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  1. Our local community has been running Original Trilogy X-wing (OTX) tournaments which ONLY allow ships from the original trilogy and with 2 simple rules on building squads: no double falcons, and no TLT. All other upgrade cards are allowed. You had to bring a rebel list and an Imperial list. There were rules on how you determine who plays what, but every game was rebel vs. imperial. I enjoyed it for the most part, but some people brought tie swarms. So one rule I would put in is that you can't bring more than 2 of the same ship. I had to play tie swarms twice and this OTX tournament felt like a "let's play like wave 3 hasn't arrived in stores yet" tournament. Here was a chance to dive in a try the ships you can't play at a competitive level and these people brought generic ship swarms? WTF?
  2. I think you should get the following small expansions and why: C3P0/R2 expansion because they're both solid for rebels. Great support figures and some great cards. Greedo expansion for Mercenaries. Fun to play and so cheap for what he does. However, you'll likely need something else to bring some good mercernary squads to the table. ISB Infiltrators. Some would disagree as they're not amazing in competitive play, but not bad if used correctly. Also, they come with some great cards including cross training which can help your core stormtroopers.
  3. Dammit yes! double ARGH! No! (maybe).
  4. How many Bothans died to bring us this information? Thanks dude!
  5. Love the alt art, but was thinking the same as you. I was hoping it could be the new HOTE tokens.
  6. Ya, I've tried a bunch of ways, and this seems to be the best if you want to bring tiles to tournaments. Frankly now, I usually just bring pre-printed mats my friends gets done by a printing company. If it's a premier event that requires official FFG stuff, I hope to get all three maps that are in rotation, otherwise I bring the tiles organized like you do. I still find that it causes stress and eats up game time putting these things together. It's the ONLY thing I don't like about competitive play.
  7. I heard the card for the q4 kit is Agent Blais. Anyone got have other intel?
  8. Wow! Yes agree, great work with the edits. I appreciate your contribution to our community! Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone.
  9. Great read! Nice photos. Thanks for sharing with us!!!
  10. That's tricky since she's technically not mobile, so my guess is no?
  11. Agreed. Greedo is disgusting for 4 points if played right. He's your annoying "grabber" who can finish a figure or attack a short range/melee figure.
  12. I'm guessing from tabletop admiral? I've never even noticed that before. I'm guessing by my google search below that it's unique.
  13. Holy Crap! You nailed it. Although bringing a Ug list to Nationals makes me question your judgement. More people need to think this way that you talk about above. I quit x-wing because there are way more ways to cheat and win without honour. I would go in to tournaments thinking I was going to have fun playing with cool Star Wars toys and often came out exhausted and annoyed while playing a game that resembled very little about Star Wars. I started loving IA more because I feel it's more thematic and I believe less full of dickheads*. Mainly...I changed my attitude. I would now be about bringing a list built around a faction/figure that I enjoyed in the movies. I could care less about what's winning the internets, I bring what makes me have fun. I also lower my expectation. I can tell you that when I walked into Canadian Nationals and saw some top players from the USA and Canada, I was glad that I came in with the right attitude. I was happy finishing top 16, speaking with some cool fellow IA lovers, and filming the finals and putting it on YouTube (inspired by Jodo Cast and their posting of games with janky lists). *How did the word dickheads get through the Forum language robo-police?
  14. Win a Worlds so you can design us some cards please! LOL. These are some great suggestions.
  15. We do this as it makes the games a bit more thematic. I really don't think you should be fielding 2 zillos in a 4 player skirmish. The card is already so powerful for 1 pt! I also think that 4 player skirmish is still in its infancy and issues like this are bound to come up (not unlike the R2-D2 issue you brought up on the Hoth map) that will need to be clarified or FAQ'd.