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  1. That's pretty awesome. You could always start the round by focussing him up last. He then becomes a viable threat, especially for 4 pts.
  2. Gettin' greedy! Love it.
  3. 0-0-0. The Imperial Greedo?
  4. Great list. Seems like it would be solid with all of the maps/scenarios.
  5. I like the list. I think it will be fun and competitive. I do think that Black Market is way better than Crumb. Just remember to use it! I believe since it's an end of round effect, it's after you take your command cards for regular end of round. Great if you pull a zero card you now get for free (at the cost of 1 strain), or a well timed Assassinate and pay the 3 VPs! I think it's like the scum version of Zillo for me. Auto-include.
  6. The like the idea of it being in a Zillo list.
  7. Yeah. After some trials with the new Chewie, I don't that "benefit" to be that great.
  8. It's funny. After trying him out for the first time this past weekend, I'm surprised at how effective he is. I'm considering him to be my Imperial Greedo. A 4pt annoyance that can also do some serious damage that can easily fit into a list.
  9. Will this come with an FAQ you think? Other than the debate about Ugs, nothing seems to need fixing.
  10. Congrats! And great to hear about the vibe. Love it. We had a great vibe at our last big tournament with 29 players, so I'm looking forward to keeping that going in March. Also, that's really cool that it shows that you can play ugnaughts without a swarm! Good on those guys for using them the way they were probably meant to be used. So pumped for Michigan Regionals in Feb!
  11. Argh! Tell me about it. I get so annoyed when I want to squeeze one last card in and can't! Then it makes me so happy realizing that this game has so many great options. Celebration could be a good one considering people are running Vader, Han, etc. Ya they'll both be hard to kill, but they're also not figures that you want sticking around. That extra 4 points could help make up for the lack of points you'll be getting while you're chasing these hulks.
  12. LOL! That is too funny! My GF ribs me a lot, but when I remind her I could be spending my time or money is worse ways, she agrees. @Cremate. Thanks for sharing by the way. This is awesome! The pool of squads looked pretty diverse to me.
  13. Oh man. This will be a nice Christmas present!
  14. One must not underestimate the power of the dark (black) dice. Especially when you can re-roll them!
  15. Same here. Ours isn't until early March. In fact, it's two weeks before our Nationals. I'm not complaining. Two major tourneys in two weeks? Wooooooo! So keep an eye on the skirmish threads and you'll see what people have been finding are solid lists. So far, it's looking like Vader is the way to go, with e-jets (and Palp) or e-sentries it seems. However, my guess is there will also be many stun or spy counter lists. I also believe any faction could win a tourney. Other than that, make sure to have all of the current maps in rotation. My guess is that we'll have a new map put in before our Regionals, which would mean that Anchorhead Cantina would be out. And have fun playing the best Star Wars game!