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  1. This sounds interesting. If your willing to share I'd love to take a play with it.
  2. Haha so thematically an all black armament. Strong in theory but useless against aces with plot armor (Scatter). I was just going to create a new special slot. But the Dreadnought does looks like a giant Interdictor (of sorts) and this blends more seemlessly into the game. This got me thinking. If the single arc is too strong (as it might be with three attacks). It could steal another X-wing idea and “target lock” a ship. You’d only get the die for 1 attack but it would be more reliable while still giving your opponent the chance to run for the hills.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I was originally thinking to make it weak against squadrons because thematically that is how it dies, but that could make it pretty frustrating to play with if there was so much riding on your opponents list having squadrons or not. I was thinking almost exactly the same for your other suggestions with the exception of the moderate shields which I think is a great idea. With the huge ships power to get a dial + token a lower shield value combined with a higher repair value could put you in a tough spot when deciding commands as you struggle with your low maneuverability, desire to kill, and need to bring those shields back up so your opponent doesn't start chewing through your hull.
  4. Since I'm suffering from Armada news withdraw I started brainstorming other unique huge ships and I started thinking about the mobile firing arcs from X-wing. My current thought (still early stage) would be that the first order dreadnought has an extra dice pool that can be added to any one of it's arcs to represent its siege cannon. You would declare this arc with a token (ala EWS) after your navigation step. Then it could come with a title Fulminatrix: You may spend a concentrate fire dial to change your siege cannon's arc. Is this to easy to use? To hard? Would it be better to have the siege cannon rotate only with any concentrate fire command (token or dial)? I want to add a predictive gambling element but I'm unsure when to enable cannon rotation. Any feedback would be appreciated I think this is a cool concept for a huge ship since it will have 6 arcs to pick from and likely be assaulted from multiple sides.
  5. What we did thats worked pretty well is give the empire control of A “dark” hero to balence out the 5th hero. So a normal hero controlled by the empire who can rest double attack ect and gains xp along with the empire and 100 credits per influence he can spend on items the rebels cant or don’t buy.
  6. Thank you so much for making this! I can now make actually good looking house ruled cards rather than my old strategy of masking tape and sharpie. Well done you champion of the people you.
  7. Is anyone else thinking about adding these to their campaign? Or are y'all going to wait and see if they come out with an IA version at some point? The speeder bikes I was thinking to make similar to the Dewbacks as for the snow speeder I'm less sure. Perhaps something like the Tank but more mobile? Maybe with a special action that does increased damage to massive figures. Curious on y'alls thoughts For Reference: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/25/outfitted-for-cold/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/25/rule-the-galaxy-1/
  8. Mounted is an ability the dewback rider has. "Mounted: At the start of your activation gain 3 movement points." While I like @cnemmick's idea especially for Weiss and the AT-ST, I'm a little worried it gives all of the vehicles a very similar feel. So while I think it makes total sense for an all the AT's to feel similar I wanted the tank to play slightly differently than the big hulking walkers.
  9. I'm trying to balance the old vehicles for home games. What are people's thought on giving the hover tank mounted? Then it costs more than the AT-DP and has worse attack and survivability but fills a hyper mobile vehicle role(which makes sense that a tank would let you move faster than walking), and it would synergize with focus fire.
  10. I personally agree with the sentiment to avoid doing so. As has been listed above (and demonstrated by your campaign game) winning in other ways is just more enjoyable. Plus winning in a non-violent manner sounds like the mentality of rebel scum, and as an upholder of law and order in the galaxy I would never disgrace myself by setting out to do so.
  11. Oh man I really like pack hunting, gameplay wise and thematically thats just stellar. Yeah even with all the packs we still only a few creatures but I figured I'd try and get the most out of them. Mynok swarm would be great. Thanks for all the feedback!
  12. Sigh, May 11th I feel like that release date shouldn't hurt me like it does.
  13. Has anyone done anything like this? I'm thinking about putting something together focusing on creatures and a sub bonus on melee characters. It would have things mobility, bringing massive inside, ignoring habitat restrictions and take some inspiration from skirmish command and attachment cards. Would other people be interested in a deck like this? Have any thoughts about it? 0 xp- Exhaust this card at the beginning of a figures activation, that figure gains 2 movement points. You may ignore habitat and open group restrictions on Creatures. 1xp- Attachment Creature only Ignore the restrictions on moving Massive figures to interior tiles. 1xp- Exhaust this card at the start of a figures activation. That figure discards 1 Harmful condition then suffers 1 damage. 2 xp-Exhaust this card while attacking an adjacent figure to gain (surge) Recover 2 2xp- Attachment Large or Massive only. +3 health. When you enter a space containing a hostile figure you may deplete this card to deal 3 (damage) to that figure. 3 xp- Exhaust this card during a Brawler’s activation. That figure gains (Special Action): Chose an adjacent hostile figure. That figure may not voluntarily exit a space adjacent to yours until the end of the round. 3xp- If a Brawler at half health or lower, is attacking apply +1 surge to the attack results. 4xp- All Brawlers gain Reach, if they already have Reach they gain +1(damage) instead. 4xp- Exhaust this card during a figures activation that figure gains (2x Special action) If you have the (melee) attack type, perform 2 attacks. 2 Threat: Ready this card. Cheers
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