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  1. I was rereading it after I posted and saw that. Gotta love posting stuff that makes me look like an idiot who can't read. Lol.
  2. The other question we had was how much damage is delt to the target it is reflected to? The amount of damage redused by reflect, base damage of the attack, or the full attack?
  3. Ok. That is what i was trying to explain to my rules lawyer PC but he kept saying that because the attack rolled a despair and he reflected it that he should not receive any damage.
  4. If a player uses the Reflect talent and the attack still does damage and then uses Improved Reflect because the attack generated three threat, does tje player still take the damage?
  5. The Mystic Seer is a good choice. Two ranks in Force Rating just for the Seer and the Makashi tree for the lightsaber form is good. Just go high Presence (as Makashi bases your Lightsaber Check on Presence instead of Brawn) and either Brawn or Agility for the other combat skill. The Seer has a lot of ways to use the Force and Makashi has a lot of defense when dueling other people using swords or lightsabers. Also the Advisor tree will give you social skills and another Force Rating. So if you run your character long enough it will have a Force Rating of 4 and two ranks in Dedication. Lastly there is an artifact in the adventure in the F&D Core Book that would be very helpful to a strong force user called The Ilum Talisman. Once per session when making a Force Check it will give you one additional pip of your choice. Talk to your GM about how to get it.
  6. This is what i did for my group, only i reduced the cumbersome rating to 2.
  7. I went the opposite way. She is a very active mentor for the group. She has stats (I just modified the rules for making an Inquisitor), a back story, and actively, but limited in scope, helps the group if needed (i.e. I over estimated the PC's power and throw too much at them).
  8. Executive orders and Firing squad specifically.
  9. If a card ability allows another unit to attack outside of activation as an Interrupt, does it count as its one attack for its?
  10. I just got the core game. What expansion should I get next?
  11. With the Imp. Officers ability, the two movement he gives, does the unit he orders move those two immediately or does its movement on activation go up two, from 4 to 6 for example?
  12. So, if I read that correctly, a group of stormtroopers is potentially 3 attacks (one per unit) for the one card activation?
  13. Got it. Now our next question was on cards that have multiple units. When the card is activated, can each unit attack or just one unit per card?
  14. So he still has to have the actions to take to attack multiple times?
  15. Does Gaarkhan have to already be activated to use his first ability?