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  1. NeverBetTheFett

    A joy to bring to the table

    So based fully on this thread, I brought Dengar to casual play a week or two back. With focus from Jabba and 2 blocks from extra armour, he was super fun to play. Since he can pile on the hunter cards, he can do a lot of damage and stun a big figure (or also tack on bleed and/or weaken). I gave him good cover and my opponent did not pay him much attention. But with focus and a hand of hunter cards, he's not someone you want lying around.
  2. NeverBetTheFett

    Opportunistic ?

    It makes it a really strong card. I've seen it used where a figure attacks and he uses this to move a almost dead figure out of harm's way. It also allows someone to attack and have a different figure and maybe score an objective!
  3. NeverBetTheFett

    Input for a re-cost tournament

    What about Wampa? He never gets to surf the tables.
  4. NeverBetTheFett

    Worlds Waitlist

    I disagree. If I'm right and the Ramada is not in play, where do you fit the "small" communities of over 100 gamers for the Armada and IA? The game centre is cramped and smelly enough without trying to add any more games. He-LL, they don't even sell Surly! Instead you relegate them to lesser events while you bide your time (until a possible end?)! Well played FFG. (slow clap).
  5. NeverBetTheFett

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    Exactly. Often his attacks are complete fails. However, if you happen to have a bunch of hunter cards in your hand and his cc card, you could put the hurt on and put 3 auto damage on a nearby figure.
  6. NeverBetTheFett

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    I have a similar problem with Vinto. He seems great on paper, but I don't always find that he pays off. Still for 5 points, he offers a great amount of flexibility. Also, with a well timed dodge or On the Lam, he can break hearts.
  7. NeverBetTheFett

    Rancorzillo (suggestions welcome)

    This sounds so nasty! I am definitely going to try this at some point.
  8. NeverBetTheFett

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    My vote is yes. Why not? Do or do not. There is no why.
  9. NeverBetTheFett

    Rancorzillo (suggestions welcome)

    Haha! Was that against John C in Toronto? Just curious as I played against that too and it was annoying. I find this list interesting. I want to try it now. I like the idea of putting in the 3rd officer as you say below. I recently experimented with Rancor and loved using him. For the points, he can do a lot of damage. Keeping alive with Zillo and some blocks from Thrawn could make him even more annoying. Also, you have 2 really good targest. You don't want Terro lying around.
  10. NeverBetTheFett

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    yes for me the auto-includes are as follows: Imperial - Thrawn. 6 points for all he does is insanely good. Shoutout to regular officer as well. So cheap and effective. Mercs - Greedo and Hondo. Both are incredibly annoying and dangerous for their cost. Rebels - Gideon and Threepio. Again for cost versus utitlity, these guys are the best 5pts you can spend in the game.
  11. NeverBetTheFett

    AT-ST or general Weiss

    Weiss, 2x e-riots, e-officer, officer, rule, zillo, doubt. But I can't recall the complete command deck.
  12. NeverBetTheFett

    Revisiting old Skirmish Maps

    It's funny. Because as much as making the maps is a pain in the a-S#$, it is probably the greatest part of the game and the main reason it has the ability to stay fresh. You can go on the internets and come up with a killer list and walk right into a tournament for any other game. With IA, if you don't know the maps, good luck.
  13. NeverBetTheFett

    AT-ST or general Weiss

    The biggest problem is that he's too slow! So to have 16 points way in the back is a tough pill to swallow. In saying that, I had a great time using him with my two sets of e-riots (using general's orders to move them and endless reserves to bring them back to life when they die..not to mention reinforcements). I brought that list to a store championship that I was TO of last year. I played it each round as a fun list, but actually conceded before each match to make it fair for my opponent just in case I won! I went 2-2.
  14. NeverBetTheFett

    Worlds Waitlist

    Yup. My guess is they won't be using the Ramada near their home office in Minnesota for Worlds anymore. That being said, keeping the IA and Armada Worlds event alive by putting it at Adepticon still costs them money, so it makes sense to make it smaller.
  15. NeverBetTheFett

    A joy to bring to the table

    What he said.