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  1. I have a PC who wants to get the Diiro weapon from Gatekeeper. He thinks it's a good weapon for an assassin. I've found 4 so far, the three in the core book and the one from Gatekeeper. Are there others and/or are there there rules for making them?
  2. We the other difference between lightsabers and disruptors is Jedi use lightsabers whereas disruptors are outlawed and primarily used by criminal organizations.
  3. We did knight level play and he took the extra 1000 credits.
  4. He was frustrated but he understood where I was coming from and rerolled the checks. The stuff still turned out similar so his reported checks may have been accurate but it made the rest of the group feel better about it to have me there to see it.
  5. I just ran my first F&D game. Very excited. However, one of my PCs just picked up a disruptor pistol. Now, knowing the distructive potential of these weapons should he: A. Get a conflict at the beginning of each session for having it. B. Get conflict when he uses it. C. Its not a big deal. I was thinking A and B but i just want to know how other GMs used it.
  6. (If the image uploads right) I was looking at how the lightsaber works and found a cross-section. Where exactly does one put the locking mechanism for the vibrosword and not have said mechanism be destroyed when the lightsaber is activated?
  7. Its worse. He's saying he got that and a triumph.
  8. The way it worked was it has a special sheath. The blade would detach from the hilt then the lightsaber can be activated. The lightsaber can't be activated while the vibroblade is attached.
  9. He built a vibrosword with a concealed lightsaber. He has the Sentinel source book and assured me it was feasible. However he was explaining it to me and i was thinking about how lightsabers work and the whole time I'm thinking, "This feels wrong somehow."
  10. The rolling with out me there is only his latest shenanigan. The bigger issue i have is the the fact he likes to find loopholes to create gear that is op. The other problem i have is the fact that we play at his place. If i boot him from the game then we really don't have a place to play anymore.
  11. I have a player who likes to find as many loopholes and vague rules as he can to try to get his way. He finally went too far. He was making a new character and was telling me about all the gear he had. When i asked him about how his character had all this OP gear he said his character made it. Meaning he did mechanics checks outside of a session and with out me there to check all the rules. How do i handle this?
  12. My group is getting into F&D now and a few of them want new characters from the F&D book. However my droid player likes his character and doesn't want to make a new one. Because droids can't be force sensitive does that mean they don't have to deal with morality?
  13. Sense is my favorite force ability. If you get into trouble he can commit a force die to up grade the difficulty of in-coming combat checks.
  14. I do think Gungans get a bad rap because of Jar Jar. I played a lot of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga and, while my favorite faction was the Empire and Clones, whenever I saw Gungans across the map I knew I had to get rid of them early or I'd get overwhelmed.
  15. Darth Jar Jar time!