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  1. How large is Agate's effect? Generally, "you" in an upgrade refers to the ship you're on, so is this our first commander that only affects one ship? I saw someone theorizing that the first part only applies to one ship and the second part is fleetwide, but both parts just say "you," so I can't see any reason to think that isn't all one or the other. If it's fleetwide, she seems very strong for 20 points. If it's single-ship, she doesn't seem like any other commander in the game. My money is on single-ship, but an official ruling would definitely help.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, thespaceinvader. What a bizarre choice.
  3. Sorry if this was covered right away when 2E came out, but I'm only an occasional player and I couldn't find anything by searching. I got my 2E starter and my Scum conversion kit and now that I've organized all my tokens and everything, I seem to only have four shield tokens. Did I lose a bunch somehow, or is this really all that's provided? It's not even close to enough shields for even the Scum ships I own, much less all the ones covered by the kit. Obviously I can use 1E ones, but this seems like a pretty glaring oversight.
  4. I enjoy miniatures games and have small children. As you can trivially deduce from the above information, I need superglue from time to time. The problem is that my "regular but infrequent" usage pattern means I often go to get the tube of Krazy Glue or whatever and it's dried solid. Does anyone have a glue they like that stays good in the tube for a while? Thanks in advance.
  5. The downside part of his text seemed kinda perfect to me, since he's pretty clear in the movie that he's no Jedi, and I like that the game will enforce a distinction there. Of course, the upside part will have to be pretty good to make him worth using...
  6. I've been looking through this forum and the official rules documents, but haven't found a clarification of this test on Leia Organa: Action: Remove this die to reroll up to 2 of your dice. Am I correct in thinking that you just remove one of her dice (each time you use the ability) if you're running the elite version? It feels intuitive that that's the right answer, but I don't think the wording is especially clear (I recognize that "this" is a singular term, but it's also being used without much context).
  7. I'm surprised that no one else seems to read the Instigator title like I do, that being engaged by these phantom squadrons keeps the actual squadrons from moving or attacking. The rules reference is pretty clear that an engaged squadron can only attack squadrons it is engaged with, so it seems like the X-wings in your example would simply be stuck until the probably-not-stationary Raider moves past them. The balancing factor to the Instigator title is that the enemy squadrons will be pinned to the floor while the ship has to keep moving or forfeit the use of its defense tokens. Am I wrong in this reading? EDIT: I see in the thread about Raider titles being any good that there's a general understanding that the squadrons aren't prevented from attacking. I don't really get the logic here, but it seems to have been widely discussed already. Sorry to beat a dead horse.
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