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  1. NeverBetTheFett

    Tarkin’s Initiative map legal July 23rd

    Awesome! It's got some goofy objectives, but I won't miss the swamps too much.
  2. NeverBetTheFett

    Bring back Royal Guards & Sabs?

    Well NOT right now, yes. And yes, my feeling was it's too slow and I'm not a big fan of large scale games. So it's just my preference to not play it. Still, it's Star Wars which counts for something for me.
  3. NeverBetTheFett

    Bring back Royal Guards & Sabs?

    Well you can use RG's in Legion now. LOL. Re-create all of those famous battles like Hoth (like advertised by FFG) with the Emperor in tow. Sorry. I had to mock this one.
  4. NeverBetTheFett

    Tournaments. New expansions only?

    I was told by two good gaming sources that X-wing 2.0 tournaments will start with only allowing ships that have been released as 2.0. Can others corroborate this? If so, I'll be out for a while. I was hoping to buy the core and conversion kit only. This means I can't play in official tournaments until my favourite ships are released? Confused.
  5. NeverBetTheFett

    Why can't FFG give the Empire what it needs

    I agree. I love the idea of your opponent not knowing who will activate next.
  6. NeverBetTheFett

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Well at least it shows it ain't dead! Wooooo! Not that Legion has blown it's load, there's more time for IA.
  7. NeverBetTheFett

    not available?

    My campaign stuff gathers dust.
  8. NeverBetTheFett

    Counter to X-Wing Swarm?

    I hope so. The 2.0 looks very promising.
  9. NeverBetTheFett

    Counter to X-Wing Swarm?

    And so it begins. We'll need a 3.0 soon.
  10. NeverBetTheFett

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    I tell everyone at first that if you're not getting at least 3 rounds each game, you may be a slow player. You can tell when games are slow, as often the other player has a look of frustration. So, I stand beside them and sometimes drop hints like "What round are you guys in?". Depending on the answer I'll say "You may want to speed up a bit". When it's near time, I announce that people please finish up their rounds. Otherwise I let them complete the game. If it's the same people every time, the player should get a soft warning to speed up. In saying that, in our community, we only have 1 slow player and he knows he's slow due to anxiety. I talk to him before the games to remind him that I will enforce a time rule if he doesn't play faster. I still get complaints, but I don't find he's egregious. All-in-all, I'm against stopping the game short. Just don't allow repeat offenders to dictate the pace of the tournament.
  11. NeverBetTheFett

    4 Player Skirmish Qs

    I love 2 v 2 AND 4-player free for all. I played the 4-player free for all at World's last year and it was super fun. Essentially you end up teaming up, but by no means have to. I won the first game and lost the 2nd game because the winner used IG (he was not officially released yet, just a pre-release). I was winning by a good amount until late in the game until he came in and killed 20 pts to win the game (activated, blaze to activate again, initiative to activate again). It was pretty insane and from then on I knew how good IG was. Having this feature further cements my opinion that this game is the best value out there. Campaign, solo campaign, skirmish, multi-player skirmish, painting. I'm pretty sure it's also why skirmish isn't so hot, hence not much chatter on the boards. This game draws in people for different reasons, which can draw them away from other aspects of it. Those who have not tried 4-player skirmish have been missing out. Funny you ask this as well, as just yesterday I informed our group that we would be having a 4-player skirmish tournament in September. You can pick partners in advance and must choose 1 faction (each with 40 pts to command) and no duplicate uniques are allowed. Our August tournament you must bring a wookie or creature into your squad, so the next month's 4-player skirmish theme should be a hoot too.
  12. NeverBetTheFett

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    That's true. We don't have MOV like X does.
  13. NeverBetTheFett

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    Well they definitely don't want a regular swiss and cut due to time, but I think you're right in that they do something funky sometimes. However, everyone still plays all of the swiss games and rankings could change by the final round.
  14. NeverBetTheFett

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    There are some players that make it out to the USA and Canada premier events that would not be ok with deviating from the format laid out in the FFG tournament rules for swiss rounding. Also, not everyone wants to play over 2 days. In saying that, I think it's pretty cool what you guys did. You can reward those that come back for day 2 (that want to play for 2 days) with an honest chance at making the top cut.
  15. NeverBetTheFett

    X-wing second edition tournament at Gencon

    Is the consensus that most players have V2 on pre-order in order to support the LGS and won't (likely) buy it at Gencon?