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  1. Lol I guess that answers that.
  2. Dion said he would stream it through Gold Squadron on Twitch if they have a stable internet connection. Otherwise it will be uploaded later. I don't remember where I heard this, but FFG will not be streaming it themselves. I believe that was from a comment Dion made during the Adepticon stream.
  3. Has anyone noticed this? This pilot has 3 unique dots next to their name. What do we think this could mean? Some kind of swarm mechanic? I can't really tell from the spread, but it seems like another pilot may have 2 dots as well.
  4. Are there any new pilots or upgrades in the 2 re-released packs? Striker and Headhunter. If not, that's surprisingly awesome, I think. I'd love new toys, but I also don't want to rebuy ships I converted in my conversion kits.
  5. They might be stuck. People have had luck putting it in the freezer and then moving the wings to break the paint that may be holding the wings in place.
  6. Yeah I think you're probably correct. I got mine at worlds. Didn't really realize they weren't more widely distributed.
  7. To be fair, one of, if not the first 2.0 promo was a double sided 1.0/2.0 Fenn pilot card. Hopefully they get something else soon. I'm hoping they eventually do damage decks for both Imperials and Scum.
  8. Agreed. It's just so strange to me that 2.0 came around and they had the perfect opportunity to clean up the design for devices, but it's actually slightly worse. Don't get me wrong, I really like that they separated bombs and mines formally, and the rules in general seem cleaner, but there's no way I can remember all of the different bombs effects without a reference. Devices are the only reason I need to carry around the rulebook right now. Printed reference cards would be better, but it still only solves a problem that shouldn't really exist in the first place.
  9. I know what you mean, but this is 2.0. Theoretically they'll be more willing to issue reprints, or errata. Plus points can be adjusted, rather than effects. I understand this logic. It's easier to change the effect (which they have done in the past) if the cards don't list their effects. However, why do we have cards in the first place? The primary purpose of an upgrade card is a place to put text that changes the rules and provide additional effects. It only seems normal on devices since we're used to it. Think about how frustrating it would be if more upgrades work this way, for instance: Crack Shot, if it was worded like a Device. Every upgrade now comes with a rule in the rulebook to reference the effect. This would be insane, but it's how bombs work right now. Points can still be adjusted, and errata can still be issued, same as any other card. I don't see any reason devices have to be special.
  10. There really should be an import/export feature that lets me send my squad to friends in a text message or other method. Maybe the QR code could be exported as a picture for sending in a text, then imported into a friend's builder. That way they don't have to know what all of the pilot abilities and cards are. They can put it in their builder and access full card text easily.
  11. I think it would be possible to include iconography like torpedoes and missiles have as well. Include an icon of the template the device uses to drop in order to easily allow for devices that drop with banks, turns, or higher speed maneuver templates.
  12. That's very interesting that it is so close to the same expected damage. Mix that with the fact that there are several ways to obtain multiple calculate tokens, and they can be used across different attacks and it looks like calculate is pretty strong.
  13. This has been a bit of an annoyance forever, but I'm surprised it wasn't addressed in 2.0. Nowhere on the device upgrade card does it tell you what the device does. Instead, it provides the rules for dropping the device, which are nearly standardized across devices. The player is expected to remember the effects of the devices, or carry the rulebook around. 2.0 now has the Mine and Bomb keywords, which can (and should) entirely replace the text that we currently see on the upgrade cards, leaving room for the rules about detonation. My proposed mine/bomb cards would look like this: This leaves us with 2 simple rules that most people probably already know: MINE: Mines are a Device Upgrade. During the System Phase, you may spend 1 charge to drop a Mine using the 1-straight template. After a ship overlaps or moves through a Mine, it detonates. Mine Device Upgrades cannot recover charges. BOMB: Bombs are a Device Upgrade. During the System Phase, you may spend 1 charge to drop a Bomb using the 1-straight template. At the end of the Activation Phase Bombs detonate. As you can see, there is even extra space left on the device card for additional effects, conditions, rules, etc. that can be unique to each device. This change standardizes devices and makes it easier to understand the effects, especially since we no longer have bomb reference cards. TL;DR The effect of the device detonation should be on the card, and we already have the framework to do it. Edit: Thinking about it more, devices are just weird. Imagine if other upgrades didn't have the effect printed on them. Crack Shot, if it was worded like a Device. Every upgrade now comes with a rule in the rulebook to reference the effect.
  14. You'd be relatively good, but you'll need new templates with the center line for bumps and the 1-straight for the new barrel roll rules. You'll also be missing out on the core set pilots and upgrades, which aren't included in the conversion kits.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. Ghost has a threshold of 5, which is half of its hull. But anything with odd hull seems to be too high. Attack shuttle has a half points threshold of 2 health, which is over half of its hull. Very strange.
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