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  1. Thanks man! I have to admit, the whole day was still super fun. I was a bit disappointed with 14, but many said they'd come for Nationals instead since it was only 2 weeks later. This seems to be true.
  2. I lost to Logan's Han/Leia list and a big swing was when he played "Take Initiative", I played "Negation", and then he played "Comms Disruption". Chewy was ready to tear some arms off, but instead got shot up from a wave of Leia "battlefield leadership" using Han (not very thematic I know. LOL). I lost to Brian's Ugg list. UGGGGGGGGGG...I had no idea how to proceed as he just sat his squad safely in his deployment zone in Jabba's Palace while his junk droid came in and picked off my figures. I really believe that if I had prepped better, i.e. expected Uggs, I would have done better. But I was just a little like a deer in the headlights. Now I know the way to do it is just rush everyone in and take your lumps. It's better than sitting back and watching your figures get picked off one by one. I found the Echos were really not worth their points in most games. I used them as fodder mainly and to score the 4 pt objectives, but otherwise they didn't do too much. It got to the point where I was happy to have them take one of them out instead of one of my other figures. So, I suppose they took aggro?
  3. That's crazy man. I also went 2-2 and lost to a 3-1 and 4-0. But my ext SoS got me 8th. Lucky me! I'll post a video of my top 8 game soon, but I'm almost embarrassed. I had a really great chance to win but blew it. My list was: Chewy, eRangers, Gideon, Threepio, eEcho Base, Hera I learned that you really have to hold him back for a turn. After that, he needs to do his thing. The free slam is amazing. I almost played him with that being my primary first move (move him 8 spaces and slam), then set up for his next activation. Either next round or you dangle out a sacrificial lamb (usually was an Echo Base...what a trooper!) and hope they take the bait by killing him, thus triggering "debts repaid". LOL! Most people forget about "debts repaid". So far, that's the most fun list I've ever run in IA. Chewy is absolutely my favourite rebel figure now.
  4. Round pairing issues. Help anyone?

    Ok. Thanks. I'm glad to hear it's not an easy fix, as it seemed a bit more complicated than I expected it to be. What about extended SoS? I know IA uses that often to break ties. But I suppose it does the rankings for you, so it must have an algorithm that doesn't include me.
  5. That's right. Since it's a formal event, TO can't play. I had a Chewy list that I came in top 8 at Michigan with. Dave @cleardave also did some commentary. Canadian Nats is sold out!
  6. All of them (except we obviously did not do round 1). I was also T.O. so there was that added stress. Still, I had a lot of fun, but was also super happy that VTTV could showcase our event. IA does not get enough coverage. I get it, it's not as huge as X-wing, but it's good to know that some people are willing to take a chance and showcase "smaller" games. I'm TO for Nationals too, and I'm going to record the final. I hope to have it up on youtube soon after the event, but I'm limited by my technology so it may take me a few days. VTTV is busy doing Armada and X-wing.
  7. At a recent tournament with 14 players (4 rounds swiss) I was using the app SW IA for the ipad and when it came to round 4, it had paired people who already played. This was denoted in yellow. What do you do at this point? Look at the standings and manually change the pairings to match as best as possible? This also means other pairings change which could again include people who already played each other. Any thoughts? Remedies? Also, does anyone know how you can see SOS and extended SOS with this ap?
  8. Cryodex Tournament Software for Imperial Assault

    This may be a dumb question, but does it show Strength of Schedule or Extended Strength of Schedule? Also, is it the same as SW IA the ap for Ipad?
  9. Thanks man. I have to admit, half the time I was admiring the screen. VTTV's broadcast is insanely good for IA. And yes, what a final match! I was so excited to be able to comment. I could not believe how it seemed to flip.
  10. Open The Blast Doors - OP kit info

    It would have been nice to get bleed tokens instead of another set of hide tokens. Although the dark hide tokens that looked like focus tokens was a bad idea. These clear ones are better. The Alt Arts look awesome too, so I'm generally happy with this kit.
  11. Secret Rebel ERiot Counter

    seems legit
  12. what happened.....

    I got fcked when my opponent placed Han at a door. I forgot about his end of round ability, which takes place AFTER the doors open! ARGH.
  13. Counter to Riots.

    Agreed. Stick it to the jets and move back (or to one side of the map) away from the riots. Like putting your outstreched hand on their hand to keep the punches off of you. Just out of reach.