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  1. The only thing I disagree with is the amount of hull you've given the ship. I compared the write ups for both the V-19 and the Actis using their Star Wars RPG stats. Both ships have the same amount of hull in the RPG so I'm thinking the Actis will have 4-5 hull.
  2. According to what they said when they revealed it at the In-Flight Report, it's from the Aftermath trilogy of books.
  3. It'll give them something to watch on YouTube while they have breakfast. I'll be at work and will watch it after I get home. Looking forward to see just who and what is coming for Legion for the GAR.
  4. Hey now, let's not get too crazy.
  5. Getting DQ'd for the expletives expressed for the 6 blanks, not losing the ship.
  6. Speaking of Heavy Units for the GAR, are there any that would fit on the table? The AT-TE and LAAT are probably too big. I don't remember seeing any military vehicles in the GAR's OOB (Order of Battle) that would fit. Maybe the Naboo Speeder with the cannon in Episode 1 would fit?
  7. Nice article. I ran the Quickdraw and 2 Silencers list back in X-Wing 1.0 and did really well with it. I got my best tournament finish with this list, a top 4 finish at the Mandalore Open at KublaCon last year. Now I'm running the 5 Zetas with Homing Missiles & Passive Sensors. I've only played one game so far, tabling an Anakin D-7b, Ric N-1 and Wolffe ARC for the loss of 2 TIE/SF. One thing I found out is you do not want to joust this list.
  8. The rarity and cost will be higher the farther away the Clone Wars is in your game's timeline due to availability being less and less as time goes by.
  9. They're Hyperspace legal. I was able to build a Hyperspace list on the app with 5 TIE/SF, all with Passive Sensors and Homing Missiles, with no problems at all.
  10. Nope, still have a couple squads on the app that are being calculated using pre-update points.
  11. Version 1.2.0, mobile, Samsung Galaxy S10+ Ok big bug found. It appears that, for some lists, the app is using pre-update points to calculate the cost of some squads. I've seen 2 lists of mine where this has happened. One is my Khiraxz Kamikaze list (5 Cartel Marauders [38] w/Deadman Switches [2] - 40 each). The app is calculating it 210/200. The other is my droid swarm (5 Seperatist Drone [21] w/Energy Shells [5] & Grappling Struts [1] - 27 each & Wat Tambor [42] w/ Treacherous [2], Kraken [10], Soulless One [6] & Impervium Plating [4] - 64). The app is calculating the list at 217/200. The Droids are being calculated as 29 and Wat as 72, which is what they would cost pre-points update. The points for the individual upgrades are showing the post update point values and not all lists are being affected by this. The 5 TIE/SF list (5 x Zeta Squadron Survivor [32] w/ Homing Missiles [5] & Passive Sensors [3]- 40) I'm running this weekend is unaffected and being correctly calculated at 200/200.
  12. It's there for me. I have a Hyperspace event this weekend and was able to build my 5 x TIE/SF with Passive Sensors and Homing Missiles with no problem on my Galaxy 10+.
  13. That's interesting. The artwork for Passive Sensors is a TIE/SF. It's as if the card was meant to be used on that specific platform. Who am I to say otherwise.
  14. True. There's a Hyperspace event happening this weekend and I'm bringing 5 TIE/SF with Passive Sensors and Homing Missiles. Looking forward to seeing just how well/bad this list will be. Now I just need one more SF and the list will be complete...to Barnes & Noble we go.
  15. Good thing too. Our session this Sunday is involving an assault on an operational droid factory. The PCs are getting support from Kal Skirata and his boys. The info in both books will come in really handy for the battle.
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