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  1. Ok, found a video (h/t to Crabbok) for the assembly. Skip to 7:40 for the start of the assembly.
  2. The assembly instructions for the Republic AT-RT...where are they? I went to the website in the parts list and searched. Nothing. Nada. Nichts. Kind of hard to put together a model without the instructions to do so. As the comic book guy would say....WORST. INSTRUCTIONS. EVER.
  3. I'm planning on getting 6 Phase IIs to go with my 6 Phase Is for plenty of army building options. Also I'm having my Phase IIs painted as the 332nd to be ready when Ahsoka finally makes it into the game. I have 2 now and 4 on backorder with my FLGS.
  4. From what I understand the little disk piece is glued to the bottom of the jetpack between the nozzles, socket side down. The ball at the end of the flight stand is glued into the socket. I've also heard that it's a PITA to get your miniature to stay in the position you want because you have to hold it in place till the glue sets. This is also the reason I will not be using any of the flying ARCs, unless I can find a way to base them normally, in my army. Fortunately you only need 17 miniatures, 15 for the 3 squads and 2 for Echo and Fives, for any GAR army you'd put together.
  5. Another pro wrestler getting into acting? I hope it goes as well for her as it has for Dave Bautista, Dwayne Johnson and John Cena. As for the character she's playing I've read speculation that she might be playing Sabine Wren.
  6. They are clones after all. They're all going to look the same being their genetics come from one person, Jango Fett. As for their weapons and gear being the same, remember they are the standing army for the Galactic Republic. You want the gear your troops use to be standardized for ease of production and supply.
  7. TBH I'm also not a fan of the flying ARC Troopers and wish there were options to make them ground based. I ended up buying 3 boxes and will be able to make 12 ground based Troopers. This will give me enough figures for 2 5 man squads and Echo and Fives. I can also go with a 4 man squad plus 2 Strike Teams and Echo and Fives or just 3 Strike Teams. Plenty of options until I can get my hands on another ARC Trooper box for a 3rd full squad.
  8. I was called by my FLGS on 8/26 and was told my 3 ARC boxes would be available on 8/28 for pick up.
  9. Probably the same reason they haven't been producing other products due to the Corona Chaos.
  10. I'm going with Captain Rex. Not because of his in game performance (I only have 1 game of Legion under my belt due to the Coronavirus Chaos) but because of his character development in both The Clone Wars and Rebels. It was especially hard to watch him going through the last 2 episodes of The Clone Wars with his brothers and Order 66. He's my favorite character in Star Wars and I'm looking forward to the new Bad Batch animated show to see how Rex, Gregor and Wolffe get together after the war.....that is if they cover that in the show.
  11. There is a Legion specific twitch stream at 1600 CDT on Saturday. Perhaps they'll reveal more upcoming releases then.
  12. Being there are only 3 force tokens shown in the picture I'd say no.
  13. The $141 I spent for a 3 year subscription for Disney+ is working out well I see.
  14. One of the stories I hope they cover is how Rex, Wolffe and Gregor got together after the war.
  15. Get ready for.....The Bad Batch. Clone Force 99 is getting its own series that takes place after the Clone Wars has ended but before Rebels coming on Disney+ in 2021. I saw this articlein my Yahoo news feed on my phone and can't link it but I'm sure if you Google it you can read the info for yourself.
  16. With my Gunslinger the pistols I went with were paired Quicktriggers from the Fly Casual book. 450 credits each, relatively low rarity and, best of all, one difficulty level easier to mod or repair the weapon.
  17. Actually I'm more interested in Captain Rex's story of what happened between this arc and when we see him again in Rebels. How did he get together with Gregor and Wolffe and end up on Seelos in an AT-TE slinging for Joopas would be an interesting story in my opinion.
  18. I'm hoping they edit the 4 episodes of the Siege of Mandalore arc as a full length movie.
  19. 1: In the Character Generator, select a character. The character can be new or existing. 2: Click on the "Specializations" tab. 3: Click on the "Purchase" tab. 4: In the "Add New Specialization" box select "Show Universal Specializations". The drop down menu will show what Universal Specializations you have installed in your version of the Character Generator.
  20. I believe that Maul was the source of the scream, using his training by Palpatine, to disorient Ahsoka on his charge move into close combat.
  21. Since you have the first half of The Clone Wars era added with Rise of the Seperatists, my vote is for Collapse of the Republic to complete it. Also there are three new PC races (Jawa, Lasat and Sandpeople) in the Allies and Adversaries book that I'd like to see added in the next update as well.
  22. And, watching it again, I believe there was a lot of motion capture involved with this duel.
  23. And speaking of the latest episode....HOLY CRAP!!!! BEST. LIGHTSABER. FIGHT.....EVER!!!!!!
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