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  1. This week, we talk about Endless Vigil in episode 116. Or at least part of it. This is a great book with more depth than we can plumb in even a long episode, so check out the book and our discussion. Cheers, Joshua
  2. Hi all, Another batch update because I've spent more time sleeping in hotels and on airplanes than at home, and somehow, that translates to me not really posting as much. We've had 5 interesting episodes for you to explore: Episode 111 - The Seeking Tale, in which we do a long overdue discussion of Savage Spirits Episode 112 - The Gifted Gear Tale. This one is all about the loot - how to get it, how to give it Episode 113 - The Horror Tale. There was a holiday at the end of October and things got strange Episode 114 - The Droid Tale. Talking toasters and metal men - the weirdness of Star Wars' non-organic sentients Episode 115 - The Railroad Tale. Sometimes, you've gotta put your players on the straight and narrow, and sometimes you've gotta let 'em roam. Happy listening!
  3. In keeping with my insanity, but trying to do better - three more fun episodes! Episode 107 - The Exploration Tale - great conversation about how to make exploration more cinematic and more exciting. Episode 108 - Despite the title, this episode is really good We talk about using disasters, both natural and sentient-made, into cool stories, with brief excursions to talk about real-world preparedness. A great source of inspiration and information is ready.gov - check it out! Episode 109 - Continuing our discussions of things that can go horribly wrong for heroes, we talk about problems that are unique to space, from stir-crazy crews to radiation blasts. Fun, informative, and likely to make that next Despair on your Astrogation check just a touch more exciting!
  4. Hi all, once again, I've fallen far behind in updates - work has been crazy with lots of travel. While I've been gone, we've put out quite a few episodes: Episode 101 - we revisit the Crossroads Sector, detailing people & other personalities Episode 102 - we talk about how crime lords & other sinister sorts can get their hooks in players, and never let them go Episode 103 - this discussion focuses on making supporting NPCs interesting, not just useful Episode 104 - sometimes, you need a different style campaign, and we discuss everything from professional sports to scientific researchers - all with helpful references to some of our favorite movies Episode 105 - we talk tech, and revisit the fact that Star Wars has a distinct technological paradigm, using principles very distinct from our modern tragectory Episode 106 - we talk grand villains, their thugs, and how to use both Happy listening!
  5. Yep, I was on the road, and had to improvise, because I didn't have my full set up.
  6. For our 100th Episode, we design the Crossroads Sector on the fly - showcasing how you can quickly come up with a new place by using existing ideas like songs and real-world locations to create intriguing worlds for your players. We also leave lots of hooks unexplored, creating a space ripe for adventure.
  7. In Episode 99, we talk about what happens when your Force Users show off in public, and how the various factions of the galaxy react.
  8. Oi - it's been a doozy at work, so I'm behind on updating you all on the exciting episodes we recently have had - a trio of episodes featuring the Dice for Brains podcast! Episodes 96 & 97 are with Ross Rockafella, the GM of the series. We talk about his approach to pulling the series together, managing player input, and telling a rockin' story. Episode 98 features Susan White, who talks about her perceptions as a new player, and shares some of the challenges and opportunities she faced. So listen in, and then check out Dice for Brians, if you haven't already.
  9. Thanks! That's why we do these - it is certainly an interesting way to look at 'combat'
  10. Apparently, Dave & Ben go from bar brawls to barcaloungers while I was away. They also work out how to make a villain scary, if her taste in furniture is insufficient. Check out Episode 95: the Menacing Villain Tale.
  11. We've all been there - an idyllic cantina, populated by fun-loving thugs just looking for a rumble, till some guy busts out a lightsaber and ruins the whole thing. Check out our discussion of how to make that iconic scene fun for everyone, and how to signal that a brawl is just a brawl, rather than a deadly situation, on Episode 94 - the Bar Brawl Tale.
  12. Things get a little scary this week as we talk about Fear, and why you should love Fear checks. Check out Episode 93 - the Tale of Fear.
  13. In Episode 92 The Herding Players Tale, we talk about how horrible I am as a GM, how not to bring a group together, and how to deal with conflicting player goals for the game. Sometimes, they just want to go different ways, and as a GM, you get to try and weave those together.
  14. We go from fine art to high tech as we talk about the stories the Special Modifications inspired for us, in Episode 91: the Modified Tale. To be honest, this book is almost enough to make me want to play a technician...
  15. And our new episode pays tribute to the art of the Star Wars RPG, and to Zoe Robinson. We look at how art can inspire stories and characters, and we prove that I am clearly not the guy you want talking about art - come check it all out on Ep. 90 The Art Tale
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