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  1. I don't think the environment is very good for a permanent base. My group uses the mines at Ryloth from the second part of the beginner game.
  2. I missed that post. Sorry to steal your thunder. Three conflict for me. Lol
  3. Unless they rolled a 151+ on a crit they are just unconscious. That could start a whole new adventure of them waking up in a prison (depending on the circumstances of their "death") and now they need to escape.
  4. What about the use of environmental strain factors? Giving strain without a check just due to what's going on. For example: At the end of each round of combat giving more and more strain as the stress of battle wears on or they are in an area crawling with stormtroopers and constantly looking over there backs is stressful.
  5. "Medpacs allow charaters to use the Medicine skill to heal others without penalty, as described on page 232." - Age of Rebellion Core Book pg. 192 I looked at page 232 and the only penalty I could find was the one check per encounter. The only other one was on page 233 which was increasing the difficulty by two for medical checks on ones self. What am I missing?
  6. I know he is weak compared to people who have played for a while, but compared to my other PCs he is a tank. He seems to be advancing faster than most of my other players. He was the first to get a rank in dedication. I will start targeting him more in combat, but he'll probability fight me on that too. Lol
  7. 1. What is the difficulty on the mechanics check? 2. Is the damage just what is shown?
  8. I think when Han dumped his spice he accidentally dumped the books too.
  9. I have four (One from each beginner set and one I bought separate) and that is more than enough for four to six starting players to share. If you are just taking your own to a session then two or three is plenty.
  10. I'm pretty sure. Lol. Although in one session he fought me on not getting an ambush round for a surprise attack.
  11. I am currently working on how to arrange it so the second group can play elsewhere. The player that left was my Cousin and the next one that's ready to quit is my wife. So I know the change of location will help. The problem player is just a friend who offered to let us play at his place.
  12. I totally for got about the bolas! I had made some Imperial Commandos to combat Jedi that worked for my Inquisitor. They had 2 or 3 bolas each. I'm gonna have to find the sheet again.
  13. Is there a talent that makes it to where PCs can't reflect or perry attacks other than that one crit?
  14. The problem with this is we meet at his place.
  15. I do like this idea because a some of the players have told me that they feel kinda useless because he is trying to make himself so good at everything. I even had a player leave and another threatening to leave because of him. I do have support from a couple other players and the one that left to start a new group.