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  1. n815e

    Um, fast sales...

    Would you have preferred if they didn't offer to order it?
  2. n815e

    Clone Wars?

    I've never expected science in my Star Wars. If I did, I would have been disappointed since 1977. It's pure blaster fantasy.
  3. n815e

    Board Games and Hobbies in the News

    Ameritrash was coined by fans of the genre, perhaps by Michael Barnes (creator of Fortress Ameritrash), on BGG when they felt that the site was being dominated by Euros. It is a divisive term, but not in the way you present it. Games are games and plenty of us can enjoy playing a wide spectrum. But cliques exist no matter where you go or what you do. There are always going to be gatekeepers. Best to avoid them and do what you enjoy, nobody needs to live up to someone else's idea of what a true fan is.
  4. n815e

    The GR-75 in combat

    They had the models, they were expensive to make, they were put to good use in beefing up the fleets for the movies.
  5. n815e

    Is The Rebels TV Series Worth Watching?

    I watch CW streaming on and off. It's a kids show, but SW is meant for family entertainment. CW is great in that it actually makes the Anakin/Obi-Won relationship seem good. The show itself tackles issues such as what it means to be human and valuing life, conflicting morality that people face, how decisions are made and their consequences. It harkens back to when I was a kid watching shows like He-Man, where there were lessons in those episodes and it wasn't just something to keep your kids quiet.
  6. n815e

    Clone Wars Era

    I’d welcome other eras, but they should be self-contained. “Don’t cross the streams.” There are historical periods in this setting.
  7. n815e

    Units that don't feel right

    I don't know about that. Ordering a ship to ram out of desperation isn't proof that the ship was designed to ram. No, but he sure would draw a lot of attention and a natural inclination to "get that guy".
  8. n815e

    One year, one release

    The game has so much variety, I don't mind waiting.
  9. n815e

    New Wiz-War player asks- WHY?!

    This game has been in print for thirty years and is frequently discussed on BGG and reddit. That it has remained in print for so long is a testament to its popularity and how good it is. Richard Garfield cites this game as his inspiration for Magic: The Gathering.
  10. n815e

    Rogue One .... Couldn't care less

    Political correctness was once the term used for inclusiveness, but it became an insult over time. It was a bad term to begin with and it didn't help that some people used it like a hammer to beat others over the head with. People that rail against inclusivity as "political correctness" are usually people that have their worldview challenged and it makes them uncomfortable. It is not easy to alter what your perceptions are, to unlearn bias. Everyone carries bias -- everyone -- and we all experience these challenges to those biases. Some people more readily comprehend it and adapt to it, others take longer and a few too many will never want to leave their comfort zone. I watched a movie with people in it. I didn't create a checklist of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, etc. It didn't even occur to me. It was a movie about people.
  11. n815e

    Armada is Dead /troll

    Undeadguy creates a thread with lines like and Which would indicate a desire for civil discussion of different view points and experiences. Then Undeadguy likes comments that call people who offer up their viewpoints and experiences for discussion "trolls". There is a disconnect here between the words and the actions.
  12. n815e

    Why Armada is the best

    http://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/35145/top-5-non-collectible-miniature-games-spring-2016 ICv2 would disagree that Armada is dead.
  13. n815e

    Rogue One .... Couldn't care less

    Getting the plans for the Deathstar is pretty significant. It fills in the blanks, it adds to the story. I like WWII films. I already know what happened. How do you know that some of these characters weren't involved later on? They could have been nameless fighter pilots that we see blow up in the Battle for Endor! :-)
  14. As a kid, I loved playing with toy soldiers, building models and looking at museum dioramas. I think it was a natural fit.