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  1. That is super cool, I've always been a fan of the Venator so a smaller ship that shares its design aesthetics is absolutely my jam. Looking forward to seeing it painted up!
  2. I don't, but my LGS has a fire-sale on all the 1.0 stuff which includes a few boxes of Heroes of the Resistance. I'll already need to be getting the conversion kit in any case for my existing T-70s, and the prospect of picking up a third along with a Falcon model for cheap certainly has an appeal.
  3. Having taken a rather extended break from X-Wing for the last couple of years, a quick read of the new ruleset and a little egging on from a few people at my LGS has convinced me to give 2.0 a shot. However, despite the majority of my existing collection being Imperial, I've decided to instead give the Resistance a go. Now, while the T-70 and the RZ-2 both look pretty amazing and are really the basis for my choice of faction, I've not really seen much discussion about the other half of the Resistance, the Star Fortress and the YT-1300. Has anyone gotten much use out of them?
  4. You kidding? I'm going to sell off all my existing stuff - like several others have already said, the cost of updating my collection for a game I barely play at all as it stands is just too much.
  5. Hey now, don't be saying bad things about my mechwaifu Warhammer - even though I have much more of a soft spot for the 6K
  6. A lot of those older mechs were pretty poorly sinked, though I maintain that only adds to thier character. The MAD-3R wouldn't have been as interesting if it could just constantly fire everything every turn
  7. The punching animations just look so weighty, it's great I'm still saddened that two of my favorite 'mechs (from my favorite era, no less - the Succession Wars was just more interesting than later settings) aren't in the game due to the actions of those miserable nerf-herders over at Harmony Gold. I know that the models and at least the lion's share of the animation and textures for the Warhammer and Marauder are done and ready to go, so I am holding out hope that this latest lawsuit foolishness can be dealt with and I can put together a proper heavy lance
  8. I started with the franchise with the astounding Mechwarrior 2, long before I knew the tabletop game even existed, and I was instantly hooked. I've played all the Mechwarrior titles and most of the others besides, but I've never had the chance to play tabletop - a failing I fervently wish to correct posthaste
  9. I'm pretty hype for the entire franchise this year - I grew up playing the Mechwarrior games, and only later learned of the tabletop game. The Battletech PC game looks fantastic and I eagerly await my backer key, Mechwarrior 5 looks fantastic, and the new starter sets for the TT game look fantastic. It'll be a good year
  10. Yeap, that one did occur to me, but I am handwaving the factional issue away with the idea that the majority of this systems' business was through contracts with CEC, so they got a better deal on their purchase orders buying both corvettes and gunships from the same manufacturer
  11. Switch? I play both, despite not really having the disposable income to justify it. Luckily, my wife is the understanding sort!
  12. It is? I haven't paid an awful lot of attention to the art assets, so that could well be the case
  13. See, if the cards contained within an expansion such as the SSD were either only usable with it or were reprints of cards found elsewhere, I'd be far more sanguine about it. However, this does leave us with the issue of Piett - I would be unimpressed to be unable to use him outside the Executor, though that is the only logical place to release him outside ofanither campaign pack.
  14. *Edit* - it is named in the top right of the concept art
  15. Thanks for the feedback! The size of the fleet here is supposed to represent the cell at the start of the GCW, and thus made up of those ships that were able to be secretly obtained. Later in the timeline, once planets start actually rising up properly, the majority of the region's patrol fleets would be brought into the fight, meaning more frigates and cruisers. And yes, the Mon Cal ships are a bit of a pain, and being outside the states makes Mel's ships a very expensive proposition for the time being. I'm just going to hope for an AFmk.I release! Until then, the ships available to my fleet cell will be largely limited to CR-90s, Hammerheads, Peltas, Nebs and transports. I do plan on having X-Wings as a major part of the squadron presence, which does involve a little handwavium on my part, but with the resources available to the cell I imagine they would be able to afford the best - fighters are somewhat easier to source than capital ships, after all! (Not to say I won't *use* anything else, but they will be headcanoned as part of a different Rebel group joining to help with a particular mission!)
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