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  1. Loved the first play through of this game, but we had a few questions. 1. How come some cards have the keywords (ex. strike) say to discard the card while the more advanced ones don't? I was hoping that for the keywords that don't have a discard card, they were always turned on. 2. Can weapons be used more than once? For example if it says 1 success is 2 hits, and 2 successes is 5 hits, If you get 3 successes can you give 7 hits? The reason I ask these questions is that sometimes it feels a bit tough to kill some of the orcs and goblins. The movies and books had them slicing through them with ease, but the game makes them all seem more formidable.
  2. I'm not one for online fights, but to claim an NDA with THIS company is enough to keep you quiet while they string you along is akin to saying, "well I was just following orders". Also, I picture the keystone cops coming to arrest you if you do, so I wouldn't worry so much. Anyways, this forum is moot now. It will be sad to leave, but I'm tired of beating a dead horse. I expect I'll follow along with the project that some of you started, so maybe see you there. Unless you force me to sign an NDA and then I'll tell you to GFY. Later boys. I officially retire.
  3. Good enough for me. Game is dead. Based on above response, i.e. game is dead, it's ridiculous that FFG won't say anything. Clearly nothing is in the pipeline, so the game is dead. A legal agreement? LOL! That's laughable. Apparently there will be nobody to know you broke it, based on their zero fuc-ks given to responding to us about this game.
  4. Yup. I was hesitant, so only bought the imperial conversion kit. played one tournament and felt like it was the same sh-i-t different pile. Never played again. Glad I didn't waste my money. So ya, I would not be in for a 2.0
  5. I've seen a huge difference from when this company expanded. They're milking us now.
  6. I honestly don't know what to think anymore. There seems to be a move towards ending the game, yet there are teases that it's not over, including skirmish. However, I'm with you. If IA ends, they'll lose a good paying customer. I buy everything and the mats and I participated in premier events. I also promote the game a lot considering how little they do! All in all, there is no game that FFG sells that I'm interested in.
  7. This old girl looks like she's seen a lot of battle. Nice job!
  8. So we shouldn't believe everything we read on the internets? The sky is not falling? @Trevize84 better get his post ready! I'm going to get some popcorn while I watch him mock all of those naysayers. @cleardave
  9. Firstly, the art is awesome. I just trialed another fix from the forum that had Boba Fett get an extra attack, and I still felt like he wasn't OP. I like that you got rid of battle discipline. It doesn't make sense that he must choose there and then. I like how your card has them all. I will trial this version of Boba and see how he does. My gut feeling is that this is going to make him at par for the cost.
  10. I'm a trilogy purist, so I love being able to play with characters from the movies. The miniatures are amazing and easy to paint. I NEVER painted before I had this game, so for me it was a huge step. I also love that I can sit while I play, while a lot of other Star Wars games require you to stand for the most part, which does a number on this old guy's back! It also appeals to my pseudo OCD as line of sight is rarely unclear, and there are not a lot of ways your opponent can cheat unlike the other star wars games. I find it's well balanced*. It's the ONLY star wars game I've ever played where I like playing all three factions. I'm usually a staunch imperial player, but for some reason this game makes me want to play it all. Why not? My favourite character can be played with all three factions technically....Greedo is Awesome (GIA). This game is essentially 5 in 1. Solo co-op, Co-op, 1v1 skirmish, 2v2 skirmish (or 4 player), model painting. Can you get my better value than that? Absolutely NOT! The community seems pretty good as the players tend to be painters, which I always find to be less douchy. Just saying as I started gaming with X-wing and that is a whole other beast. I've never had so much excitement playing a game. It can turn on a dime! So many times I've cried out in pain or excitement. I even walked out of a store (on a joke that if my opponent rolled another X man after rolling two in a row I'd walk out). I've had and seen so many graceful moves and command card plays that I've been in awe. If it were legal in Canada, I would marry this game. Yes, it could be weird, and my wife would disapprove, but hey. * I don't play the SC list, but the figures are awesome and well costed I think.
  11. So on top of all of the mishandled PR over the past year, this is how it goes out? A vague announcement from the distributor that eludes to a product discontinuation by the manufacturer? Wow. So glad I'm not sucked into buying any other games from this mess of a company.
  12. Well some other company will get my money because frankly I don't find any of the other games to my liking. P.S.-I tried @cnemmick's Boba Fett and Dengar fix last night. They're both pretty good. Not OP and makes them viable.
  13. Is it possible FFG is simply cutting ties with Asmodee? It appears to be a huge mess of a relationship that hasn't really shown any signs of cleaning.
  14. I know my opinions on meta are not very welcome here, but I also don't believe in being passive aggressive. I speak my mind and take my lumps from the majority. We don't have to play SC. We play it because apparently we want to win at all costs (to win the best paper and plastic swag for fortune and glory). However, it's a self fulfilling prophecy of sort. Meta sucks, but play meta? The group from Montreal faced the choice of play SC or don't go. So, they chose the latter. I'm sure some of that had to do with the complete failure by asmodee/ffg in organizing the event. A massive embarrassment most of us have not talked a lot about. The Michigan Mandalorians value building original lists, and do very well at tournaments. In fact, Peter won our Regional with a rebel list using heavy fire! Yes, heavy fire. Our local group in Toronto also rarely ever plays meta lists. One guy showed up with SC a few weeks back and played with such disgust in himself. Personally, I've been ABSOLUTELY enjoying this game with some of the new cards. I've been trying to play them with older unused figures and have had a blast. So just remember friends, we can still love this game without playing the broken sh-it. I love the idea of keeping this game going after it dies, but to call it's death before it's announced is more harmful I think. I can't hate on meta players because they are playing by the rules, which is fine by me. But for many on here to suggest that the SC is killing this game is nonsense in my mind. Us playing it and complaining about it is not healthy for the game. The fact (verified) is that they changed SC last minute unbeknownst to the play testers, but sold a ton of SC! Considering over half of our community brought it to Worlds is a blo-ody success from a business perspective. It's called power creep, no? So, now they should nerf it and sell us a new wave that can counter hunters. They make more money, and we're happy. Then SC will go back on the shelf for sure.
  15. This is what I was wondering. Like it seems premature. However, do these people know something we don't? I have an honest question... What is the consequence of violating a play tester non-disclosure agreement? Like can't play testers (you know who you are) tell us it's dead? Wouldn't they know if something was in the pipe? And what does telling us do? Would they get sued for millions? Get cut out of future IA play testing? edited- found this on BGG specific to FFG https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/301943/non-disclosure-agreements-playtesters
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