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  1. Ill be happy with Golan Defense Platform/Stations...1-3
  2. Dreadnought Heavy cruiser....it was in the last episode of Rebels
  3. I know Legion is the big thing....but with FFG not saying anything about Armada....i am concerned. Is anyone else?
  4. What is she good for you ask ? Well....lets ask her corpse....oh wait.....she doesn't even have that....does she? Death to the Rebels!!!
  5. The piece of alien trash that's floating dead and lifeless around Scarif Long live the Empire!
  6. I agree the Falcon quads sound wrong, but I figured the laser cannons were updated and upgraded on the newer T-70s Xwings
  7. You question my effectiveness, before you have actually played me...that is poor taste.
  8. If they did this old battleship...then you would have to include Driod Vulture fighters too and the Hyena bombers...........so basically you would have to do a CIS fleet....or have them repurposed into the Rebel fleet....or have them as a neutral faction...Scum/Rogues/Pirates. I know that it has been said that the Rebellion used a Bulwark MK1, but I don't remember them using Lucrehulks
  9. Wave 8 will be revealed in the next twenty minutes and then we have to wait six months for it to leave development and the two months slowly printing before the three months on the boat from no-where, then ten days to the stores.... LMAO!!!!
  10. According to the book before the game, in Chapter 6 when they get the Corvus: "Armed with ion cannons, dual heavy laser cannons, concussion missiles and turbolasers Why she said that is beyond understand...since its clear that no lore-master was keeping an eye on things again Not to mention we really didn't see it using its weapons much in the game (unless you were watching it more than playing the game)
  11. I believe the Nebulon-B2 is an Imperial ship....the correct choice should be the Assault Frigate MK1 and the DP20 gunships As for the Empire...the Vindicator class cruiser would be better then the two TIEs choices, since both are not good choices to be used in space. Strike cruisers come to mind also and so does the Dreadnought heavy cruiser. As for the SSD, one step at a time ladies and gentlemen...if there is a will...there will be an SSD in the future
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