 ranged and 1 melee defence and he had access to the Sense force power tree which would further upgrade incoming attacks. One last thing, being engaged with an enemy carrying a ranged heavy weapon (blaster carbines and rifles to name the most common) essentially makes the attack the same difficulty as a long ranged attack.