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  1. Limited Ammo question

    That does make using the dueling pistol regularly a potentially expensive prospect.
  2. I was looking at the Dueling Pistols for a character I'm making for a new player and I saw the "Limited Ammo 1" quality. That was when I realized I don't fully understand how limited ammo works. Do you need the extra reloads to use it or does it just take a maneuver to reload it?
  3. Heal Force power without Harm

    I wouldn't change anything. If he only wants to use heal on himself but can use it to help others if needed. He doesn't have to use harm either but the option/temptation is there should it be needed. In my group, having the knowledge to heal but only ever use it on himself would give the emotional weakness of selfishness and could, depending on the situation, grant conflict.
  4. New GM, looking for must have things

    At first I didn't think the Adversary Deck were necessary, but then I had a little extra money on me after getting a good deal on a sourcebook so I bought a couple and OMG they are amazing.
  5. I agree. I would also like to see a tree for force users who want to be Grey Jedi (keeping Morality between 40-60 or 45-55) because it seems to me like that is where the new canon is leading.
  6. Creating Chirrut Imwe

    What are the stats for the lightbow?
  7. I have a friend interested in the game and wants to build a character similar to Chirrut. So what career and specialization would you choose? And also what are the stats for the lightbow?
  8. Nightsister Character Stats

    My original idea i thought was too op. It was 3 in Cunning as well but dropped the starting xp to 75. Then instead of Fearsome countenance I was gonna do this: Dark History: If the target of your Coercion check has aleast on rank in Knowledge Lore add 1 automatic success for each rank in Knowledge Lore.
  9. Nightsister Character Stats

    Ok. My player wanted the Nightsister Energy Bow but I have a rule that players can't start with Restricted items unless they can explain it with their back story, and better than, "I found it in a cave." I respond with, "I find that story vague and unconvincing." So she asked if there were stats for a Nightsister and I looked through all my Sourcebooks and couldn't find anything.
  10. Are there any stats for the Nightsister in any sourcebook? I have a player that wants to make one. If not I had this idea: 1/3/2/2/2/2 Wound Threshold: 10+Brawn Strain Threshold: 11+Willpower Starting Experience: 100 XP Special Abilities: Nightsisters begin the game with one rank in Perception. They still may not train Perception above rank 2 during character creation. Fearsome Countenance: Nightsisters gain one automatic advantage to all Coercion Checks they make.
  11. Credits/Gambling Question

    I would simply play it this this way: The PCs walk up to claim their $1M prize but when they try to claim it they are told there was an error in the books and the 500:1 odds was only supposed to be 50:1. They claim they are willing to pay the $100k winnings but, as bad luck would have it, they don't seem to have enough credit on hand to pay it. They offer the PCs $2000 and will deposit the rest into an account monthly as the money becomes available. So every 30 days or so they get another $500-$1500. Which after supplies and debts the PCs owe, shouldn't leave much left. Just my two cents.
  12. Dealing with Kleptomania

    I actually did this to my group. They made the mistake of selling looted blasters on the black market on Coruscant. The guy they sold them to made a ton of money ratting them out to the Empire. It very quickly stopped a lot of looting as the thought of rotting away in an Imperial prison wasn't worth the money. As for everything else I do like the idea of exploding crates.
  13. Cybernetics and The Force

    I've been in the middle of moving and misplaced the book but I finally found it. "And you rage and scream and reach through the Force to crush the shadow... you are more than half machine, you are like a painter gone blind, a composer gone deaf... and so with all your world-destroying fury it is only droids around you that implode... in the end, you cannot touch the shadow."
  14. What makes a Jedi?

    OP. Lol.
  15. Cybernetics and The Force

    Oh. Apparently this question was already asked. I just had trouble finding it before I posted. But its not letting me post the hyperlink.