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  1. I was going through my Beginner Game stuff and realized I lost my Adventure book. Is there a place I can get a new one without buying a whole new game?
  2. I like the kit for the first lightsaber built. After they build their first lightsaber (and have used it a while) I will let them build a new one using Endless Vigil because narratively I say they have experience building one and know what they want.
  3. I agree. The Inquisitor would agree as well. How my PCs will even get it is my Inquisitor will have it on him during an encounter and will leave it behind for one reason or another. I like this idea but however, to make it unique to the Holocron, I will have the target lose the power. It will have to be an opposed discipline vs discipline check with a Force die roll for both sides. It will take 2 Dark Side pips to activate. After that any left over pips will be used to add success to the user or failure for the defender. I was also thinking to open the Holocron will be a three red dice Lore check with a force die roll that will need two dark side pips. On a Despair result the Holocron will bind itself to the PC and destroying it will cause psychical harm to that PC.
  4. Unfortunately I'm a newer GM and i haven't been keeping track of total XP I've given, and neither have my players. With the new group I will be.
  5. It's just the other players feel like they are losing their place in game. He wants to take control of the whole game. He is currently our tank, mechanic, face, scholar, and is now wanting to be our medic.
  6. Is there a force ability that lets you steal another character's force rating or force ability? I'm thinking something like Darth Nihilus?
  7. Exactly. Lol
  8. Ok. The other way I was thinking of doing it was 1 conflict for having it then +4 conflict for using it. Then which ever character has the Sith Holocron rolls a d8 for having it or a d6 for using it. Because with rolling a d10 for conflict at the end of a session could easily negate any conflict gained. I would think after using a Sith Holocron, some of the dark side influence would stay with you long term.
  9. I have a player who I think is more hungry than he is letting on. I think the temptation of power will be too much for him to resist. I think then the other characters will become jealous and try to take it. Thus showing the corruption of the dark side.
  10. Has anyone ever tried introducing the Sith Holocron into their game and how did you do it? I was thinking if they take it only one person can use it and it will increase their force rating by one, give one additional dark side pip to all force ckecks, and give them full access to one force tree of their choice. But having it will cause 5-7 conflict just for having it. If they give it up or destroy it then they lose the benefit but no longer recive the conflict.
  11. I don't think the environment is very good for a permanent base. My group uses the mines at Ryloth from the second part of the beginner game.
  12. I missed that post. Sorry to steal your thunder. Three conflict for me. Lol
  13. Unless they rolled a 151+ on a crit they are just unconscious. That could start a whole new adventure of them waking up in a prison (depending on the circumstances of their "death") and now they need to escape.
  14. What about the use of environmental strain factors? Giving strain without a check just due to what's going on. For example: At the end of each round of combat giving more and more strain as the stress of battle wears on or they are in an area crawling with stormtroopers and constantly looking over there backs is stressful.
  15. "Medpacs allow charaters to use the Medicine skill to heal others without penalty, as described on page 232." - Age of Rebellion Core Book pg. 192 I looked at page 232 and the only penalty I could find was the one check per encounter. The only other one was on page 233 which was increasing the difficulty by two for medical checks on ones self. What am I missing?