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  1. Thank you for your answer. Just to be clear, in an earlier answer you say that a duplicate can be discarded to prevent TTIDFL from sending a card back to its owner's hand. What's the difference between "would leave play" and "discarded from play"? (I'm obviously very new to the game, thanks for the help )
  2. What would happen if Ghaston Grey is sacrificed to remove a card with a Bodyguard attached to it? I'm only asking because GG's text box says "Cannot be saved" and Bodyguard mentions saving a character. If the character is in fact returned to its owner's hand, what happens to the bodyguard card?
  3. If a card is removed from a challenge because of Highgarden, is it still considered to be participating to the challenge? For instance if my opponent attacks with Maester Caleotte and I remove it from the challenge using HIghgarden (allowing me to win the challenge), is the Reaction of Maester Caleotte triggered?
  4. Hey I'm a bit new to the game and something isn't very clear to me. Does having a duplicate save your character from "The Things I Do For Love"? Can you chose to return a character to your hand even though it has a duplicate? What happens to the duplicate then?
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