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  1. I appreciate how thorough this is and it is interesting, but I'm afraid the most this will accomplish is to give more fodder to the people at my FLGS who fault their dice and can't seem to wrap their brains around statistics.
  2. CheesyGC

    Kylo v Poe

    Played Supernatural Kylo + Snoke against a bb-Poe last night. It did not end well for Poe. Even with the pre-maneuvering from Poe he was pretty easy to kill box in the first couple rounds of shooting.
  3. How does the ship ability for the TIE/sf work? You can shoot missiles wherever the turret is pointed, is that right?
  4. A common go live bug is pointing the production site to the wrong database (e.g. a test database). I mean, it's one of the obvious ones that you shouldn't make, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what's happening here since the functionality seems to be more or less fine but the wrong stuff is showing up (or not showing up) everywhere.
  5. Yeah, Howlrunner is missing in Second Edition mode too. Not sure how you push this live without more thorough testing. Maybe the production site is pointing to a test database?
  6. Supernatural Reflexes is not an option for Vader when selecting "Second Edition". It came in the core set, right?
  7. Never mind, found the answer in the Rules Reference. You declare left/right, then go from there.
  8. I played my first 2.0 game last night and noticed that the rule for Lock is a bit different (you can measure to all targets before deciding who you lock, much like attacking) and it got me thinking about the rest of the actions. How specific do I need to be for a barrel roll before it's considered a failed action? Do I need to say left with the position (foward/mid/back) or is left simply good enough (or too much even)? Same with boost.
  9. So no tokens for Rey then?
  10. Sorry, haven't had a chance to watch this yet. How are barrel rolls simplified?
  11. Because 4 dice primaries?
  12. Were you technically in the right? Sure. Was it **** move? Yes, absolutely. I don't get all of the relativism going on in this thread. Doing 'right by you' in this case was a **** move. It was turn one and this is a game of plastic spaceships.
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