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  1. After quite some time, another YT joins the fleet: Thanks @JaggedLittleFel
  2. Actually I can't say for I don't own the FFG one. The amazon link says it's 1:257, and by looking at pics of the FFG infiltrator in comparison to its base I'd say the Revell kit looks a wee – but quite noticeable – bit smaller.
  3. You think the Millenium Falcon is a piece of junk? Behold the YT1300 armored transport "Stag Beatle"! Could it use a polishing? Sure. Has it seen better days? Maybe. But is it a sturdy trusty workhorse? You bet! Reinforced hull around the extended canopy and propulsion systems. A military-grade hyperdrive scavenged from a captured sentinel-class landing craft. An additional port-mounted heavy laser turret from a discarded Clone Wars Juggernaut. Additional external missile bays on starboard provide the extra punch. She even has a couple of cosy Gundark leather passenger seats to offer, as long as you are willing to operate the quad lasers! After she was found adrift in the Raxus system, badly-hit and missing all escape pods, she ended up on Raxus Prime, in the industrious hands of the Si'fit brothers, two Bothan mechanics and Rebel sympathizers. They hid the ship from their employer's eyes, a Rodian scrap merchant, and secretly sourced parts from the endless scrapyards. It was also them who christened the ship "Stag Beatle", after that arm-long creature that attacked them when they first opened the water conditioning tanks (it is now stuffed on display in the cockpit). Her old designation "The Booming Meadows of Zeltros" really didn't seem fit any longer, and obviously hadn't brought her much luck anyway. After several years of clandestine repairs and modifications, the freighter was spaceworthy again! In a daring escape (which included the illicit use of a garbage pit cannon) the Bothans "quit their job", eluded their employer's henchmen and got away. After some shady errands for various clients, the ship finally arrived in the Aturi cluster, stationed with a small Rebel cell. Designated for quick-and-dirty transport jobs, the Stag Beatle does not seize to impress when other freighters would be blown to pieces! The missing escape pods have never been replaced. [updated picture links]
  4. Cool, I go first! This one's from Revell mode kit and fits perfectly to x-wing scale:
  5. dunarispace, your image comes from the original X-Wing Alliance game from 2001 where the Otana had her premiere. The shapeway model is based on the redesign from the guys from http://www.xwaupgrade.com . They keep incredibly passionately working on mods for the game, even 20 years later: The original models are a little 'low poly' since they were created for the graphics engine and cpu power of 2000; the xwa upgrades really free them of those limitations – at least what I find. So in short, your's is the original Otana design, Noosart's print is just the more contemporary representation of the same ship. And, somewhat off-topic: if you played the original X-Wing Alliance, it is definitely worth giving it another try with the XWA Upgrades. Imho it's still one of the best space f(l)ight simulations out there!
  6. Since the app will be free and ultimately be the only source of truth for rebalanced point costs and such - is it conceivable to publish an api for third party apps? There are some fairly nice squad builders and other user-generated mobile and web apps out there and giving those independent tools easy access and supporting new applications could enrich the community and the game in general. Eventually this might even help sell more x-wing products ?.
  7. I got three of your designs and love them a lot! I wouldn't mind if they were slightly larger though... but they are beautiful models indeed! Behold mine:
  8. Really cool! This is mine - little more civilian and rundown though
  9. Thx for clarification Griff! I'll give it a try with your elite action suggestion!
  10. Fellow Aturi players! Just a quick rule question: is the free target lock action which for instance the bombers get limited to range 3? Since the AI card shows the free action as part of step 1 (before moving), the bomber would try to acquire the lock measured from its starting position. If that's beyond range 3 - no lock .Then it moves, and even if it gets closer to the target within range 3 it does not acquire a lock since it's not one of its actions to choose. OR would you just allow it to lock on a ship outside its range - that would probably balance itself since if the bomber does not get the target into range 3 after moving it wouldn't be able to fire anyway. What's the (or your ) way to do it?
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