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    "Worlds Collide rotates out Mars and Sanctum to make way for the Saurian Republic and the Grand Star Alliance." So what exactly does that mean?
  2. I had two of my PCs captured by the Empire last session. Now I need a couple of good maps for a prison break mission.
  3. A little background: My group is using the spice mine from The Long Arm of the Hutt as a base. They mine Ryll Spice for the extra income. I have introduced a group of pirates that likes to hit ships haul spice and other valuations. They have only had one run in so far and I'm working on a second. The head of this pirate group is a Force Sensitive that slipped through the cracks during the days of the Order. I want to make him a long term nemesis. Should be fun... For me anyway... Lol. Anyway the pirates have hit another shipment and are on their way to Nar Shaddaa. Ironic because the PCs are already there. So I know the pirates will attempt to board the PCs ship and the PCs will attempt to counter-board and retake what's theirs. They will probably take the opportunity to sell it on Nar Shaddaa and make a quick buck. Now for my questions: 1. How often should this pirate band strike? 2. What sort of problems should they have on Nar Shaddaa trying to sell the Spice?
  4. Well is discipline check is something along the lines of YYYGG or YYYYG. So unless its at least 3 difficulty the discipline check is almost unnecessary.
  5. The force ability doesn't need a check other than to get the LS pip which is easy for a character with a force rating of 3. Plus this character was always using like a get-out-of-jail-free card. So I finally decided to slap him with some consequences. The ability doesn't last for ever so it will wear off. And having an unregistered ship in an imperial spaceport, I felt, warranted that kind of response.
  6. In my group I have a character with that ability. In one of our sessions he used it to tell a spaceport officer that they had already registered the ship and paid the fees so the officer let them leave. After a while the effect wore off and he stared questioning if what they said was true. So he checked the records and discovered the lies. He then reported them to the administrator who then reported it to the governor. Within a few days they found themselves in custody. In the whole, "These aren't the the droids you're looking for." thing, I would do it as if he realized he never actually checked and if it ever came back around they would have to run the encounter again with stronger people there so the ability won't work again.
  7. I have all the Adversary Decks and really love them. So with the release of new Sourcebooks and Specialization Decks will their be any new Adversary Decks?
  8. I tried the same thing not too long ago. Here's the thread:
  9. You will have to forgive my RPG ignorance as FFG's Star Wars RPG is the only system I'm familiar with. My cousin is wanting to teach me D&D 5e so I know a little about that. How does this system work?
  10. Ok. That was my first idea but I figured it was a little OP. This was my second. Echani 3/2/2/1/2/2 WT: 11+ Brawn ST: 12+ Willpower Starting XP: 90 Special abilities: Echani begin the game with one rank in either Brawl or Coordination. They still may not train either Brawl or Coordination above rank 2 during character creation. Echani receive a boost die to Brawl checks.
  11. Didn't know where else to put this so I will put it here. I have a player wanting to make a strong unarmed fighter but didn't want to make a Wookiee. I remembered being impressed with Brianna from KOTOR II. So I tried to make the Echani. Here's what I got so far: Echani 3/3/1/1/2/2 WT: 11+ Brawn ST: 12+ Willpower Starting XP: 70 Special abilities: Echani begin the game with one rank in Brawl and Coordination. They still may not train Brawl or Coordination above rank 2 during character creation. Echani begin the game with the Martial Grace talent. (Once per round, the character may suffer 2 strain to add additional damage equal to their ranks in Coordination to one hit of a successful Brawl combat check.)
  12. I only did this kind of rolling for combat. The crit he got to keep it but it would be reduced by the number of threat I used X5 to a minimum of 5 up to the number of advantage used to trigger the crit. So for example: Player A shoots Enemy B and trigger the 3 advantage needed for the crit. He then chooses to spend the Triump to add 10. Enemy B has one crit against him already so that adds 10 more. He rolls for the crit and rolls 67 which becomes 87. I roll the two purple dice for difficulty. I roll 4 threat. Because the crit on the gun is 3, I can only apply three threat. The crit is reduced by 15 to 72. The last threat can be used to cancel another advantage, or used as normal if there are no more advantage. Like I said, it was fun for a few sessions but it ran into more bookkeeping than we all wanted to do.
  13. I was experimenting with treating the system more like x-wing. You roll the positive dice, chose how you want to spend the advantage, then roll negative dice, then I chose what you lose with the threat. The negative dice roll was Blank/Despair. His positive dice pool was YYYGBBB. So he kept both Triumphs, and the 4 Advantage. He did lose 1 of the 3 Success he rolled. The experiment was fun but it only lasted a few sessions.
  14. With the idea of inflicting strain on an enemy, I think it is more the idea that they are in combat having nervous break downs due to you influencing their mind. Thus causing the mental strain. Your bar tender idea is a little harder narrative wise but it could be as simple as making the bar tender think he is more tired from working than he really is, thus causing him to pass out. Influence doesn't necessarily mean you are waving your hands around all over the place.
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